W41 News & Recent Happenings

July 27, 2009 in I'm A New Blogger!, Special Features, World 041 News

W41’s noobs are now being nobled, the point whores being caught red handed and the rim is filling with people who have either chosen to restart or have been nobled. The great tribes are starting to form and the not so great starting to break. Players are proving themselves to their fellow players and tribemates and are starting to break out the nobles.

A Few Down Points:

• Of the many premades that were created on this world (I suspect around 15-20) there are only a few left (That look good anyway). The two main ones that I’m sure everyone has noticed are MaccyD and Escape. These two tribes seem to be doing absolutly everything right in these early stages of the game.

• A few premades that have failed that were expected to do well:

Gummy Bears (Gummy), Magical Mushroom Kingdom (MMK-), Dreaded Dust Bunnies (DDB), Toons, 47RON.

A couple of upbeat notes:

• The top 3 tribes are all looking very strong, MaccyD being in 1st has by far the highest average points per player with the lowest amount of members. Escape has a strong leadership from what I have heard and can see. They have a strong member base and look to be a very strong tribe. Ouzo I havnt heard to much about, at the beggining I though they were mass recruiters… Like the bulk of the tribes that were ranked high early. They have proven me wrong so far, the tribe looks to have a nice member list ( I believe a few from DDB and Toons are there.

• Oops! has gone under my radar, they came from out if no where and now look the be the strongest tribe in K44 (Not in points but in experience and strength). They also recieved many players from DDB and Tooks after they fell apart. In my opinion they look amazing and I would watch out for them K44!

Some Congratulations To A Few Players!

• Second Village

1st- RoMaNTiCGuiTaRR
2nd- Krishepi
3rd- Check-Mate

• 1K points:

1st- Real RocknRolla
2nd- FunkyCro
3rd- Soggum

• Tribes to 50K

1st- Ouzo
2nd- MMK-
3rd- Escape

Thank you for reading!