W39: The Artemis- June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010 in World 039 News

The Artemis Examiner

Welcome to The Artemis Examiner! This week marks the first in its new form as a blog. With the new form comes a new direction for the duration of the summer, but more will be said on that later. Also with the nice new blog is a different format of the content. This week’s release has three articles, with the other parts of the newspaper, a map from Colpo, interviews from The Dragyness, Areyaen, King Dragon, and Ahmen, and the current stats, embedded within.

The War Analysis

So the big news of the week, the MASK vs T.D.E F war is over. Ahmen, a leader of MASK, says “The TDE /Mask war is officially a ceasefire.” The T.D.E reason for the end of this war is “hmm lets say, other targets can be [of] interest” (King Dragon). What can be said of the war is that it has been the most hyped and least productive of all the wars this year. A poor show on the parts of both tribes, this cease-fire was probably the best solution given that the war itself was going nowhere.

I would like to say I predicted this very downfall in my issue of the paper here exactly four weeks before it happened.

That said, I do have a standing bet that the war will end in under two months with at least one of the involved tribes disbanding and its members merging and reforming and little to no change having happened due to actual war (low ennoblements, etc). Bet was made about two weeks ago, so you guys have six more weeks to endure.

The final stats of the war are as follows. It may be that only I am amused by the final stats being equal with the sweet irony of failure in the air, but perhaps some of my readers also share this humor.

Side 1:
Tribes: MASK

Side 2:
Tribes: T.D.E T.D.E2 Devils

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 465
Side 2: 465
Difference: 0

Conquer Stats against Opposite Side

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 4,029,141
Side 2: 4,175,072
Difference: 145,931

Point Conquers against Opposite Side

The only war of the moment is thus the NOB!! vs ??? war. Neither views it as a war anymore. For ??? it is a slaughter. The Dragyness has only this to say on the subject “It’s not a war… it’s a massacre… welcome to Wounded Knee.” Nob!! leader Areyaen had little better to say on the subject: “War is BORING…” With both of those opinions it shows that this is the second war in a row in which NOB!! just casually partook. It remains to be seen if they will look ahead for a real challenge. Stat’s can be found in the usual place on the forum, here.

New Tribes and Merges

Making record news this week, NOB!! merged eight new members into their tribe. This pushed them from Rank 5 to Rank 3. It also caused them to encircle quite a bit of MASK, as evidenced by the map in the next article. With this interesting move, I felt the need to go straight to the source, to get the truth on this radical change. Areyaen’s only comment on the subject was “no merge we recruit back our guys on new accounts.” He later added that “1 was a new face but yeah they were all part of Colpo’s crew and been nob members a long time”. Thinking that MASK would likely be upset on this recruitment of their members, I was shocked to hear from Ahmen “They ‘re are some [MASK members] that are angry . But Colpo , is Not an ordinary Bunny by heart , so to most , this was not a surprise.”

This wasn’t the only radical tribe move this week. A new tribe in the T.D.E family appeared under the name of Devils. It appears to be the T.D.E attempt to create an “elite” tribe, removing those active individuals from the other T.D.E F tribes. I was curious enough about this issue that I decided to question King Dragon about it. He told me “The Devils start becuse we end up TDE2 in time, The Devils will be a tribe that the enemy will fear…” As it sounded like he was announcing the end of T.D.E2, I went ahead and asked about that as well. He was kind enough to tell me “Yes, internobling and moving up some to TDE”. This led me to believe that the T.D.E F is beginning a process to eventually remove themselves from the insulting name of “family”. Who knows how this will turn out, but it’s bound to be interesting.

The Summer Analysis

This is the article that you’ve all been waiting for. Below, is my announcement on the summer plans, and I am pleased to say that I should have everyone satisfied with the plan. While it may seem that the below is a response to recent complaints, it is in fact what I began planning over a week ago, just before the previous release. To start with, have a look at the below map. It covers the important, critical tribes left in the world.

W39 Map, contains 6 main tribes

Now for the summer plan. Each week I will be doing an in-depth report on one of the above tribes. This may include a relevant map, (an) interview(s) with the leader(s), current war stats, current war analysis, and a tribe analysis. These may not necessarily be all in a row. For example, if another tribe were to declare war, I would take the opportunity to focus upon that. However, be assured that short of disbandment or the end of the world, all of the above tribes will be written upon.

Now, this requires a bit of work from you, my readers, as well. I am currently missing suitable representatives for both ~RAID~ and the *TA family. This needs to be someone with Skype, good communication skills, and a high leadership position in the tribe, preferably duke. If for some reason the duke is unavailable, I will consult with his assistant. Please mail me in-game or on the forums with the relevant details.

Also, please let me know what you think of the blog format. WordPress is more than a little bit difficult to cooperate with, however, let me know of any format suggestions you may have. As always, thanks to my Graphic’s Artist Colpo, responsible for producing the map on this blog, my (new) blog boss Jehosophat and Undead Billy Mays for their assistance in proof-reading, and my tribe for being the best on w39.

That’s all Folks,
The Artemis