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June 24, 2010 in World 039 News

The Artemis Examiner- lite

This is a “short” blog designed just to cover the day-to-day happenings during the week.  This will be released (roughly) once a week.  A much more in-depth blog on a particular subject (for example the major tribes of w39 over the summer), will be released every other week.  The first of these blogs will be on Rx4U and will come by the end of the week.

War Stats

Visit the updated forum thread here for current war stats.

W39 Maps

Here are a couple maps to show the world as it is.  The first is a general world map, highlighting the important tribes of the world.  The second shows the recent mergers by ~RAID~ which are of 6 SIO members and 6 TBE members.  Both maps were donated by Colpo.

W39 Map


Interviews I am the Joker of ~RAID~ consented for an interview on their recent merge of six TBE members.

The Artemis: Who are you and what tribe are you from?
-=The Joker=-: I am the Joker from RAID whereas I am sure others have other names for me as well ;)
The Artemis: Tell us a bit about yourself and your tribe.
-=The Joker=-: Well about myself there is not much to say, I’m an old man with time on my hands, thus me and a friend that played on w19 wanted to play together again and we came to w39 we founded a tribe and that tribe became what is known today as RAID to be exact a year ago today.
The Artemis: Ahh, a momentous occasion today is then.  Any special celebrations? ;)
-=The Joker=-: Well the original members of the tribe, the two of us that founded it and the next 6 we took in planned on playing a year and then mass deleting our accounts, seeing that none of those players are left I discussed it with the members of the tribe that are now in the know and we almost carried out what was originally planned a Mass deletion at midnight, but as the world turns we have come up with a different plan.
The Artemis: What’s that?
-=The Joker=-: Can’t go into specifics which I am sure you will understand but the little tribe with no elite players known as RAID will leave this world with a BIG BANG. As should be known in the past RAID has always been a tribe to do what is least expected of them.
The Artemis: Well, I’m sure we’ll see what will happen.  Now you guys recently merged the tribe TBE.  Tell me a bit about that.
-=The Joker=-: Hmm how do I say it without really annoying the previous leadership of TBE… well I’ll just be blunt, they were in the way and moral would have killed us so the easiest thing to do was merge their active players and feed the rest to the acitves. It was a cold calculated move but it did get rid of a tribe that was becoming a nuisance.
The Artemis: Many a tribe has endured such a problem.  Now you guys are/were allies with NOB.  How did recruiting their refugees effect your relationship?
-=The Joker=-: We are to the best of my knowledge still allies with NOB…
I would assume that it wasn’t the most liked move that RAID has made by NOB, however I am sure that with them taking in refugees accounts (the players passed them the accounts to play) from RAID that there are no great difficulties with what we have done, at least none of thier Leadership has raised more then an eyebrow so far.
In addition we haven’t really moved into their territory with what we have done, we actually have helped them clean up their K’s with our merge.
I also have a NOB!! response to the recruitment of the TBE members.

The Artemis: mind if I get a short opinion from you on the TBE merger?
Areyaen>>>ARE: GRR

opinion… we stopped our scuffle with those inbred twits full of free villages to save Raids ASS, then they recruit them

TBE and ??? were allies… we were keeping the morale twits wrapped up and then had to go fight the players for them too?.. we gave RAID a chance to prove to the world they could play… then we had to bail them out
The news of the week is the merger of six TBE members into ~RAID~.  The merger itself was fairly inconsequential, just 2,157,523 points, yet the result for ~RAID~’s diplomacy could be extensive.  As seen above NOB!! is unhappy to say the least with this recruitment.  This could easily spell the end of the alliance or even bring a deadly war to ~RAID~.
Yet another problem is that it has been exhibited time and time again that the players involved in the merger are of a fairly low caliber.  I am the Joker admits this himself but suggests that it was easier for ~RAID~ to hit the recruit button then to face the massive morale penalties that would have been occurred.  Instead, ~RAID~ will be able to slowly internal the accounts they invited, saving their nukes for other enemies.

Otherworldly News
As some of you may have noticed, many of your scripts stopped working today.  This was due to the 6.3 update to the game.  Before you begin complaining, scripters have been working tirelessly for many hours, fixing the scripts.   Many of these new scripts can be found here.  After reading through that topic, you should be able to find most, if not all, of your scripts that need to be fixed.
For those of you who don’t know, you can now comment upon my blog.  Please feel free to do so.  As always, thanks to my contributers this week, Colpo for the maps as well as my proofreaders.
That’s all folks,
The Artemis