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October 20, 2010 in World 039 News, World News

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second edition of my w39 blog. This week we’ll have a look at the two wars currently happening in w39 – one in-depth, and one just a quick overview. There will also be a look at our top 10 players, and the Players’ Predictions section will continue. Hope you enjoy this edition!

1. cer-berus
Points: 14.310.193 (1451 villages)
ODA Rank: 1. (103,942,697)
ODD Rank: 2. (58,097,882)
Barb nobles: 366/1492 (24.5%)

The cer-berus account (Jager+Lodda) has been at the number one position for a very long time. Though the account no longer has double the points of the second largest account in the world, and hasn’t for a while, it is still without a doubt, a massive account compared to the rest of the world. Though the account is currently in a period of slow growth (which has happened before in the past), it continues to easily maintain a lead of five and a half million points on second place. Lodda and Jager have proved themselves many times over, and are certainly capable of maintaining first place. In the past, both NOB!! and MASK have attempted to overwhelm the owners of this account, but to no avail. I can see this account staying here for a good long while.

2. raynerou1
Points: 8.880.071 (983 villages)
ODA Rank: 13. (29,497,167 score)
ODD Rank: 14. (20,393,899 score)
Barb nobles: 356/989 (36.0%)

This account has also been near the top for quite a while. Though I don’t know much about the account’s owner, I have heard good things about him. The player on this account seems to concentrate more on nobling villages in the vicinity instead of necessarily villages that will help the tribe out. Only one single conquer against Devils, even though the war was brought quite close to this player’s cluster seems to show a certain disregard for the tribe’s well-being. ODA is a bit low compared to where the account is, but once again that’s consistent with what I have already said here.

3. King Dragon
Points: 8.075.002 (850 villages)
ODA Rank: 2. (57,523,491)
ODD Rank: 3. (47,880,980)
Barb nobles: 178/897 (19.8%)

As Duke of the Swedes, King Dragon’s style of leadership has often been questioned and criticized. Too much barb nobling by his tribe and over recruiting have both been cited as faulty judgement on his part. However, whatever King Dragon did seems to have paid off as he’s now leading the largest tribe in w39. Positive stats in every conflict show that King Dragon, though his trains – I am told – are sloppy, knows how to hold his own when fighting an opponent. A high OD ranking shows that he gets involved in fights and doesn’t simply sit back and command his minions to do the work.

4. LordMejer
Points: 7.645.039 (789 villages)
ODA Rank: 9. (32,085,052)
ODD Rank: 91. (5,700,984)
Barb nobles: 209/814 (25.7%)

A former Rx4U player. This account has stayed fairly close to the top rankings for quite some time now. The activity of this account, however, has been rather questionable as of late, with almost two full weeks in between conquers (between October 6th and 18th, there was not a single conquer on this account). With LordMejer’s spread, and the account’s high ODA, it seems this account has participated rather actively in Rx4U’s past wars.

It is at this point that the players’ points start to become much closer, and the individual rankings can easily change.

5. Areyaen
Points: 7.571.416 (765 villages)
ODA Rank: 14. (29,252,521)
ODD Rank: 75. (6,429,471)
Barb nobles: 169/813 (20.8%)

Co-Duke of NOB!!. Areyaen is known for his blunt responses, and disregard for the opinions of the public at large. Though his methods seem to clash with many people, NOB!! seems to be holding up well with the combined leadership of Areyaen and TheSettler. This account has been far away from any NOB!! war action for quite a while, its main cluster being about three continents away from NOB!!’s frontline with Devils. Though I haven’t had any personal experience fighting against Areyaen, I’ve heard he is a skilled player.

6. Queen of Dragons
Points: 7.500.613 (775 villages)
ODA Rank: 11. (30,404,436)
ODD Rank: 5. (37,507,739)
Barb nobles: 206/827 (24.9%)

King Dragon’s number one woman just so happens to also be near the top of the list, points-wise. With much the same spread as KD, as well as high OD, this account has definitely been involved in its tribe’s war efforts. I’ve also heard that QoD has sloppy trains, but she seems to get the job done well enough.

7. LordFierro
Points: 7.481.733 (750 villages)
ODA Rank: 20. (24,560,111)
ODD Rank: 132. (3,974,756)
Barb nobles: 212/800 (26.5%)

A former 82nd member, LordFierro used to be much farther up the list (2nd for a long period of time). The account seems to be abandoned, or at least suffering from a major lack of activity, with a completely flat graph on TWStats for more than the last month. This account’s last conquer was on the 27th of July. Should the account’s owner return, I would expect LordFierro to move up the rankings. As it stands, I expect the account to continue moving down the list, or to be nobled out –either by Devils or by an opportunistic enemy – fairly soon.

