W27: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

October 24, 2010 in World 027 News, World News

So here we are, back like peeping toms to the window of W27 and as my list of metaphors dries up just three weeks into this affair, who can say what lies ahead for this morass of bloggery? Since you have come in search of W27 news, it’s probably only fair that we shed some light on the shadowy happenings of the 27th rock from the sun in whatever crazy solar system this is.We begin oddly enough with the ostensible effects of that distance from the star with the apparent frigidity of conquers left before us. Well, I am still here burning whatever polyhedral candle I have at every end imaginable, and the same player picks up the top nobler of the week for the third time in a row (*curses lord trader*), but we are confronted with a diminishing world and diminishing activity.

No, I’m not scaremongering; that requires exclamation marks. I’d like to think I was hinting that this world could drag its feet while Shadow saunters to victory. That probably suits everyone down to the ground, so without further ado, let’s see what’s occurring behind the scenes:

Shadow vs. SBM

Side 1: 60

Side 2: 1

Shadow vs. Dawn

Side 1: 23

Side 2: 2

Shadow vs. [OBL]

Side 1: 9

Side 2: 0

The first question crossing that mind of yours could well be the whereabouts of SKULL. Well ladies and gentleman, I am very sorry to say that they have left the building, or at least have formed a meagre splinter group by the name of ~R.B~. Following a significant string of conquers against them, they have finally collapsed and given way to others to enter the illustrious top five.

This does of course lead us right onto the newest edition to the stats, a certain [OBL]. From the membership, it looks to be a mix of Dawn and SKULL refugees with one or two others thrown into the mix. It’s rise to fame gives it entry into the stats, and it’s probably a good week judging by most of the scores that are put up on the boards. More observation is no doubt required.

On the other hand, the oldest staple here are back to their usual ways: SBM takes the brunt of things this week and this author suspects that another cluster of them has fallen. Sliding as they do below the 7 mil mark, things are not looking pretty at all in this neck of the woods. The retake might add some colour to the graph, but it’s not going to fix these broken wings.

Our final character is Dawn. It makes two daring conquers against the Shadow behemoth. That’s it really. Right about now any illusory panache fades as this author looks for something meaningful to say. He does remember the days when there were larger players in the tribe, but their demise has left the tribe significantly smaller and less illustrious. It’s losses to Shadow and ones that cannot be afforded.

Back on the other side of the river, things are definitely not rosy in the Shadow camp either. Possibly, that’s because much of the map is blue for them, but partly also because conquers do not even reach the 300 mark this week. Their specious totals against enemies are struggling to hide the fact that many members are simply not pulling their weight. I have seen village gains in other tribes with less zeros.

So, it’s pretty grim and apathetic the world round; no one can really be bothered any more. Whilst that is working magnificently for almost everyone, it presents us with a distinct lack of news.



Ennoble Winner: Shadow (+282)

Ennoble Loser: SBM (-67)


Ennoble Winner: lord trader (+39)

Ennoble Loser: Joe the Elder (-39)

Top Tribes

1 Shadow 203,506,245 206,622,556 44 4,695,967 20,905 9,884
2 SBM 6,642,108 6,642,108 30 221,404 839 7,917
3 Dawn 2,959,650 2,959,650 29 102,057 371 7,977
4 [OBL] 2,726,147 2,737,979 47 58,255 367 7,460
5 +KN+ 332,560 334,142 57 5,862 103 3,244
6 ~R.B~ 315,130 315,130 8 39,391 55 5,730
7 Dawn-A 291,645 291,645 38 7,675 97 3,007
8 SAM 240,051 240,051 6 40,009 34 7,060
9 *TKP* 76,467 76,467 2 38,234 18 4,248
10 Shade 32,807 32,807 8 4,101 14 2,343

Top Players

1 gerick6 Shadow 10,724,582 1,036 10,352
2 Zarin Shadow 10,303,576 1,016 10,141
3 sstarkey Shadow 8,820,092 885 9,966
4 mikestuntz Shadow 8,513,437 849 10,028
5 lord trader Shadow 7,990,288 809 9,877
6 SusieJean Shadow 7,750,674 785 9,873
7 Deciphered Shadow 7,506,998 728 10,312
8 foghorn66 Shadow 7,401,937 738 10,030
9 Mande1992 Shadow 7,335,180 747 9,820
10 bloatedcherub Shadow 6,946,050 700 9,923

I think that wraps up the day; we’re heading towards the world’s anniversary, so that will offer some fodder. Until that time, I think I’ll need more activity from Shadow!