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August 7, 2009 in Random Thoughts, World 027 News

Good’ay Boys and Girls. It’s time for this week’s rendition of the W27 weekly rag.

This week there have been two important changes within the world; this being the official declaration by the ‘coalition’ and formation of the Reformation tribe.

One For All, and All For One (the saga of a world at war):

As predicted in the last blog post the ‘coalition’ have officially declared war upon Shadow, the tribes Nstlk*, Dstlk*, [IRON], LA-G, TK and FURY have all banded together in an attempt to topple the number one tribe Shadow. This world war has been something which has been in the works for quite some time, and players such as myself called for it 2-3 months ago. Despite a not so professional declarion the tribes have all began a concerted effort to take on Shadow, and although you would expect the coalition to have a huge advantage here is the match up.

Nstlk* – Ranked 2nd – Top 40 = 14 million

TK – Ranked 3rd – Top 40 = 13 million

[IRON] – Ranked 4th – Top 40 = 12 million

LA-G – Ranked 5th – Top 40 = 9 million

FURY – Ranked 8th – Top 40 = 3 million

Dstlk* – Ranked 10th – Top 40 = 1 million

Total = 52 million (240 players)


Shadow – Ranked 1st – Top 40 = 48 million

Although the coalition does have advantage in numbers, and points, its general points per player are much, much, much lower than Shadows. They will also have to deal with communication issues, not being able to support each other, being on the edge of Shadow (who dominates the core) and having no identifiable leader (at least at the moment). Certainly this is an interesting development as the world bands together to try and stop Shadow who look like if they aren’t beaten will easily run through the world unopposed. Now there remains only two tribes undeclared in the war *TKP* and SAM, with these tribes able to either add or relieve pressure on Shadow, they could be important players in the next few weeks political game of chess.

The Birth Of A Tribe:

The other event this week was the creation of the Reformation tribe by a few members of Nstlk* who were fed up with the tribes unwarlike attitude. And have created a small tribe who will fight on their own without the help of other tribes. Currently ranked 8th with the largest average points per player in the world, they have already declared that they will not be joining the coalition, and will be having most of their maps ‘red’. Whether they can make an impact remains to be seen, however one thing is certain, they can’t do worse than Nstlk* has done over the past month.

The World As It Stands:

Attack – Red

Coalition – Blue

REF – Orange

*TKP* – Green

SAM – Pink