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May 6, 2011 in World 039 News, World News

Hello w39ers, how nice to see you all again. My my, there were lots of changes while I was on vacation. In this edition, we’ll explore these changes, and speak to some of the people that made them happen.

After many months of a three-way war, the two tribes fighting T.D.E have merged. NOB!! and ~RAID~ merged to form A-21 on April 20th. This new tribe comprises some 59 members from the former #2 and 3 tribes and has dominance in 33 of the 60 populated continents, compared to TDE’s 25. Some well-known names from w39’s past (Hybrid Soul, Focalor, SOCOH, etc.) have returned to create this tribe intended to bring down those big bad barb noblers in the North. Will they succeed? Only time will tell.

As mentioned above, this is the continuation of the former ~RAID~/T.D.E and NOB!!/T.D.E wars, with the two tribes fighting T.D.E now under one newly united banner. Some players switched over to T.D.E during the tribe shuffle, and thus created a largely undefended frontline that did not exist before. That is a large reason why the number of conquers is so high after two weeks of fighting.

A-21 is currently in the lead, leading by approximately a 2:1 ratio over their opponents. As expected, most of the conquers have been on new frontlines.

To speak with us about the war as seen through his eyes, here is the Duke of T.D.E, King Dragon:

KD Interview SelectShow

An interview with Hybrid Soul to examine a perspective from A-21 leadership was requested; however our schedules did not mix well this week. Look for an interview with him next week instead.

This week I spoke to BlazingRAGE1386, who is currently ranked 11th in the world with 989 villages and 9.841.026 points.

BlazingRAGE1386 Interview SelectShow

Thanks for reading!

It should be noted that maps were made  May 4th, and may thus be a bit out of date.