W3 Recent Events

July 27, 2009 in I'm A New Mod!, World 003 News

Latley in W3 there have been a few changes in the usual North vs. South war.

The FF family seems to be slowly falling apart. A few of FF’s top members have left the family and joined different small tribes that have been formed over the last weeks.

A few well known names that have left the FF family are:

Simon Hawkins, RIP06, Gunners9900, Freestyler_, Girl Dragon and a lot more people (These are just well known (former) members of the FF family).

A few players have gotten together and formed the tribe Vets. This tribe includes Simon Hawkins and Coolsecret.

More recently (Last few days) many players have left the FF family and joined a newly formed tribe CH (Chicken Farm). This tribe includes a few of the highly ranked players from the family and the tribe looks to be taking this very seriously. According to a member of their tribe who I have spoken to, they are going to have no diplomacy and are not going to take any prisoners.

ByzEmp has also been formed by a few FF members, they look to be an active tribe (atleast I hope so as they have just formed it) and are going to be a slight threat in the northern part of the world.

In other news, Cult has started to shape up the amount of tribes in the family. CultGR has merged into CultSE (making CultSE the biggest Cult tribe).

The OTB has dropped down to 2 tribes, SOT and OT. They are looking like they are being run down by FF.

GRINGR is now finished, the tribe that was once at war with the Cult family the OTB and ROA has now 1 member remaining with just over 1 million points. They were a good tribe but could not make it on their own, they lasted a long long time and their members played fair and fought hard. The remaining of their members went to either ELITE or FF.

Thanks for reading!