W31 Blog Competition Winners!

July 10, 2011 in Guest Blogger, World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

I recently ran a competition for W31 as part of my stint as the guest blogger while Ebony was away. I was a bit disappointed only four people entered, but the quality of those four entries was tops.

The Announcement:

The TW Blog presents…

“What w31 Needs Now Ingame” Competition

Here’s a little something to set the mood.

The Rundown:

I am looking for the most creative response to what you believe w31 needs ingame right now. Does it need a new war? some betrayal? a little more love? noble cost reduction? more spear nukes? This is your chance to be creative and let your imagination run free.

The Rules:

1. All entries MUST adhere to forum rules.
2. All entries MUST be posted to this thread by July 2, 2011 at 12:00 ST.
3. All entries MUST be a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 500 words.
4. All entries MUST contain at least one image that relates to your idea in some way.

The Process:

Once the entry period closes, a poll will be created for you to vote on the eligible entries. This poll will be open for 3 days.

The Prizes:

1st place = 200 premium points
2nd place = 100 premium points
3rd place = 50 premium points

Winning entries will be featured on the TW Blog.

Good luck and happy dreaming!

The Entrants:

Over the next several days I waited eagerly to see what people would come up with for ideas. Sadly, there were only four entrants; I was hoping for a good deal more to be honest on such an active forum. Fortunately the four entries I did get were top notch: Queen gantlet, Pasta Monkey, smerdyakOv, and Metus. It was a 50/50 split with two taking it more seriously and two having fun dreaming up ludicrous unit types. I found them all to be entertaining in their own way.

Once the entry time ended, I put up a poll and left it to you, the W31 players, to decide who should win. There was some controversy and maybe a couple hard feelings, which is unfortunate, because this was meant to be fun. As with anything else though, when people are involved, it is never completely neat and tidy.

Again I was a bit surprised to see how few voted in the poll for the winners. In the end only 27 people voted and 1st and 2nd place were separated by just one point.

The Winners:

The winning entry was submitted by smerdyakOv. Many found his outrageous ideas funny even if they were a bit over the top. He won with 37% of the votes. Congratulations, smerdy!

WINNER! SelectShow


Second place went to Pasta Monkey. He had 33% of the votes. Some thought he might not do well as they feared this was a popularity contest rather than a vote on the merit of the entry. Since he missed first place by one vote, I think people can put those fears aside. Congratualtions, Pasta!

2nd Place SelectShow


Metus took third place with an entry similar to smerdy’s. He received 18% of the votes. Congratulations, Metus!

3rd Place SelectShow


Since there were only four entries, I am going to post the runner-up as well. Queen gantlet did a great job and obviously put a lot of thought into her post and she was the first one brave enough to give it a try and get the ball rolling for the competition, so I want to recognize her efforts. She received 11% of the votes. Thank you, Queen gantlet!

Runner-up SelectShow


So there you have it. Once again thanks to all who entered and congrats to the winners. I also want to thank Atlantia for sponsoring the contest and providing the premium for the prizes.