W47, with a twist of ISE.

August 31, 2010 in World 047 News, World News

Howdy! I’m sure your first thoughts are “Who the hell is this guy?!”. Well, farooq has been away for quite a while, and so I have decided to do y’all a blog (Yes, this is indicative of how boring my day currently is) to satisfy your quench for generally mediocre humour and intelligence in a slightly sad attempt to look cool. I would also like to apologise in advance for any discrepancies throughout the blog. I haven’t played W47 for a long period of time (other than a few temporary accounts to help out) and as such my insights into the world are probably not as detailed and accurate as those who have played the world since the start.

Anyways, enough rambling. Without further adieu, I present you “W47, with a twist of ISE”. I hope everyone enjoys the blog :D

Intense, thrilling warfare!

-Avg. Points per player 319,264
-Avg. ODA per player 1,008,260
-Avg. ODD per player 586,739

-Avg. Points per player 554,901
-Avg. ODA per player 2,381,842
-Avg. ODD per player 1,503,684

On the 24th July, 2010, war was declared. Trumpets sounded, horns were blown and the decidedly average declaration was posted (Found here!). War threatened, then exploded, and conflict between wheggs and T.E.C had been made public. However, for the first few days ennoblements were non-existent, and pointless forum bickering seemed the main enticement of the day. 4 days later, and 3 pages after, and the conquers were still at 0.0. The question being proposed was, was this even a war? Had a NAP been signed already?

“NAP already?” – billore.

Things finally started to pick up, and while the ennobling wasn’t at a frantic, high-tempo pace that would’ve enthralled the supporters, it was certainly an encouraging start to a war that started extremely slowly. (Timeframe: 24/07/2010 00:00:00 to 05/08/2010 12:33:14)

The forum-fights raged on, seemingly more intense than the battle itself. With both sides seemingly stacked and nobles making little headway, it seemed to come down to the Battle of the Wits on the forums. It swung one way, then another, with neither tribe willing to let go early on. By the 13th August, the forum readers were delivered another slightly disappointing, but a better-than-nothing view of statistics. wheggs had been winning the 48 hour stats, but marginally, with them having a 3-0 lead over T.E.C. Then BAM! A day later had seen the wars most likely exciting exchange, with a total of 12 villages exchanging hands!

Once again, the forum-wars raged on, however it was not to be. On the 21st August, the Supreme Ruler (otherwise known as the mod Rowmaster) decided to shut down the thread and end the war that had ravaged the forums.

“Closed for business!” – Rowmaster.

(Timeframe: 24/07/2010 00:00:00 to 31/08/2010 14:16:14)

Three days later, however, and they were back in business. A new thread had been opened to embrace the war in all its glory. Below are the stats since the start of the war, not including inactives. I’m unaware of who was kicked, when, why etc. and so on. Also added to this that I’m a fairly lazy individual at this moment in time and trawling the stats to add in everyone seemed very unappealing.

ISE’s thoughts: Despite a decent-sized frontline, neither side appear to be able to make any major headway. It would seem this war will remain a stalemate unless one of the tribes can put forward a successful major Op, and then use the momentum to roll on. If that doesn’t happen, chances are it will be a drawn-out war with low ennoblements, with a ceasefire at the end with a possibility of recruitment of the top players by one of the tribes. However, this is all my uneducated speculation, so we’ll have to wait and see and let time tell us the victor of this war.

Interview: Social Disorder

For this blog I interviewed Social Disorder, rank 17th in the world and currently residing in T.E.C as a council member.

ISE: Ok, so before we start getting into the bulk of the interview, can you tell us who you are in-game, what tribe you are in and if you have any power in that tribe.

    Social Disorder: My in-game name is Social Disorder, I am in the tribe T.E.C and I’m currently in the council since pretty much the beginning of the world.

ISE: W47 was a world that was hyped up from the very start with a lot of seemingly very good pre-mades joining the world. Was T.E.C a premade? Also, what are your opinions of W47 so far? Have they lived up to your expectations?

    Social Disorder: T.E.C was not a premade, I joined the world together with a few friends (and my co, noober than the noob) in the tribe IDLE.. It was just a small tribe to prepare for W49 with a few good players. When nobling started, the tribe pretty much died, and I ended up joining T.E.C. And as I wasn’t planning on playing W47, I didn’t hear anything about it going to be a good world. It was pretty fun about a month or 2 later.. when T.E.C started a war with iLLUmN. We had a few succesfull ops and eventually they disbanded. But right now, there are just a few minor wars in the world, nothing major. Wich pretty much makes the world a bit boring

ISE: Lately, a lot of new worlds’ forums are not as active in the mid to late stages of the world as earlier worlds. Do you agree with this opinion? What do you think needs to be done to liven up the forums on W47?

