W34 Blog #3

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Hello all, and once again welcome to the W34 Blog. This is  third edition of hopefully many more to come. This blog is made by and will continue to be made by Carlito50( Forums ) or Grindayzar ( In-game ). This blog will feature any updates from last week’s blog, which was made on 11/22/09. This edition will feature anything new from that date til 11/29/09. I hope you all have a good read, enjoy!

Much <3



As always, I’ll start off with any updates( changes ) from the top 20 tribes and players.

Top 20 Players ( 11/29/09 )


Changes :

  • Koss and NightWitch1 traded ranks. Koss was 5th last week and is now sixth. Nightwitch1 gained a total of 210k points.
  • HansieSS went from rank 11 to rank 7. HansieSS gained a total of 150k points.
  • Marvellous Death‘s rank 7 spot was taken by HansieSS, although I believe they will be changing ranks for some time to come.
  • Snooks786 went up from rank 12 to rank to rank 9. Snooks gained a total of 140k points.
  • ngahnheg maintains it’s top 10 rank but, Smoke Brake dropped from rank 8 to rank 11.
  • Mauser dropped from rank 9 to rank 12. Only gaining a total of 60k points.
  • Smanes and fsoba traded ranks. Smanes went from rank 16 to rank 13 while fsoba dropped from 13 to 16.
  • Johnboy15 maintains it’s top 14 spot but, gargoila loses it’s top 15 spot to Killerdan, a new top 20 player. Congrats to you, Killerdan.
  • Evilex joins the top 20, at rank 18, stealing it from Keith414. Congrats, Evilex.
  • Lesss goes from rank 20 to rank 19, gaining a total of 80k points.
  • Yahooooooo7 drops from rank 17 to rank 20, Gaining a total of 2k points.

Congrats to all who moved up in ranks and congrats to those who just joined them. Happy hunting to all. <3


Now onto the top 20 tribes ( 11/29/09 )


Changes :

  • Once again, as I expected, ORPHAN and WOOD trade ranks. ORPHAN now holds rank 2 and WOOD holds rank 3. Although WOOD is only 1mil away from them, we’ll see what happens next week. ORPHAN went up 3million points, also gaining a new member to the tribe. WOOD went up about 1.6million points.
  • SEXY gained a new member and also went up 1.4million points.
  • [P.R] went up from rank 14 to rank 13, gaining 1 member and a total of 1.5million points.
  • TheLab went up as well, from rank 15 to rank 14. They gained a total of 2 members and a total of 1.3mil points.
  • |Oo| went down from rank 13 to rank 15. They recently lost a total of 800k points.
  • KoR and [P.R2] also traded ranks. [P.R2] lost it’s top 17 spot to KoR. KoR gained a total of 4 members and 1.5million points. [P.R2] gained 1 member but lost about 500k points.

I’m looking forward to seeing more changes next week, happy hunting to you all!


Next, we go to the current wars.

Currently one of the most hyped wars, ORPHAN Vs The Fates Family ( Nona/Morta/Decima)

ORPHAN Declares : http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?t=176332

Fates Family Declares : http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?t=176315




Ocaryx Vs Sexy Family war.

I will not post stats this week simply because, there are none. :[

Both sides have a total of 0 conquers against each other since 11/22/09. <3


A war that I was recently told of, which anyone can do at anytime is the [P.R] Family Vs an alliance of tribes trying to take them out.

Ultimaone says : was looking at your blog

i’m part of the realm family and allies
attacking PR

i can’t make your stats match mine

PR family

realm family and allies

anyways cheers

So, here are the stats.



Well, I had a little complication with the top tribe’s leaders that I was soppose to talk to so, I’ll try my hardest to make it in time for the next blog, sorry guys.

I hope you enjoyed the blog and do remember, you can mail me at anytime you want regarding the blog; or anything else. ;)

Much <3