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September 29, 2010 in World 041 News, World News

This edition of the W41 blog contains:

****Recent happenings of the world and current wars and standings
****Reliving the bygone moments, a flashback from the start of the world (part 1)
 Recent happenings of the world and current wars and standings 
Unparalleled domination by AXES:
Time and time again people have criticized AXES for mass merging and not participating in enough wars so as to be ranked alongside the greatest tribes in TW.net history. But hate them or love them, they deserve their place in the record books as one of the youngest tribes to have control over 50% of the world and enjoying unparalleled domination over the 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed tribes. That’s right, AXES have entered a phase where they are swiftly trying to force and endgame stage, the same thing that happened to DNY in W12 and bring about a closure of this world within the next 6 months, not an easy task by any means. However, the AXES governing body and the players are determined to see through this ordeal and hoping to be the 2nd tribe in TW history to end the world in the most outstanding fashion possible.

The Wars:
 AXES v/s HBK:
A lot goes into writing about this war where there’s a huge difference in points between the 2 battling sides. HBK, a western rim tribe decided to launch an assault on the #1 tribe in the world. The declaration was made on July 25th, 2010 and since then, the 2 sides have been locking heads trying to exploit each others’ weaknesses. Of course, HBK had it a bit easy in the first few weeks as AXES had their attention diverted to the war with the then 3rd placed tribe SCC who later became a part of the AXES, merging and giving rise to the superpower of W41, in their quest to compete with W27 for world ending. Credit must be given to HBK for capturing an astounding number of villages from their much bigger opponents and at the end of almost 2 months of war, they’re ahead in the war caps by a sizeable amount.

The score:

AXES: 129
HBK: 205
The downfall of Motive:
A lot seems to be wrong with the #2 tribe in the world. Inactivity, mass exodus and unwillingness to carry on in W41 are some of the reasons signalling the swift downfall of the once flourishing powerhouse of the south. Motive have been here for a long time and have been engaged in a war with AXES for quite a few months. Unfortunately, the constant warring and defending and attacking have taken their tolls on this tribe and they are being badly rewarded by failing interest to go further. A decline has already started and in the coming weeks, its expected that Motive should be wiped out completely, more so by their departing members than being dealt a heavy blow from their conquerers, AXES. Motive’s state really looks grim and here’s just a tip of the iceberg view in a deeper problem lying underneath.
maru9 Left 27th September 2010 – 23:16 4,479,396
LordJolley Left 27th September 2010 – 20:05 4,303,304
Weee Balls Left 27th September 2010 – 13:42 2,184,456
onfile Left 27th September 2010 – 13:42 2,606,063
Egozoid Left 27th September 2010 – 13:42 586,224
Morgana09 Left 27th September 2010 – 07:42 1,498,702
samleung Left 27th September 2010 – 04:32 4,722,466
Wootage Left 27th September 2010 – 04:32 5,293,124
sir Tomik Left 27th September 2010 – 01:44 2,357,493
Budpalmate Left 26th September 2010 – 23:17 3,028,009
kung fu kev Left 26th September 2010 – 20:11 2,850,363
NotoriouslyXxX Left 26th September 2010 – 20:11 981,117
thor66 Left 26th September 2010 – 17:02 5,652,846
Hector the Great Left 26th September 2010 – 17:02 3,129,634
iisanything Left 26th September 2010 – 17:02 3,108,397
gtrot0928 Left 26th September 2010 – 17:02 5,878,827
Black Betty NZ Left 25th September 2010 – 13:48 1,120,601
Morgana09 Joined 25th September 2010 – 07:37 1,500,318
Morgana09 Left 25th September 2010 – 04:31 1,500,318
adrien2285 Left 24th September 2010 – 10:38 3,037,891
lobrien Left 22nd September 2010 – 23:11 3,030,133

this world has now become a joke, im gobsmacked what happened yesterday 
says delboy426, one of the members of Motive which pretty much sums up the temperament in the Motive camp.
Statistics of W41 currently:
Reliving the bygone moments, a flashback from the start of the world (part 1) 

Quick Facts:

Start date: 19 June, 2009
Game speed: 1.6
Unit Speed: 0.625
Loyalty increase per hour: 1.6
Tribe member limit: 150


