W35 First Church Times (Issue 2) – K15 (Or It could happen in your K too)

August 12, 2009 in World 035 News, World News

I’ve been in W35 for some time now. Actually, since the beginning. I was never very active since my primary world still is w28. However, w35 is still keeping my interest for several reasons:

1. I’m in a winning tribe (BaseET)
2. I’ve put my experience from my failures in w30 regarding Church influence to good use here.
3. My tribe mates seem to know what they are doing.

At the moment, this blogging makes me feel like an inserted CNN reporter in Ops Desert Storm/Iraqi Freedom (or was it Enduring Freedom). As I’m writing this, a major flare-up is going to happen between Base, BaseET, A+E, -NE- and F-6 in the vicinity of K13, 14, 15, 24, 25. It’s going to be huge but i can’t say anymore cos of the confidentiality clause i signed in my contract when i got drafted by BaseET.

Why is it huge? cooooomme on! when an impending war involves 5 major tribes with 120 member limits for each tribe, across 5 Ks (and that’s only the frontlines), it is going to be WWIII.

Can’t say I’m looking forward to it though. W28 is talking about war too (BTW I’m top 20 in 3 Ks there). Soooooo, I’m pretty busy.

And that’s why my 2nd blog entry is soooo late.