w39 Blog; A Look Back at Last Year

January 17, 2011 in World 039 News, World News

Hello world 39ers (and whoever else is keeping tabs on our world), and welcome to 2011. I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. In this edition we’ll have a little review of what happened in 2010. Another, current edition will be on its way in a few days’ time.

First off I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2011. And what better way to start off the New Year than with some resolutions? I’ve actually made quite a few myself, in the hopes that I’ll at least accomplish one (:P). I won’t bore you with the complete list, but specifically related to this blog I’ve resolved to publish at least two per month (one every other week). I’m sure some of you who read this will now harass me to stick to that now that I’ve said it – perhaps I should have left that bit out.

Think back to TribalWars, one year ago. World 39 of course – the others are surely not as important. Can you remember who was on top, and what recent event was shaping the world as we knew it? Well I couldn’t remember everything, so I did some research. The external forum yielded some interesting results.

  • T.D.E had recently had a hand in the defeat of 82nd, and was at war with LosT (following a December 18th declaration from LosT). Linky.
  • SIKE declared on LosT (January 19th – external declaration posted 3 days later).  Linky.
  • Pkiwarrior was still our forum mod.

At the end of January, the top 5 tribes were:
2. LosT
3. Rx4U
4. -V-
5. T.D.E

  • Rx4U’s The Clock is Ticking PnP was posted February 16th. Linky.
  • The next day Rx4U declared on -V-. Linky.
  • Pkiwarrior did awesome things. Linky.
  • LosT fell apart after pressure from the T.D.E Family, NOB!! and Sike.
  • MASK was created. Linky.
  • SIKE disbanded. Linky.

At the end of February, the top 5 tribes were:
2. Rx4U
3. -V-
4. T.D.E
5. NOB!!

  • In light of MASK’s op on cer-berus, the largest account on w39 joined T.D.E. Linky.
  • T.D.E declared war on MASK. Linky.
  • ??? began their war against ~RAID~.
  • Albul became the w39 external forum mod.

At the end of March, the top 5 tribes were:
1. T.D.E
3. Rx4U
4. T.D.E2
5. -V-

  • Anger? split in two, with half joining T.D.E and the other half joining MASK. Linky.
  • All wars currently in progress continued (T.D.E vs. MASK, ??? vs. ~RAID~, Rx4U vs -V-).

At the end of April, the top 5 tribes were:
1. Rx4U
2. T.D.E
4. T.D.E2
5. NOB!!

  • T.D.E and MASK continued to war, though the war was slow as the tribes didn’t share much of a front.
  • MASK merged with NMs to become #1.
  • NOB!! came to their ally’s aid and declared war on ???. Linky.

At the end of May, the top 5 tribes were:
2. Rx4U
3. T.D.E
4. T.D.E2
5. NOB!!

  • NOB!! recruited the former NMS players. Linky.
  • T.D.E created Devils (an “elite” group of T.D.E players). Linky.
  • The MASK/T.D.E war ended. Linky.

Tribe stats were unavailable for June.

  • MASK merged into NOB!!. Linky.
  • Rx4U declared war on the TA* Family. Linky.

Tribe stats were unavailable for July.

  • The tensions and border skirmishes between T.D.E and NOB!! ended up causing a war. Linky.

At the end of August, the top 5 tribes were:
1. Devils
2. Rx4U
3. NOB!!
4. ~RAID~

  • ~RAID~ and Rx4U merged. Linky.

At the end of September, the top 5 tribes were:
1. Devils
2. ~RAID~
3. NOB!!
4. B.F.
5. Prowl

  • TBE declared on ~RAID~. Linky.

The top 5 tribes did not change in October.

  • ~RAID~ declared on Devils. Linky.
  • ~RAID~ created #RAID#, an “academy” of inactive members and former *TA Family members.
  • NOB!! dealt with inactives, and merged with Prowl and AGGRO

At the end of November, the top 5 tribes were:
1. Devils
2. NOB!!
3. ~RAID~
4. B.F.
5. #RAID

  • The ~RAID~/Devils war continued.
  • AreYouKidden became w39’s new forum mod.

The top 5 tribes at the end of the year were the same as in November.

That concludes this trip down memory lane, and brings us to 2011. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves last year, and look forward to watching what happens as w39 unfolds this year.

Thanks for reading!