First tribe to disband: =NW=


Ouzo shows up as mass recruiting n00b tribe. After being ridiculed many times in the forums, they get their act together and debunk a premade tribe everyone holds in high standards from the #1 spot.
Gummy makes a huge a deal about Gummyz (now DDB) about how they took their name. 1 day later, they fail.
Kriegselend shows the epic failure of Hatred for what it is, not to much longer and the tribe fails and to no ones surprise.
Four promising tribes in the beginning started out for K44 dominance. Now there are only two tribes that have what it takes to take it back. Maybe a 3rd one if two tribes of the original four play their cards right. Eitherway, the fight for K44 is still going strong.
K45 seems to be won over by MaccyD mainly.
K54 seems to be won over by MMK-.
K55 is still another hot-spot with tribes such as, ABAZA, Silent and Escape fighting for it. The differences in skill, teamwork and leadership between the 3 is still largely unknown.
The outer core is starting to make an appearence too. Many elite, small membered tribes are taking the stand. In K43, we have Hugger an undeniably tribe full of skilled players. In K33/K34 we have tribes such as Stamin and WoverU also making an appearence. Which one of these tribes, small, exclusive tribes will win out over the NW? Will they even be the ones to win the NW, or will some other tribe make its appearance in NW with undeniable skill and numbers? Maybe a noob tribe such as CRIM will also win out. Who knows for sure, but the NW is turning out to be just as interesting as the core itself.
In the southern outer core, we have ABAZA aswell making its appearance. Will ABAZA be the one to win out in the southern outer core, and K55? We also have tribes such as FEAR who look very promising indeed. Is this it for the southern outer core? Or are there even more small tribes like the NW hiding, and lurking just bidding their time to make their appearance?
We shall see! But one thing is certain you guys, this world rocks with so many old school players and tribes showing up. I haven’t seen a world like this in a very, very long time. Glad I can be apart of it.
posted by Kriegselend on 21 July, 2009.

Freaks v/s MaccyD: 
One of the first wars in W41 was fought between MaccyD and Freaks. The war was declared by the latter on 23 July, 2009 at 20:45. At the time, MaccyD was a bit larger than Freaks.  After 42 hours of the declaration, MaccyD’s ODA went up by 50k while Freaks only managed a miserly 9k. MaccyD went on to win the war easily and it was one of the earliest feathers in their cap and shaped W41 and skyrocketed them as one of the early powerhouses of this world.
DSQD Disbanding: 
{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 09:22 Quote

DSQD are a tribe who depend solely on Light Calvarys (LCs).
LCs are extermly fast and have a good haul and so they depend on them.
All DSQD members are fat and strong due to 2 reasons:

1 They set account sitting when the go for sleep. that means they are 24/7 online Our secrets are being revealed.

2 They do what i do the best is massive farming, that is to use LCs to raid neighbor that are below 100 points.Correcto! We don’t even attack teh barbs!

Axes are the best for attacking and this is their second tactics.
DSQD use axes to attack, if not raid, axes can be best defended by swordmen.
Plenty of swordmen can hold back their axes. Something tells me this is common sense.

DSQD all do farming it is a must for thier team to farm with LCs and they attack more than defend, quite often their village have no army for defense becase most of their army are out to farm. SO it is excellent to attack them when they unexpect it.So axes and LC are apparently defense units now! Damn this guy is good, we won’t last long…

DSQD have a high iron mine, moderate wood and low clay for LCs.
They get most of their resources for farming.

Rams will do the best because their walls will be easily degraded.
and the most important thing is catapults. If their smithy, barrack, and/or stable is degrade, thier LC production is stopped.CRAP! We’re screwed now!

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 12:22 Quote
Before nobleing season start is would be excellent to stop earlier.
Currently they are farming grouping up and attacking will help.
Their buildings must be degraded and so catapult are EXTEMELY essential.This is like the eigth time you’ve said this now… :S

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 12:24 Quote
I am currently building my defences and offence at the same time reason with defence is because there are a lot of the tribe -v- near me

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 12:26 Quote

{~D~}, Empire, ~INS~, and Rome members
keep your army huge make anti calvary like spears (good thing is they are cheap), LCs are good at attacking not defending ;) Hey, want to come to my tribe and teach my noobs? They don’t know this yet.

Upgrade your village to meet the requirements in manufacturing catapults

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 12:26 Quote
Please Dukes and barons post if you have any suggestions

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 12:28 Quote
nearly there just need 12 smithy

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 12:39 Quote
Attn: All readers!

