W27: Was Bronze Too Much To Ask?

October 17, 2010 in World 027 News, World News

Welcome again ladies and gentlemen to the most shadowy of online corners that is otherwise known as the W27 Blog. Regulars to this harlot-strewn tavern of news will know the story by now. For everyone else, picture the scene: A single tribe stands on the cusp of world domination, held off only by a handful of stubborn souls and the indifference of InnoGames. All eyes point towards the North East where the last remaining enemies make their stands, faced with wave upon wave of Shadow troops.

Just in case you can’t picture that, here’s a map:

We kick off this this week with the news of the impending closure of W7 to add to the list, and this author finds himself yet again embittered. Am I here to rant? No, no I’m not; then again I’m not paid to make jokes, but that’s all part and parcel of the service. Come to think of it, am I even paid?

Where was I? Oh yes, W27 rumbles on into the horizon without any sign of stopping, even if we lose a few disillusioned folks each week. Shadow of course remains the lumbering behemoth that it has been for some time and the scattered rainbow of enemies proves about as much of an obstacle as a pack of Skittles. Still, Shadow’s tenuous mix of aggression and apathy will no prolong this charade and provide me with newsworthy fodder for the foreseeable future.

When a tribe with 9 villages makes it into the top 15, you know that someone is distinctly askew with the state of affairs. In face, when *TKP* start climbing up the rankings, there’s probably a butterfly that has flapped its wings once too often. Does it all mean that we’ll be home by Christmas and that I shall spend Boxing Day wallowing in my own decadence rather than ranting about attack breaks? That remains to be seen, as does the possibility of a podium finish.

Anyway, we must make tracks to the nitty-gritty of the stats, though I sense you don’t have to be psychic to tease out the theme of this week:

Shadow vs. SBM

Side 1: 49

Side 2: 0

Shadow vs. Dawn

Side 1: 15

Side 2: 1

Shadow vs. SKULL

Side 1: 83

Side 2: 0

So as we can see, it’s the same story with Shadow’s domination. However, the grim failures of their opponents should not cover a distinctly average week from Shadow. Their total of 330 is far from those of previous weeks, and whilst it may sate their wars, it brings little to convince.

SBM, as the main opponents of Shadow, fail to live up to that title once again. Their disappointing effort makes clear yet again the state of the world, and it is only a shame that with such a low total, this farce will have to continue.

Dawn, having moved into third, manage to make the best of things following last week’s mauling. The conquer against Shadow might not bring it down, but 15-1 is the best any tribe has managed for some time. Activity remains mixed however, and if any of the largest members were to come under attack, we could see that scoreline rise once again.

SKULL take the ignoble mantle of whipping boy this week. Whether their villages are more attractive, or more available, I cannot say, but they have been disproportionately conquered in recent times. 83 villages constitutes a massive proportion of the tribe and one wonders how they will endure much longer.

Overall, despite a poor total, Shadow powers through. Certainly the player count decreases each week and its continent dominance moves into unprecedented levels. It will be interesting to see how their conquers pan out, whether this is a sign of things to come, or the calm before the storm.

In Other News…

  • The endgame sequence is announced on W7
  • The Shadow top 40 reaches 200,000,000 points
  • gerick 6 makes it to 1,000 villages



Ennoble Winner: Shadow (+330)

Ennoble Loser: SKULL (-84)


Ennoble Winner: lord trader (+33)

Ennoble Loser: nckhileman/Joe the ElderĀ (-27)

Top Ten Tribes

1 Shadow 200,934,208 203,931,561 44 4,634,808 20,624 9,888
2 SBM 6,988,377 6,988,377 34 205,541 889 7,861
3 Dawn 3,397,326 3,397,326 36 94,370 442 7,686
4 SKULL 2,210,313 2,210,313 29 76,218 315 7,017
5 [OBL] 1,264,813 1,264,813 37 34,184 179 7,066
6 Dawn-A 435,615 435,615 40 10,890 120 3,630
7 +KN+ 327,743 330,521 59 5,602 103 3,209
8 SAM 226,718 226,718 7 32,388 34 6,668
9 *TKP* 76,467 76,467 2 38,234 18 4,248
10 D.C. 62,831 62,831 12 5,236 22 2,856

Top Ten Players

1 gerick6 Shadow 10,414,411 1,006 10,352
2 Zarin Shadow 10,041,451 992 10,122
3 sstarkey Shadow 8,664,579 874 9,914
4 mikestuntz Shadow 8,458,204 844 10,022
5 lord trader Shadow 7,613,680 770 9,888
6 Deciphered Shadow 7,506,998 728 10,312
7 SusieJean Shadow 7,458,408 754 9,892
8 Mande1992 Shadow 7,335,039 747 9,819
9 foghorn66 Shadow 7,273,232 726 10,018
10 bloatedcherub Shadow 6,863,778 688 9,976

I think that wraps up this week’s foray into the depths of W27. Thank you all for joining me and the best of weeks to you all.