W27: Looks Like We’ll Be Home By Christmas

December 5, 2010 in World 027 News, World News

As the end of W27 looms with all the inevitability of Christmas, I sense this will be my last instalment of the W27 Blog. It means you are more than likely to be spared my Christmas issue and the veritable stocking of cynicism that goes with that. It also means that I get a chance to look back, a little, on the run up to victory and share a little wisdom from the endgame.

The thing that strikes me about the world ending process, and I am sure I am not alone, is that it manages in some ways to go more slowly than expected, and in others to go more quickly. On the one hand, the alacrity with which Shadow seized upon the chance for victory was surprising and impressive. On the other, now that some 40 villages or so remain, things do seem to drag on.

It has much to do, I think, with the fact that most of the nobling power of the tribe cannot be converted into villages. We now await the last few conquers, but it is only a small group who have them claimed, and thus the rest are consigned to nobling barbs or else larking around.

The surplus of resources is extraordinary, but the endgame brings with it an intangible strangeness. Suddenly the dullness of the game shines through and the lack of enemies begins to detract significantly. When there’s no one to noble, it all seems so much less important and worthy of time.

Perhaps the most interesting thing has been watching the reaction of the tribe. There is an unmistakable selfishness that rears its ugly head right as claims become tight; but also a remarkable spirit and resolution to finally finish things. It may not appease those who have worked tirelessly to win the game when they see tribe members spurred into action only after the announcement of the closure of the world, but it has been a pleasure to watch almost the entire tribe at work once again.

One gets almost used to the asymmetry in conquers amidst the tribe and it becomes acceptable. The fact that so much potential is wasted so much of the time reinforces the notion that activity conquers all. It leaves more evidence at the door of what could be accomplished by a tribe where all members were completely active. A tribe of 20, filled with the players who would be the top performers in any tribe could easily outplay a considerably larger, but indolent tribe.

I suppose I am veering off into ground I wished not to tread. If I had to briefly speak of a lesson or two learned in these last weeks, it’s that you firstly have to learn to accept that many people play for many different reasons to many different levels. As a very committed player, you have to realise that not everyone is as focused or competitive. Often it is the dukes who take this hardest, since they are often the most committed. Whilst obvious laziness and inactivity has no place in a tribe, expecting them to work like dogs will only lead to disappointment, bitterness and resentment.

Secondly, it must be said that rewards bring activity, and activity brings rewards. This may sound obvious, as it does when I speak of how the impending closure of the world spurred on activity. Yet, it also applies in the day to day workings of tribes. Set long term goals for players and operations rarely work. It is far more practical to break them down and consolidate smaller rewards into an overarching victory. It is not enough to approach a war and assign each player an enemy, but to set smaller and easier goals (like removing them from a continent or taking ten villages). These are manageable and bring both a reward and an incentive to keep players going, which ultimately allows the war to look after itself.

Finally, I’d say that a well managed counting game keeps people active on the forum and chatting with each other. This is only slightly flippant too! Certainly our version kept its regulars talking as the game became more of a social gathering where each comment was simply numbered. Don’t forget the importance of fun, even just for the sake of fun, and keep people involved with each other

I think we’ll pause there in my musings and pick that up when the world is done. I don’t think war stats will be necessary, though we shall delve into the events of the week a little.

I suppose the first port of call is the rapid demise of all tribes. As I write this, [OBL] and Dawn have 5 villages between them and may well not last the night. SBM does considerably better, holding its 32, mostly due to orvil58 who has put in a commendable effort in being probably the last man standing.

It has been largely efficient and merciless on the part of Shadow. The fall of the cost of nobles has left even tiny villages as viable targets. With most remaining enemy players inactive, Shadow has swept through nicely to tidy up almost everything.

For its part, the lack of targets has left Shadow to branch out into barb nobling. This has caused conquers for the week to increase for them, including a Herculean effort from Mande1992 to grab some 126 villages, including no less than 102 in a single day. Beat that!

As we watch the final continents fall and the world draw to a close, I think we’ll probably see some last minute grabs for points and ranking spots. I’d hate to think that things will drag on into next week, but who knows? Whatever the case, we are just waiting for this to end.

In Other News…

  • 45/48 continents on the updating maps. Technically K27 has since been dominated making 46/48 and more continents exist on the edges, but you get the idea.
  • Mande1992 makes a new record of 126 village conquers in a week.



Ennoble Winner: Shadow (+630)

Ennoble Loser: SBM (-109)


Ennoble Winner: Mande1992 (+126)

Ennoble Loser: the microwave kid (-22)

Top ‘Ten’ Tribes:

1          Shadow            227.098.339    230.782.289    44        5.245.052        23885  9.662

2          SBM    183.855           183.855           21        8.755   30        6.129

3          Dawn   18.425 18.425 19        970      4          4.606

4          [OBL]  1.065   1.065   17        63        1          1.065

5          SUCKS           0          0          1          0          0          0

6          Shit      0          0          1          0          0          0

7          war      0          0          1          0          0          0

8          S-R      0          0          1          0          0          0

9          LOST  0          0          2          0          0          0

10        [OBLA]           0          0          4          0          0          0

Top Ten Players:

1          Zarin    Shadow            12.317.130      1223    10071

2          gerick6 Shadow            12.122.214      1158    10468

3          sstarkey            Shadow            11.063.777      1121    9870

4          mikestuntz        Shadow            10.583.125      1083    9772

5          lord trader        Shadow            10.491.212      1089    9634

6          SusieJean         Shadow            8.939.718        919      9728

7          foghorn66         Shadow            8.828.958        900      9810

8          Mande1992     Shadow            8.495.606        980      8669

9          kfoo     Shadow            8.349.355        834      10011

10        Deciphered       Shadow            8.172.568        810      10090


Top Tribes

Top Players

Well I think that wraps up a final foray into bloggery. It has been immense fun to be a part of the Blog Team and to do the W27 Blog, even for a short time. Whilst trying to underline, centre and put something in bold is unnecessarily complicated, I have enjoyed this new format . I do hope that all have enjoyed my offerings. I wish the best of luck to the rest of the team.

There will be no blog or Weekly as it were next Sunday; I shall simply pull everything together in a final forum post type thing when the world ends, on the W27 forum. For now, I wish all well.