W41: A Review

August 31, 2010 in World 041 News, World News

Time for another update on W41. Well nothing much to write really apart from the old sluggish wars still waging on between the top tribes. W41 does seem to have come to a standstill and needs something special to boost its dying moral.

A look at the rankings now:

Players’ Rankings:

Sergei86 still occupies the #1 spot with Sau02adg closing the gap every day. No surprises for guessing as AXES has the top 5 spots reserved for themselves. ┬áMotive has chipped in with a couple of players in the top 15, apart from that the #1 tribe is dominating the players’ standings and doesn’t look like there will be a change anytime soon.

Tribes’ Rankings:

AXES has the numero uno spot for the 6th month running and there’s no stopping them it seems. Motive is ranked 2nd, followed by SCC but these 2 tribes have a lot of inactives so they do really have a slim chance of catching up to their superior. FRESH and D.S.S. are lagging way behind and complete the top 5.

The world as it looks:

AXES maybe the youngest tribe in the history to own half the world in such a short time and doesn’t look like they’ll have stiff resistance in the coming months. Both Motive and SCC are riddled with inactives and AXES is already mowing through them in style. FRESH might have to encounter the wrath of AXES as they are food for the bigger tribe.

A W41 Plea:

Players of W41 have decided to ask for half-priced packets to be implemented in this world. This is to prevent the huge number of players going inactive or quitting This would at least stop the outflux a bit. Hope this is noticed by the TW team.