W43: A Tribb-ute to dhksththtl

February 8, 2011 in Questions of the Week, World 043 News, World News

Drum Roll Please…!

Last week I announced that we would be looking to see who the voting population of W43 sees as the most valuable players for the North and the South.These two players need no introduction; their TribalWars prowess far exceeds them. Their names hold a special place in their enemies minds and by their allies sides.


Although FRST may be a great and talented group of players, I can speak from first hand experience and say that Tribb has been the glue holding FRST together. I, along with my other mates in FRST and many in Nuts!, find him to be one of the most capable leaders and players that is willing to work longer and harder than anyone else in the game, and his statistics prove it.

Before the end of 2010 Tribb took control of the leader boards in both total points and average villages taken per day from the long time leader, Mageknights. Tribb has FRST, a tribe that has been on top almost from the beginning, through many wars with hopefully more to come.

122-5 against Nuts!

+117 villages


Dhksththtl has probably given FRST more trouble than any other player. He may only be up in conquerers by 46-13, up by 33, but he is also positioned on the hardest front in the war. Dhksththtl has given the big boys in FRST a run for their money, and usually more than one at a time. He has proved that he can take a beating and dish one out AND come out on top.

His defensive abilities are only matched by his offensive power. Dhksththtl moves troops around so effectively that it seems he has no week spot. It is for these reasons that W43 has taken it upon itself to applaud dhksththtl for his war efforts and superior skill.

Dhksththtl has also steadily been rising in the rankings and at one point in the last week even passed his tribe mate Mageknights who was the long time leader in points for w43.

It is exciting to see players of this caliber still inhabiting W43. Although many players have come and gone, many of the best and brightest still enjoy spear nuking their enemies to death in W43.

These two players may lead the way, however, both won by a narrow margin. A few other players that were close in the runnings for each side include:


Uncle Fester




Crispycity Bum



Also an entry for GYPSY:


A quick overview of the North v. South war so far:

I appreciate everyone who took part in the voting process for W43’s MVPs. Best of luck to both sides!

Premium points will be distributed as promised ASAP.