W41 Weekly Update

July 17, 2010 in World 041 News, World News

W41 has again become its boring self again with no wars taking place currently. The amount of active players in this world is steadily dropping and there’s a fear that this world would die altogether. People are still actively munching barbs though and that’s the easiest thing to do at this moment it seems.

Things of Importance:

RAXE (former Unreal) are now gone. Most of their inactives have been eaten and the remaining active members have at least found their true home in AXES. With this, AXES have extended their lead over the #2 tribe to a huge margin. Its also a good move on the part of both sides to merge and become one as it would mean more active players (something which is quite rare in this world of late) and give the #1 tribe a better advantage and hold on territories.

SCC and Motive have finally settled their differences and are all set to merge into one single tribe. This has been the highlight of this world – less wars and more merges thus ruining the fun. This would also mean that an epic war with AXES is not so far away – something the whole world has been anticipating eagerly.

A look at the rankings:

Players’ Standings:

Tribes’ Standings:

Weekly Interview:

Today, I have got the #1 player of W41 with me and I’ll be taking us through a journey with a variety of questions with him:

Q. Before we start our official TW discussion, tell us a few things about yourself and what you do in RL.

generally i work most day without a computer at my work and plan on going to study in college soon enough so it will give me more time to play i guess, but thats why i play with a coplayer, in my first world i had more time so i played by myself there

Q. How long have you been playing TW and how did you come to know of this game?

well this is actually my second world i have grown past the 100k, and i play for about 2 years now(almost) at the beginning when i had the time to learn the basics i learned them well.

Q. How did you start playing W41? Did you come here with other guys or just started randomly?

i came to w41 in a premade from w23 players mostly and some other friends aswell, we afcurse recruited players localy like every tribe does, the tribe was named knock and it only merged into axes because leadership guys quited or wherent active enough

Q. You are ranked 1. What do you do extra that keeps you at the top? How many hours do you dedicate and how do you plan to succeed?

well i farm daily never missed a day for a long time now im resting a bit in the top till i take my next lip forward atm i dont have competition over it so i feel pretty confident in it.

i play about 5-6 hours a day and a few days in the week all day keeping an acount this size organized is most of the work, well and sending the attacks out lol.

Q. We would like to know a little about your style of play and how you take things here in TW.

well i always like being in the know, i always end up leadership in all worlds i play till now, i like seeing things done the right way and not every one are capable of it.

my playing style always have been agressive and always remain that way, i like working in clusters mostly but the most interesting thing you will ever have in the game is close combat when you have your armies close and enemy is a touch away never had anything more fun than that in the game so its my recomended fight :)

Q. Now that you are the top of the chain, what are your future plans and goals? What do you think about the wars going on W41?

well atm my plans are to continue in the same pace but you never know what happends so i never try to predict the future, atm axes are on a sure way for winning the world good leadership skilled players and size, it just seems axes will own this world with nothing stopping it unless something unique happends that changes it…

Q. Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of TW? What would you like to see as a part of making the game better and more enjoyable for the players?

well i would like to see faster worlds opening, and i dont mean speed worlds, something like very cheap nobles from the start or 4x world speed i dont feel the new settings lately brought to the game are interesting enough and bring anything too much interesting into the game for now