    Social Disorder: Yeah I agree. W47 never has alot of forum viewers, or posters. That is probably because there are not alot of “real” threads. Under real threads, I understand big war threads or stuff like that. I remember reading “The sunday skittle”.Topics like that should be still made, not just in the beginning of the world.

ISE: Wars have come and go in W47, and there has never seemed to be a large-action, long-lasting war. The closest thing W47 has seen is wheggs vs T.E.C, and while that could be long-lasting, its generally a slow war.
-Who would you like to see war each other out of the top tribes, and why?

    Social Disorder: Uruz and MINE. I believe some nobling has been going on already, but I don’t think an official declaration has been posted, yet.. That war would be pretty intresting as they are ranked 2nd and 4rd. Uruz also warred PWN a while ago, and they won that pretty easily I think. So I definatly think that Uruz can do some serious damage on MINE.

ISE: wheggs and T.E.C is the only war currently going on publically. What is your opinion of the war so far? And, has your opinion of wheggs changed at all since the start of war, for better or for worse?

    Social Disorder: Mmh.. I don’t think we should call it a real war yet. The borders are so small, and just a few people from both tribes are in range to attack eachother. Even with the army camps, the times can go up high. Maybe when the borders get bigger, a bigger war will break out. But that is for the future. And my opinion definatly changed. Wheggs has some good players, that know how to play. But they also have some “noobs” if I can call them that, that are really bad at defending or attacking.

ISE: If you could pick one player from both sides who have really stood out so far, in your opinion, who would those two be?

    Social Disorder: Spekkio from wheggs, he actually takes time to send some timed fakes. Wich sometimes makes me think they are reals. But (un)fortunatly he is not too close to us. And I think that mostlyevil is the person who stood out from T.E.C. He was being under heavy attack by wheggs, but he didn’t give up, and actually managed to snipe about 25-30 trains untill our support landed. After that, wheggs hasn’t attacked him back.

ISE: If you could pick any players on W47 to make a tribe, who would it be? You need 1 duke, 2 barons and 7 members (you’re already automatically included).

    Social Disorder: As a duke, I would take JJJ-Raven-JJJ from Uruz. I think he is one of the most experienced player in this world, probably also a reason he is ranked #1 in this world, with an amasing gap. Probably also the main reason Uruz has been doing that great. As barons I would choose Speedmerchant and Freeman Marsh. Both players know how to play, and lead a tribe. They are both dedicated, and take their time for what they need. As the 7 members, I would take the following: Mostlyevil, Spekkio, Naturalforce, Iamsharper, Shusaku Chiba, Inactive100 and HamsterInDisguise. I think all have proven theirself to be great players.

ISE: What forum poster on W47 has annoyed you the most, and why?

    Social Disorder: Guess that would be Hiphopapotamus. I think he posts the most in the T.E.C vs Wheggs topic. And always tries to take T.E.C down (Nothing personal, stuff like that should happen in a war topic) Can’t really say more, as I don’t want to take someone down, sorry=P

ISE: Haha fair enough. If you could say anything to anyone on W47 without fear of punishments or infractions etc, what would it be and to who?

    Social Disorder: Probably Rowmaster, our W47 forum mod. I don’t think that he should give premium away to the topic that gets the most posts:P But hey, thats his call o.O

ISE: ^.^ Out of curiosity, where did your name “Social Disorder” come from? What was the inspiration?

    Social Disorder: Probably a dutch world.. My tribe was called Social Disorder, and we were making a premade for W42. And coincident or not, the name was Social Disorder too, with the tag being PH0BIA. Thats when I decided to make the name Social Disorder. And I also used it for W47, as alot of people from that W42 tribe joined this world too:P and thats pretty much what people call me now, SD or Social Disorder;D

ISE: Heh, ok. Well, no more questions. Cheers for agreeing to do this interview last-minute =]

    Social Disorder: Np:D

Active Players in World: 4,253
Active Tribes in World: 411

Players above 1 million: 28
Players above 1.5 million: 5
Players above 2 million: 1

And that concludes the blog. I apologise for the lack of length and detail, this blog is a good 800 words shorter than previous ones I’ve done on my own world. I was just unable to write about much given I don’t know the history of W47, and there seems to be very little info given on the forums.

None-the-less, I hope you all enjoyed the blog. Hopefully farooq will be back sooner rather than later, depending on RL, and he will carry on as your normal blogger.