W41 Update

April 20, 2010 in World 041 News

A lot has happened in W41. OCD, the #2 tribe mass deleted, leaving the core inundated with 9k barbs and making way for AXES to be the supreme power. The people from OCD who hadn’t deleted, some joined AXES, others made a tribe called SCC. It seems that its a battle for the core again. Motive, the southern giants are also eyeing for the huge sea of barbs at the center of the world. Its only a matter of time before AXES and Motive clash head-to-head. Tensions are ripe and everybody’s expecting a gruesome battle. Many have termed this world to be one of the earliest to come to a premature close, but with Tribal Wars, you never know. This might just pave way for some juicy fights and lovely wars and make this world interesting again. Currently, W41 is devoid of any major wars. Hiraya and |X| are sweating it out between each other in the far west corner. AXES and Motive are bent on consolidating their stronghold at the core and create frontlines.  W41 awaits a mega war between these 2 tribes, its only a matter of time before the inevitable takes place.