When any one has 200 axemen ready and at least 3 catalpults make sure you write it in this forum

~INS~ – Alpha L0rd1 today at 12:41 Quote
well you see if you look DSQD don’t have much of an advantage. since they don’t have a main recruiting area they are all spread out in pairs.Thats because we like this thing called growth. Hence why our tribe > your tribe.

Roma – Soul-Destroyer today at 12:43 Quote
We are better to organise strikes on growing players, but at same time send fakes to other around.

Trible is at the moment no nobles, so until we get to educate and noble, its about farming as much as possible and growing as quick as you can

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 12:44 Quote
Do you know that they are closing us in a ring, planning to make a no way out sort of attackThe ring is done buddy.

~INS~ – Alpha L0rd1 today at 12:45 Quote
oh yh i also realised since they’re mostly offensive they won’t have that many scouts so we should go and scout as many of them as we can and maybe another battle plan. since they’re in pairs all of us attack the nearest lot of them. they only have like 43 members and combined we have over 200.

Edit: combined almost 400…
You’re right, we don’t use scouts to scout you guys out, or our farms. We have 0 scouts.

Edited by Alpha L0rd1 today at 12:46

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 12:46 Quote
We should have 30 catapults and keep attacking them to make them inactive

i say

200-500 lc
30 cats
30 ram
200 scouts

The most axeman I’ve seen from your tribe is like 200. Good luck with meeting that quota.

~INS~ – Alpha L0rd1 today at 12:46 Quote Anti-Matter wrote:
Do you know that they are closing us in a ring, planning to make a no way out sort of attack

lol and how long will it take them to close a group of 400 players…. and by the time they spend ages doing so we’ll be nobling them.Tell me exactly, how many members of yours are above 1,000 points? 1? Right. Good luck with that.

{~D~} – royal30900 today at 12:50 Quote millard1993 wrote:
We should have 30 catapults and keep attacking them to make them inactive

i say

200-500 lc
30 cats
30 ram
200 scouts

this strategy is not very good :S where is the defense in this ???

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 12:51 Quote
no thats the attacking force

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 12:52 Quote
for a defence to hold out two attack you need like 2k spears and swords at level 2
and of course level 20 wall

{~D~} – royal30900 today at 12:55 Quote
okay ^^

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 13:33 Quote
Best defense will be swordman, they are slow and are powerfull better sit in the village as bodyguards.

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 13:34 Quote
also spears though because as you said they are using a lot of cavs

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 13:37 Quote
yes exactly
they live on light calvary

Empire – Snipe ur village down today at 13:38 Quote
When we get cats someone needs to target there wall first. For a follow up attack destroy the stables so their LC production is slowed. If an enemy has a slow production rating it is easier to attack him. If you do another follow up target their barracks for the axes. Just a tip

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 13:38 Quote
to take out 200 with 10 wall you need 500 spears at least
OMFG, REALLY!?! We’re getting 500 spears against us?! Omg, I love you guys. Please, send us your attacks with 500 spears!!!!

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 13:39 Quote
Whats up with the Rome and the Empire?
They said nothing till now
They’ve quit.

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 13:40 Quote
most of them our at work or school

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 13:40 Quote millard1993 wrote:
to take out 200 with 10 wall you need 500 spears at least

use rams, most important!

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 13:43 Quote millard1993 wrote:
most of them our at work or school

I dont know about that but they are 24/7 due to different time zones, account sitting!

I dont get it they should have managment prrblems if they are 24/7 account sitting they must be co-operative, what i know is .Lord Zero. is obeyed without questioning, he is the only Duke.It’s my geass. I can command anyone to obey me without question.

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 13:46 Quote
so lord zero is the main target when he is gone ..

so maybe we send real attacks at him

and fakes at the others Good thing you guys don’t have spies, else your plan might be figured out.

Empire – Snipe ur village down today at 13:48 Quote
.Lord Zero. is in DSQD how did he obey you?

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 13:49 Quote
He means the members listen to him without question

Empire – Snipe ur village down today at 13:50 Quote

~INS~ – Alpha L0rd1 today at 13:52 Quote Anti-Matter wrote:
millard1993 wrote:
most of them our at work or school

I dont know about that but they are 24/7 due to different time zones, account sitting!

I dont get it they should have managment prrblems if they are 24/7 account sitting they must be co-operative, what i know is .Lord Zero. is obeyed without questioning, he is the only Duke.

but if they are account sitting 24/7 and they support each other isn’t that against rules. No interaction between the sitter and the person being sat for a certain amount of hours after it ends.Uh-oh they caught us. We didn’t think about that!

