W27 Newsery!

August 15, 2009 in World 027 News

Good day TWites

I hope that you’re having a good time out there in TW land. It’s time for another week’s edition of the W27 Blog, I’m sure you’ve all been sat on the edges of your seat waiting in baited anticipation.

Unfortunately it’s been a rather slow news week this week, very few things have happened which have been worth mentioning, however the show must go on.

World Wore Bore:

When the declaration came from the ‘coalition’ that they would stand up united against Shadow; the rallying call went out to their troops to their troops and their leaders decided that they would stand strong against the dominating tribe… Or at least that was the theory, it seems like at the moment the coalition is more a rag tag collection of players than anything substantial.

Now maybe I’m being harsh on them, and yes its true some of the coalition have had success against Shadow (notably IRON), however when you collect most of the world’s top 10 together to try and do something, it really should be doable, however it seems that many of the players from the tribes haven’t been participating against Shadow, which ultimately is at the determent of the cause.

The message the leaders need to convey to their troops is “get your thumbs out of your asses!” however I doubt that this is something that they are able to do. Unfortunately there seems to be little organisation from most of the tribes, leaving it up to individuals to try and take on Shadow on their own with little help or back up. The coalition is far from a spent force, however you have to question how long they can survive in this state of disarray; a casual observer would suggest that they lack any strong leadership that is willing to pull the various parts together, it is only then that they could start to become an effective entity…. However the question remains who (if there is anyone of that ability) is willing to step up to the plate?

Shadowy Alliances?:

It has come to the attention of the author that the tribe ~NW~ has put in motion a plan to attack Dstlk*, the reasons given have been that Dstlk* players have been taking ~NW~ villages, and they want a bit of payback. Although this is not too uncommon what is uncertain is the fact that they have messaged a number of tribes with a message containing this sentence:

“They are currently in war with Shadow so fighting off the joint efforts between all of our allies they have no chance.”

Could it be true that Shadow have begun enlisting the help of other rogue factions in an attempt to quell the coalition?

Everything in Moderation:

It seems that W27 is no longer moderated by Gilestel, and that Gil is no longer a moderator for TW. Although we may have had our differences in the past, I can only admire the time he put into moderating the forum was admirable, and I’d like to whole heartedly thank him for his dedication.

The Reformation:

The biggest news story of last week was the creation of a new tribe ‘The Reformation’, or REF for short. Now I’m not going to prattle on about them too much (as it’s my tribe), however it is yet to be seen what REF is actually all about, in the past week they have taken as many villages from the coalition as that of Shadow. Some questions have been asked about who they are fighting and what their motives are, so far the response has been muted, with replies of “we will fight who we want, when we want”. This along with a seeming lack of diplomacy seems to indicate that REF are indeed a tribe who isn’t following the coalition line, yet their willingness to attack shadow also suggests that they aren’t afraid to mix it up with the big boys. Who or if they will declare allegiance to one of the two sides in this world remains to be seen, however it is quite clear that they are a tribe which will give as good as it gets.