W43 War update: Nuts!/Ni vs PK

October 10, 2010 in Special Features, Uncategorized, World 043 News, World News

W43 northern war mapOnly a week down, and it seems PK is really in for a challenge.  Nuts!
and Ni are putting the hurt on, and with their sizeable advantage in
numbers, there really doesn’t seem to be much hope.
war stats

Most people consider this a simple act of “cleaning up the back yard.” Do Nuts/Ni really have any concerns that when they go to war with FROST that PK would take advantage of the weakness?

One could reasonably infer that PK was/is too busy nobling 2k barbs to concern themselves with actual targets, no matter how weak they may be:

pk barb nobling

830 “2k barbs” overall, roughly 118 of those coming in the last month. Major threat? I think not. This seems to be an exhibition of manhood, the two neighborhood bullies giving the dorky kid with glasses a wedgie, then stuffing him in a locker in the girls shower.

Though the outside world may never really know the whole story. There are some grumblings on the forums, but interview requests for all three parties were denied. Are they trying to hide something? Or do they know pretty much of the rest of the world considers this “war” a farse? Perhaps they just wish to keep all strategies secret?

Some in the TW community think it’s a combination of all three. It’s well known that Ni plans on/has already began sending troops to the NUTS/FROST front, so there’s no real secret there, no matter how much they try to deny it— you can always find a bird to sing if you look in the right place.