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 13:54 Quote
Yer so they have a weak spot so that means they cannot send support to each other

~INS~ – Alpha L0rd1 today at 13:55 Quote millard1993 wrote:
Yer so they have a weak spot so that means they cannot send support to each other

cool i worked out something clever!!!! I’m finally helping lol :PThe highlight of your life, eh?

Empire – Snipe ur village down today at 13:55 Quote
Sweet. I didnt even think about that

~INS~ – Alpha L0rd1 today at 13:56 Quote
i’m gonna create a new thread in this forum about what we can use against them lol.

~INS~ – Alpha L0rd1 today at 14:01 Quote
Just to mention shouldn’t the forum name be changed cus it says {~D~} – Defeating DSQD/Empire/~INS~/Rome which makes it sound as if Empire, ~INS~ and Rome need to be defeated maybe something like…

{~D~}/Empire/~INS~/Rome vs DSQD forumReally you guys, your tribes are getting slaughtered and you’re worried about this? Especially in a thread dedicated to us? God gtfo of our thread!

Empire – Snipe ur village down today at 14:03 Quote
Lol. It just means {~D~} Empire ~INS~ and Rome are sharing the forum to defeat DSQD

~INS~ – Alpha L0rd1 today at 14:03 Quote
but it has DSQD before us lol.

Empire – Snipe ur village down today at 14:05 Quote
I know. But after the subject it says who the forum its shared with. Its a bit confusing

{~D~} – killthenrun1 today at 14:10 Quote
u just notised somthing that lord zero is bloody swamped with our allies does anyone think ass kicking time?One of them tried. He’s my farm now.

Empire – Snipe ur village down today at 14:13 Quote
Well by the looks of his OD he is no point whore. So he will be difficult to take out. We need a plan to take him LOL! Your members are though!

{~D~} – killthenrun1 today at 14:15 Quote
i pugt a plan in the 2 thread whick uses lot of us and probs many of our allies swamped around himYou guys should see this plan of his, it’s classic.

Empire – Snipe ur village down today at 14:17 Quote
Sending one spear for every Brotherhood member isnt enough to freak an ODed person like that. We need to send real atttacks. LCs Axes Rams and Cats. The whole EnchilladaYes, because we won’t dodge the lcs and axes and then defend against the rams and cats.

{~D~} – killthenrun1 today at 14:19 Quote
i know but if he sees lot and lots of diffrent attacks even tghe highest ranked acoount would worry manilly cause thelly think weve sent everything weve got so thelle turd themselfs ( sorry for bad speeling new laptop)I’ve already turd myself after seeing your brilliant plan!

Empire – Snipe ur village down today at 14:20 Quote
That would freak me out too. But what if he saw the lowest person in the tribe attack him, do you think that would deter him? Mehbe…. :S

{~D~} – killthenrun1 today at 14:21 Quote
if it also had the highest then it might

Empire – Snipe ur village down today at 14:35 Quote
Not even, the highest in all the Brotherhood is almost 1200 points. .Lord Zero. has almost 2700 points i think. I wouldnt be scared if 1200 pointers attacked me. Especially with his OD Quit you guys, you’re making me blush.

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 14:36 Quote
depends point to not matter OD does like i have 3k od and if you check the ranking for me im up near the 1.8k players for od

Empire – Snipe ur village down today at 14:45 Quote
Notice i said “Especially with his OD”

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 14:49 Quote
Does anyone know what allys they have

Rome – OneSmuggler today at 15:06 Quote
wow all this was posted in the 2 hours i wasnt at the computer, im researching rams and i will be able to get cats tomorrow and i have 300+axes. And no dont know who their allys are with Congrats, you’re our new target.

Empire – Baron-Hawk today at 16:23 Quote
My OD is ranked in the top 1000 players, and I am barely over 500pts….

But if a 2500pt player attacked me, I would poo, especially if he had a HIGH O.D. Rating.Remind me to attack you.

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 18:16 Quote
We need action now … they are attacking us but we are not attacking back…Thats because your members can’t… Duh.

we need to if any1 has reports of attacks send them me as i need to work out some stuff because we are all falling apart

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 18:33 Quote
Try to get more tribe to join us!

