W35: 14 July 2010

July 14, 2010 in World 035 News, World News

Welcome back readers, this time in the W35 Blog:
– The New Tribes
– War Stats
– The Banner Contest

The New Tribes

As you can see on the map there are a lot of new tribes since my last blog. The biggest new tribes are the NO Family which consists of NO!, -N2O- and -No3-. It’s not really new as it’s more the reformation of the !?! Family but than without Aetost and others which deleted their accounts.

-N2O-  joined the family later. In the beginning this tribe was called Pryde and they didn’t know what to do. You could guess it, Pryde was made by Pryde42 after the !?! F. disbanded. More and more members joined Pryde and than there was thev name change to -N2O- and they decided to be part of the NO Family.

~HAWK~ is back. They have the highest average at this moment and have one of the strongest players of this world, Falcon85. With an OD of 70 million and 9 million points I think we can consider him as one of the best here and he was the first player which returned to ~HAWK~. I’m not sure what this tribe is going to do but they will be important in the future of W35.

Another new tribe is RU?. Leedeval and NaViD THe GreaT made this tribe and 2 days later Babakalipour joined. RU? is surrounded by the APOC Family and shares a border with ~HAWK~. I don’t know the relationship with the APOC Family and ~HAWK~  but there isn’t a war or a fight either. The only villages which are nobled from RU? are nobled by (-:-) and RU? isn’t taking many villages from the APOC F. or ~HAWK~ either.

The War Stats

The war continues but it slowed down because of the many barbarians which popped up everywhere after the big deletion. Now the stats,

Side 1:

Side 2:
Tribes: NO! -N2O- -No3-

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 259
Side 2: 118
Difference: 141

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 2,524,466
Side 2: 1,074,284
Difference: 1,450,182

The NO Family is losing now but anything can happen as the war slowed down and both sides can build up troops.

The Banner Contest

As you may have noticed we don’t have a Banner for the blog yet! That’s why I would like you to make a Banner! The winner of the Contest gets a 80 Premium Points.

How to participate:
– Text: it should have W35 Blog on it other text is allowed too but this has to be on it.
– Size: Make sure it’s not too big (look at the other Banners of other Blogs) but also not too small!
– How to Enter: Post your entry in the W35 Blog topic on the Public Forums.

Some other Rules:
– It’s allowed to enter the contest with more than one banner.
– People from other Worlds are also allowed to participate.

That’s it for this time. Do you want to be interviewed or if you have suggestions than please mail Marcotje on the Public Forums or Ingame.