W41 Weekly Review

June 10, 2010 in World 041 News

Yes W41 is still alive! Sorry to all those who had predicted that this world will come to a premature closure due to mass deleting of OCD.

W41 is still kicking and slowly making its way to be exciting and fun once more.  The barbs are still reigning in large in the core but a huge portion has been brought under the domination of different tribes which can only signal good things to come in the future. :)

Current Rankings:

Brief overview of the happenings of last week:

A truce has been called between AXES and SCC.  SCC had approached AXES to get a NAP after the latter ran a very successful OP on one of the bigger players in SCC who was then dismissed from the tribe. AXES managed to cap an astounding 700k points in a few hours which called in for the NAP. SCC are now going to focus on SIZE! and a war between these 2 is inevitable.

War stats till the NAP took place: (Last month only)

AXES: 117

SCC + Keith the Konkerar: 52

Current Wars:

Its official. The NAP between AXES and Xiraya has been called off, so both sides have started the official war of the north west. This outcome was kind of not so hard to foresee as there have been a lot of cross-noblings and territory invasions between these 2 tribes in the past few weeks. With the NAP with SCC, AXES have once again bailed themselves out of a possible multi-sided war and can concentrate fully on Xiraya. AXES have a huge size advantage over Xiraya and the latter is plagued with inactives, let’s see how well this war goes. I am personally pitching for this to end in the disbanding of Xiraya, but there can be a last twist to everything as is so common in Tribal Wars. ;)

We still have to wait a few more days to see the results of OPs being done due to a large number of players not being in the frontline. AXES are the outright favourites but Xiraya have potential in them to give the former a run for their money.

Stats of last week:

AXES: 27

Xiraya: 24

As you can see, its an even contest now. A lot of W41 will be hoping that Xiraya really fight till the end and cripple one side of AXES as they say that AXES have gotten too huge. :P

So that’s it for this week, its me signing off now. :)