W41: At a Glance

August 13, 2010 in World 041 News, World News

Ok so here we are with another week of W41 news. To be honest, there’s not much to write about W41. Yeah there are wars going on, but they can’t be counted as wars if the other side gives up easily and half of them go inactive. Yes, I am talking about the 2 biggest wars in the world right now: AXES v/s SCC and AXES v/s Motive.A look at the standings:

Players’ Rankings:

There hasn’t been a marked change in the rankings apart from the fact that every player has grown by 200-300k points, some even more. The only noticeable change is that Chorde has dropped out of the top 10, thanks to the combined effort of the AXES players opping him. 7 out of the top 10 are AXES – just goes to show how well they are dominating this world.

Tribes’ Rankings:

No surprises for guessing who’s at the top.  AXES still holds the lead by quite a margin, Motive and SCC wrap up the top 3 but the surprising thing is the amount of inactives in all the above tribes – the fear of a premature ending for W41 has come alive again.

A look at the world dominance map:

As seen from the map, AXES controls the entire northern section of the world with a few gaps here and there and they have also been conquering the core and throwing off enemies in style. SCC covers the eastern part, has quite a lot of the core dominance, but their huge number of inactives would spell disaster for them while they are fighting the #1 tribe in the world. Motive has a very good southern dominance – at places, they are locking heads with AXES thus giving rise to the rivalry which has been dragging on for months. FRESH has a small presence in AXES dominated territory – they will probably be food once AXES are done with the 2 bigger tribes.

Current wars:

AXES v/s SCC: AXES declared on SCC and since then, the #1 tribe has been on a rampage nobling a lot of villages from SCC. It also looks like SCC has given up already. Rumours are high that their leader, Chorde has quit (maybe due to 8-10k incomings going at her constantly). And there are also cracks opening up here and there inside SCC. Their inactive frontline isn’t doing much gifting villages to the opposing side easily. Unless they’re planning something big or have some kind of hidden ace up their sleeves, I don’t see them holding on for long. Kudos to AXES for keeping up the pressure and not stepping off the pedal.

Stats from last month:

AXES: 261

SCC: 79

AXES v/s Motive:  This war isn’t really picking up pace. Its a slow, boring “village nobling saga” which has all but died down as AXES are focussing more on their SCC front. However, stats are there for everyone else to see, hence this is called a war. Motive have done slightly better in capping villages from AXES though they are behind by almost half the amount.

Stats from last month:

AXES: 296

Motive: 152

AXES v/s HBK: HBK declared on AXES and since then, have done an outstanding job in nobling a more from the numero uno and are leading the stats by more than thrice. However, it might also be due to the fact that AXES are currently fighting the #2 and #3 tribes and haven’t given them much attention. Let’s see if HBK can keep up their momentum or the tables are turned.

Stats from last month:

AXES: 22

HBK: 81