8. Donaldm23
Points: 7.232.949 (735 villages)
ODA Rank: 21. (22,082,684)
ODD Rank: 104. (4,820,329)
Barb nobles: 228/778 (29.3%)

A former Rx4U player. As with all Rx4U players, the account is fairly spread. This indicates good participation in tribe conflicts. Lately, this account has grown a lot due to the quantity of large abandoned villages that it has nobled (the remnants of former tribemates who have quit the world). I haven’t heard anything about the player on the account, but assume that Hybrid did a good job making sure all, or at least most, Rx4U players were well-equipped to handle any enemies thrown their way.

9. BrightEyesLondon
Points: 7.044.583 (775 villages)
ODA Rank: 5. (34,687,031)
ODD Rank: 33. (12,607,528)
Barb nobles: 229/810 (28.3%)

This account presents a conundrum. It is shaped much like the raynerou account, without any villages that are far from its main cluster. Usually a formation like that indicates a lack of participation with the account’s tribe, but in this case it doesn’t seem to. With a high ODA rank, and a lot of enemy conquers, it seems this account was just in the right place at the right time.

Points: 7.036.593 (715 villages)
ODA Rank: 12. (29,881,367)
ODD Rank: 73. (6,547,672)
Barb nobles: 126/744 (16.9%)

Another former Rx4U player. I’ve heard that the original player on this account was a beast. I’m not sure if the account is still played by the same person. Whoever plays it has definitely been lacking activity recently – the account hasn’t nobled a village since October 3rd.

TBE vs. ~RAID~
This war is currently the most exciting event (in my humble opinion, of course) currently taking place in w39. At 0:00 server time on October 9th, TBE declared war on ~RAID~. The tribes’ history is long (these tribes have been NAPped, merged for a period of time, and shared a common enemy, before coming to blows), and this war is thus a personal vendetta for some parties involved – a last stand for TBE’s players, against perceived injustices on ~RAID~’s part.

In Lumograph’s declaration post on the externals, he had this to say:

We don’t really care if we win or lose, we are here to make a stand, winning is the favourable option but who can tell. I know my TBE will enjoy this war, whatever the outcome, I hope ~RAID~ will give us a decent fight.

As was widely publicized on the forums, TBE started this war off quite well. They had quite a lot of captures right away –the first publicized war stats were 15-3 in TBE’s favour. Due to the sheer size of the tribes fighting, it was very unlikely for TBE to remain in the lead. Over the past week or so, we have seen ~RAID~ come back from their early deficit. They are in the lead by a few conquers, now that players not on the frontlines have had time to land nukes and nobles.

Here’s how the stats look at the present time (from the declaration date of 09/10/2010):

Side 1: TBE
Side 2: ~RAID~

Timeframe: 09/10/2010 00:00:00 to 20/10/2010 09:30:00

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 69
Side 2: 97
Difference: 28

I’m sure most people will expect the stats to continue to turn in ~RAID~’s favour. This seems likely to happen – ~RAID~ has, after all, much more firepower than TBE, due to the sheer amount of villages they own compared to their opponents. The only thing that might work in TBE’s favour is the current political atmosphere amongst the top three tribes. Should one of the other two (Devils/NOB!!) begin attacking ~RAID~, the pressure on TBE is likely to diminish, and give these players a chance to recover.

Here to explain the war and its progression from the side of the declarers, TBE, is Lumograph:

Extra SelectShow

Devils vs. THEM
This war hasn’t changed much at all from last week. It still seems to be more a massacre than a war. Devils continue to take THEM villages with impunity, as THEM slowly moves down the rankings.

Though this might have been more appropriate in last week’s episode, Starrieeyes has once again contributed to this week’s blog. Here’s a comic strip depicting the beginning of this war:

Extra SelectShow

At the current time, the stats (from the first conquer, at 22/09/2010 04:51:26) stand at:

Side 1: Devils
Side 2: THEM

Timeframe: 22/09/2010 04:51:26 to 20/10/2010 11:00:00

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 807
Side 2: 8
Difference: 799

And here’s the amount of THEM that has been nobled by Devils members:

This is likely the last time I will mention this conflict in my blog, unless something drastic happens, and THEM somehow turns the stats around.

Every week I hope to have predictions from three players on the server as to what they think will happen during the next week.

This week, I asked:

TheSettler: (nominated Jagerblue&Ahmen)
My prediction for W39 is that ~RAID~ is going to lose two big accounts in the next week. Not necessarily by nobles but….two accounts will be lost. This isn’t really fair…since i know something everyone else doesn’t. But….it is still a prediction.

Areyaen will steal TheSettlers co-player and a huge fight will go on between them. NOB!!! will break down and all the other players will watch the battle unfold, but will be too scared to join in. The new world war won’t be between tribes, but two players. :P Who will win!?

Areyaen: (refused to nominate a player – each player on TheSettler chose one instead)
no predictions looks sunny here though, no point in guessing the future…make it

The Dragyness: (nominated Colpo)
I don’t tend to make predictions – too many variables. Que sera sera! […] Seriously, I have none. I have nothing brilliant or entertaining to say… we’ll just have to see how this world plays out! Now go away kid – yer botherin’ me! :P

… So I suppose this week the predictions section has been NOB!!bed.

Thanks for reading,
&hearts ;;