Empire – sculler today at 18:48 Quote
i was recently in DSQD and got kicked for no reason. They have no allies as of 4 days ago

~INS~ – millard1993 today at 18:50 Quote
right i have looked at the tribes we have an figured half of our players are not responding or not fighting so maybe if we created a tribe…. Called Insanic Roman Empire… the leaders of the all 3 tribes have leader status then barons barons… then what we do is take all the players with 300 points or 500Od more and put them in their then maybe have an academy. Crap I was afraid of this, puting all their active and “dangerous” targets into one tribe… Perfect for finding them out.

The reason being this is because we have lack of communication and the alliance is falling to bits and we are getting are ass wooped i am affriad is any one up for this..

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 18:55 Quote sculler wrote:
i was recently in DSQD and got kicked for no reason. They have no allies as of 4 days ago

why did they do that, that is not fair, the left you alone in the middle of the war?He was a pointwhore.

{~D~} – Anti-Matter today at 20:45 Quote
T3ribilu and .The Dark Knight. have either left the tribe and/or been dismissed!

s u steps Left 24th July 2009 – 04:00 604 -Stewy- Left 23rd July 2009 – 22:00 281 fox no.1 goaler Left 23rd July 2009 – 19:00 830 rockstag Left 23rd July 2009 – 16:00 123 nick123nick Left 23rd July 2009 – 13:00 259 BobKillsHimself Left 23rd July 2009 – 01:00 234 HARdcore09 Left 22nd July 2009 – 04:00 148
This was a decisive moment in the history of W41 as DSQD was one of the powerful times of that time and their disbanding threw everything out into the open and gradually, the world began to shape. By July 29, 2009, the disband was complete and DSQB was gone.
K56: ~SCC~ declares on -RB-  [1 August, 2009]
Since the birth of members into K56, -RB- did a fantastic job in recruiting everyone that they could. This recruitment policy portrayed themselves as a steroytpical mass recruiting tribe.
Checking twstats, -RB- had 12 members since they started. Followed by 51 members on day 2 , and 69 members on day 3 (which, to be fair, doesn’t necessairly make you mass recruiters), but to have 136 out of 150 a week later? mass recruiters? I think so.
Inside of all those members must lie some talent… and we at ~SCC~ were shocked to discover that it was not the players that were the root of –RB-‘s problems, but their suprising leadership and commitment of both leaders and players alike to step up when needed, esspecially from some of their “W18 Veterans” *Cough* Raven *Cough*
quoted by DJLogic, Duke of ~SCC~ on 1 August, 2009.
This declaration was well received by the W41 community as it spiced up things in the then southern part of the world. It also made ~SCC~ ‘s intentions clear that they are here to stay for long and not back down from challenge. Within 24 hours of the declaration, -RB- members were leaving in numbers sending red signals before the sinking of the ship. The stats as such didn’t prove much but -RB- was left crumbling under the pressure of ~SCC~ and within 3 days, they were a shadow of their former self.

Final official stats from the war:

~SCC~ : 4
-RB- : 0
End of Escape, and era complete [10 August, 2009]

Escape was one of the most powerful tribes of its time. Unfortunately, every good thing has to come to an end and Escape wasn’t spared from this fate also.

Dear w41.
As many of you have noted over the ages, Escape has been at the forefront of some of worlds most aggressive and rapidly establishing tribes.
We’ve had our fair share of troubles; Kings, SNSD, Silent, Abaza, and dozens of other smaller tribes have all fought us for domination over k55.
Though all these tribes were saved from their Delirium, the costs have taken their toll.
Over the past couple of weeks, Delirium has slowly lost its central command capabilities.
The reasons vary from council members being simply to wound up in real life complications, to council members out right despising each other for their ineptness and lack of effort.
Efforts to strengthen the council with new members outright failed.
Quickly the consequences of a weakened leadership sent ripples through the tribe. An example of this would be the horrid execution of our operation with Abaza, we were actually talking diplomacy while launching attacks on them as the aggressor…
Because of this, the council of Escape has decided it is now time to “Cut our losses”. And disband the tribe. We have contacted MaccyD about our difficulties and they have sympathized with our plight, and a merge will be shortly underway.
To the rest of the world; Please accept our humble apology – Escape will no longer be able to aid you with your…Deliriums and bring forth a non-delirious world for you all…Sorry.
-Spyke, Duke of Escape
This shock revelation sparked a lot of rumours as to who would take their reigns and this meant MaccyD took the driver’s seat in Escape‘s homeland K45 and looked imposing. However, there were other better and bigger and bloodier wars to come.
More on the next issue, stay tuned as we travel through time to unravel some interesting facts and try to dissect why tribes failed and how tribes won.

©  Somnath Roy.