W41 Weekly Update

June 16, 2010 in World 041 News

Current tribal standings:

As we can see,  AXES still hold a supreme lead over the second place tribe, SCC, who have been coming under increasing resitance from SIZE!. AXES are waging their long awaited war with Xiraya and have the upperhand at this moment.

Current players standings:

Not much change in the rankings apart from the fact that Sergei86 is closing in on the gap for first place. Uncle.Sam is still holding the #1 spot despite getting hammered by Xiraya.

Current Wars:

AXES v/s Xiraya: This war has been going on for more than 2 weeks now and both sides have succeeded in making some progress, AXES clearly are dominating at this moment but that can change at any moment. The OPs are just starting to land in and weak links getting discovered.  RAXE have also joined in on this fun and cashing in on Xiraya’s villages, so the latter face a stiff task ahead if they want to bail themselves out of this mess. As many would say that AXES have a greater firepower and so they are bound to score a lot more, but this doesn’t take away anything from the #1 tribe as they have clearly shown that they can be lethal and step up a few gears when it really matters. Xiraya have kicked out a couple of their players coming under the hammer, but at the end of the day, AXES are still stealing the show. Mdesjarl has scored the maximum number of caps in this war so far.

Stats from last week:

AXES: 51

Xiraya: 25

SCC v/s SIZE!: This has been quite a fascinating war with SIZE! scoring a lot of caps in the early stages of the war and setting up a surprise upset, but things seem to have been stabilised by the bigger tribe, SCC with a few OPs. This is a silent war so far as all eyes are on the other one, but this could well shape out the east and south-east for the future. Not too much PnP is going on about this, so it remains a mystery to the external eyes.

Stats from last week:

SCC: 39

SIZE!: 15

Weekly Interview:

This week’s lucky canditate is Jonathan1979, the Duke of AXES.

Q. So before we start our conversation about W41, I would like you to tell us a bit about yourself and what you do in RL.

I’m 21 years old and I come from Belgium.
I’m currently still in College, and studying to become an auditor/accountant.

I play football (the real football, not that “rugby-wanna-be” those damn Americans play!), go out a couple times a week with friends.

Let’s see, what else is there… Ow I enjoy long walks on the beach and running around naked after dark.

Q. How long have you been TW and which worlds did you play?

I think I’ve been around for almost 4 years now.

I played w4, got rim’ed before I got my 2nd vill. ^^
Worlds 5 (V V V), 6 (STONED), 7, 11, 12 (DNY).

I duked w26 Pills/RT after Pervis quit that world, which lead my to w41.

Q. Which has been your most exciting war as of date and why would you rate that world higher than others?

Let’s see, there was w12 with DNY (and my previous tribe GAM) against FEMA, w41 Axes vs Knock was alot of fun too.

But I’ll have to go with w26, playing with Pills on the frontline against AZRA (at that point ranked 2, after Pills).
I was 200k points, ranked 21st.

I had a few thousands of incomming and a noble train going to every single one of my villages, which at that point was quiete a big deal.
The reason why I chose exacly this op on me, is simply because I don’t think I ever had more quality surrounding me then in that specific case.

15-ish trains all got literally destroyed. We were able to stack half of my vills, and we simply sniped and prenobled and recap’ed the others.
25/Tom even prenobled one of my villages, lowered loyalty, timed nukes inbetween the nobles of the incomming train and timed a recap.

I’m still convinced that was some of the most brilliant defending I had ever seen. And it’s so much fun to see all those troops die at your walls. :)

Q. Coming into this world, did you ever foresee you leading the biggest tribe in here? What were your expectations from this world?

I joined w41 for shits and giggles… Me and 3-4 friends joined at least a week late and ended up in K24. We started a tribe, COC! (Coming out the Closet).
During start up, we started dominating our area and we got ourself a bunch of 6-7 people that dominated K24. Axes, at that point 10 members, was leading in K’s 32-34,
which means COC! was pretty close, I knew Mohua from w26 (RT), so we started talking and signed a NAP. Eventually Axes invites the 5 people left in COC! and promoted me baron,
and eventually coduke.

Although the reason he promoted me coduke is actually a funny story.
At that point OCD and MPMP’s tribe were war’ing.

Mohua, as any clever diplomate, promised both sides to help out, until eventually he had to make a decision… at which point he just told both tribes he was to busy with his exam,
and referred them to me, who at first, knew nothing of the entire situation. ^^

Q. You’re the Duke of the #1 tribe in W41 with over 50 million lead. What do you think is the key which makes AXES stay at the top?

You can’t deny Axes had some of w41’s best diplomates.
We were able to prevent a gang bang troughout the entire w41 (even at this point we’re only engaged in one real war), we signed the right NAPS at the right times.

The low amount of members Axes maintained during most of w41 had alot to do with our succes too.
This is mainly because of Mohua, he was the person that drew in the quality, and filtered out the noobs.
Then people like me and Jonathan were able to forge a real tribe.

Offcourse after OCD’s mass deletion, we had to invite alot of people, there was to much ground to cover for to few members.

Q. Could you give us a brief summary of AXES wars and progress at the moment?

We’re currently butchering our way trough Xiraya. Stats aren’t showing it yet, but Xiraya is folding.
We have a long range, tribal op landing on Xiraya soon, and it’ll be interesting to see the results.

The more cap’s we get, the more people we’ll have inside of Xiraya’s clusters, the sooner Xiraya will disband.

We’ve also had some minor attacks from Motive, but nothing we can’t handle.

Q. A lot of people believe that the OCD deletion has caused this world to come to a premature end. Your take on this?

I can truely say, that right after the mass deletion, I was one of the few that actually understood the consequences of OCD’s last act.
I realised this would skyrocket w41 a year into the future, but we wouldn’t have the size to match the progress.

My initial guess was that it would have taken Axes 6 weeks to cope with it, but I was wrong, I underestimated the situation.
I think we’re 2 months after the mass deletion and Axes still isn’t where I want them to be.

A simple look at the updating maps shows us that there still are millions worth of barbs in the core that need to be nobled before Axes will be able to fully war the entire world.

OCD succeeded in shifting w41’s balance, but the end is near, w41 has almost recovered.

Q. How do you think the world will stand 2 months from now?

Motive will have eaten a bit more in the core.
Xiraya will be gone and replaced by clusters of Axes
And SCC will have nobled itsway into Size!.

In 2 months Axes should have started taking down Motive, which should eventually lead to w41 ‘end-of-world-war’ against SCC.

Q. Last question. Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of TW? What would you like to see as a part of making the game better and more enjoyable for the players?

Well, purely for the purpose of better tension in worlds, there should be a bigger time gap between new worlds.
To many of the current tw community are worldhoppers.

Which leads to certain people that are specialised in start up, destroy that world its core, and eventually move on. Leaving the rest of that world to fight for the leftovers.
If there was a bigger time gap, each world would have more quality, and players would play that world for a few months, creating lot’s of fun wars.

But, I understand that the more worlds, the bigger the profits for tribalwars.net…