W27: Shadows and Cynicism

October 31, 2010 in World 027 News, World News

What’s that you say? Can it be that a tribe has massive dominance on a world but continues to be overlooked for closure? Must be one of those tricks they speak of on Halloween. Here, have some cheap nobles and scarper you meddling kids.

I’d like to think that the above story is oddly analagous to Halloween in a strange sort of way. I wouldn’t know; I have never been trick or treating, since it probably sets the precedent that teaching children to cover their identities and then threaten or blackmail elderly people for the sake of sweets is worthwhile enough to have an entire day devoted to it.

Might I therefore begin by wishing all a Happy Halloween? There will be tricks and treats in equal measure throughout my usual brand of commentary. Since all are soon to be bloated by the pursuit of all manner of confectionery in ridiculous outfits (shopping to some), let us proceed with the big W27 stories of the week.

Observant, and unobservant viewers alike will have spotted the rather charming W27 banner bedecked in opulent purple. I should like to thank W50’s blogger FrailBeauty for making this, despite the unhelpful vagueness of my brief (i.e. ‘need a banner of some kind’). It would be unfair of me not to point you in the direction of the W50 blog, for she is an excellent writer too.

Try as I might, I could find nothing eerie or exceptionally creepy to address regarding W27 (beyond the picture gallery). However, it’s looking rather nightmarish at present for those opposed to Shadow with a rejuvenation in activity from top players. Candy could come in the form of juicy gossip, but there’s little to be had on the plains of W27 I’m afraid.

Oddly enough, Shadow has a rather inauspicious name (ignoring the rose part) and it just so happens that they arrived at many a village this week. Being the detective kind of bloke I am, I’d hazard that SBM and friends were either conscientiously objecting to the idea of Halloween, or were woefully prepared in terms of candy…or even that this is the same story as every week meagrely cloaked in the flimsy premise of Halloween to add some penurious humour…you should probably start preparing yourself for the Christmas issue.

With my cynicism aside, I’d probably fall over without it as my crutch through life. But hey, how about we get on with some stats?

Shadow vs. SBM

Side 1: 75

Side 2: 3

Shadow vs. [OBL]

Side 1: 55

Side 2: 1

Shadow vs. Dawn

Side 1: 76

Side 2: 1

Well now, I am not sure whether that has ever happened before. Resisting the temptation to make all manner of jokes concerned with asserting that a female previously uttered that exact same phrase, wily viewers might hazard a guess as to that upon which I remark.

It is indeed the fact that every opponent has made conquers against Shadow. I remember no week in which this was the case, and it is ominous that it occurs on the last day of October. What can be the case? Is it truly that the weakness of the border between this world and the next prompts a vigorous counter against the Shadow, something that is probably completely counter-intuitive?

Certainly, SBM miss out, only by the narrowest of margins, on losing the most villages to Shadow. They can also proudly stake that they have taken the most from Shadow; it’s probably a slightly dubious point, but given dark times in the past, who can begrudge them that?

It does reflect a better initiative from Shadow who looked sullen and apathetic last week. Immense losses have been wrought in the SBM camp, including the greatest losses from top players who appear to be under heavy assault. With K37 falling into Shadow hands, only K27 looks safely theirs (K15 may soon fall). 2 continents against 42 is maths anyone can do and it is not a pretty picture for them.

Despite edging out Dawn and moving into third, [OBL] cannot be proud of their week. 55-1 means that they are firmly on the Shadow radar and that there will be no plain sailing for any top tribe. There’s not a lot positive that can come from this; the solitary conquer might be a good point, but it is buried beneath the avalanche.

Dawn suffered the worst week of the lot. The past week has seen the tribe shrink considerably, and the membership continues to be emaciated by Shadow pressure. A return conquer is likewise an empty gesture considering their deficit. It has been the worst of weeks for them and one worthy of the date it seems.

With the combined points of enemy tribes dropping to around the 11 million mark, the largest Shadow players almost find themselves able to match the rest of the world alone. It’s a good week for Shadow whatever the case, and the race to finish by Christmas could well be back on. The prospects are all looking up for them.

In Other News…

  • Shadow has domination in 42/44 continents
  • The race for the top spot is hotting up again – gerick6 holds 1041 villages, and yours truly holds 1040 at the time of going to press



Ennoble Winner: Shadow (+369)

Ennoble Loser: SBM/Dawn (-78)


Ennoble Winner: mikestuntz (+47)

Ennoble Loser: Joe the Elder (-51)

Top Ten Tribes:

1 Shadow 206,393,773 209,711,559 44 4,766,172 21,256 9,866
2 SBM 6,046,536 6,046,536 30 201,551 782 7,732
3 [OBL] 2,667,874 2,674,982 53 50,471 371 7,210
4 Dawn 2,313,828 2,313,828 28 82,637 300 7,713
5 +KN+ 369,631 370,822 58 6,393 107 3,466
6 Dawn-A 259,567 259,567 36 7,210 88 2,950
7 SAM 247,432 247,432 6 41,239 35 7,069
8 ~R.B~ 245,849 245,849 4 61,462 43 5,717
9 *TKP* 57,395 57,395 1 57,395 13 4,415
10 [OBLA] 52,889 52,889 13 4,068 19 2,784

Top Ten Players:

1 gerick6 Shadow 10,784,599 1,041 10,360
2 Zarin Shadow 10,559,846 1,040 10,154
3 sstarkey Shadow 8,923,960 894 9,982
4 mikestuntz Shadow 8,823,130 896 9,847
5 lord trader Shadow 8,213,371 829 9,908
6 SusieJean Shadow 7,851,294 797 9,851
7 foghorn66 Shadow 7,723,501 769 10,044
8 Deciphered Shadow 7,506,998 728 10,312
9 Mande1992 Shadow 7,427,072 749 9,916
10 bloatedcherub Shadow 7,103,134 733 9,690


Top Tribes:

Top Players:

Well I think that wraps me up for this week folks. I hope your celebrations of Halloween will be spent in the best way possible, and that you were not unduly antagonised by the proliferation of goblins, ghouls and ghosts at this time of the year that are otherwise known as children. For all those in the UK at least, I leave you with a thought:

If the world is most likely to be beset by foul creatures on today of all days, why on Earth do we make it last an hour longer?