W41 News

May 25, 2010 in World 041 News

Green = AXES

Pink = Motive

Yellow = SIZE!

Blue = Xiraya

White = RAXE

Red = SCC


Looks like the dust has finally settled down over OCD’s mass deletion (center of the map, core) and W41 is going to see some action in the coming days. Hiraya and |X| have settled their differences and merged to form a new tribe named Xiraya. SCC has taken in players from AIDS in K38 and K48 mostly to aid their line up in the sluggish war against AXES. -RSE- failed to make an impact on SIZE and now they have been erased from the face of the map.


AXES v/s SCC: This war has been looming large for quite sometime and now has turned into full fledged atrocity from both sides. War’s pretty much slow going due to the huge distance both tribes have to cover in order to reach the enemy. Caps have been scored, but not at the rate one would expect. SCC has been suffering from high inactivity, and that’s why, as a last resort, they had to take in members from the small tribe called AIDS to keep them afloat. Not much to post in here apart from the fact that W41 is swiftly losing players due to boredom and lack of excitemement. A few people have gone inactive during the war signalling a red flag for this world. As this war lingers on at a snail’s pace, we’re bound to see many more changes. Tribal OPs have been set up and their success rate will be seen in the coming days.

Stats so far from the last 3 months:

AXES: 111

SCC: 70

AXES v/s Motive: This war has come to an almost halt with a few minor skirmishes being displayed here and there, nothing big compared to the other war. A few caps have been taken by either side, AXES leading it by almost thrice the amount of enemy villages conquered. This war has also been plagued by inactivity and people moving to other newer worlds.

Stats so far from the last month:

AXES: 47

Motive: 18

That’s it for this week. Hopefully, we would have spicier things to write about next week.