W27: Let the Endgames Begin!

November 7, 2010 in World 027 News, World News

I love the smell of victory in the morning. For those who have inexplicably arrived at this blog, and yet without knowledge that W27 is ending…W27 is ending. With Shadow now in control of some 93% of the player owned villages, something had to be done. Billed as the weirdest and quietest of the .net worlds, it’s no wonder that they let me do the blog, and indeed that there has never been such an interest in the world since its inception.For all those who have journeyed here on the veritable bandwagon of the fact that this world should soon end, let’s fill in the story at the moment. We know that W27 began just under two years ago (anniversary issue to follow next week) and that it was fraught with some rather strange settings. The assignment to a random tribe for the first three months wasn’t exactly the most popular suggestion in the history of the game, and the more preferable W28 stole away many members and left W27 rather small and cosy.

In the months following the end of the tribe lock, a tribe called ATTACK (later: Shadow) would come to dominate the rankings and beat of a series of opponents in various guises. One would have to say that the world was firmly in Shadow hands almost a year ago, but the end has become strung out by the commendable resistance of opponents.

With the slow demise of its enemies, Shadow has grown in the behemoth that it is today. It is fitting that this week, it moved to dominate the top 42 slots in the players rankings; that’s not bad for a tribe of 44. It not stands poised to dominate the world, with only a few plucky players standing the way of absolute victory.

For more on the rise of Shadow, please refer to my world history (when you have a free afternoon) and the editions of the W27 Weekly, as well as the more recent blogs. Without further ado, I think we shall proceed with some maps:

As we can see, the closure of the world is somewhat overdue. With Shadow having recently wrested control of K15 from its opponents, only K27 is yet to be dominated by the warriors of the Black Rose. The concentration of enemies now lingers mainly in the North-East, with Shadow forces now moving decisively in that area to make a considerable number of conquers.

Their closest opponents, SBM, lost over a million points in the week, mostly from top players unlucky enough to come under fire. Other resistive elements fared little better and a significant improvement from the Shadow warriors puts the conclusion of the world in little doubt. As soon as restarts are disabled on Tuesday, expect to see many more continents move towards 100% domination and for many tribes to start shrinking fast.

So how has the week itself progressed? Well, I have alluded to an improvement from Shadow, and probably a welcome one given how many will be watching the fate of the world. Significant enemy losses likewise give away much of the story, so let’s press onwards:

Shadow vs. SBM

Side 1: 163

Side 2:  0

Shadow vs. [OBL]

Side 1: 42

Side 2: 0

Shadow vs. Dawn

Side 1: 74

Side 2: 0

After my defence of the other tribes on the world as plucky, I’d like to say that there was some spirited resistance from them over the course of the week, but the stats tell a very bleak story indeed. There’s not much I can pull out of this, and the figure of 93% dominance from Shadow probably gives away the prevailing story of recent weeks.

Against SBM, it is a monumental week for Shadow. This author cannot actually remember a total against a single opponent that was as high as that. When the largest non-Shadow player is the ennoble loser for the week, you know that something is awry. Indeed the top three players of SBM begot brutal losses and have contributed to a significant proportion of the stats.

There is a distinct lack of positives to be drawn from this, and with the tribe’s points sliding under 5 million, one wonders how much longer they will last. It seems that the previous apathy from Shadow in the North-East has been blown well away.

For [OBL], knowing that you performed best while still losing 42 villages is probably a poisoned chalice if ever there were one. While they failed to reprise no villages in return, some positives can be drawn from their ostensibly high recent activity. Even so, it would appear to be only a matter of time before they come under fire from Shadow; SBM, it seems, cannot be a meat shield forever.

As for Dawn, things go from bad to worse. With significant losses befalling top players, and the fact that they are lapsing well behind [OBL], it does not look like a pretty end at all. The dawn for this tribe has come and gone; one imagines that their zenith has passed and their sunset is imminent.

As for Shadow, it is an excellent week indeed. With conquers back on the rise, the reduction of packet cost (again) and the imminent disposal of many players without the annoyance of restarts, things are well and truly on the way to victory.

So what could possibly befall them to prevent the victory? Well, the time limit is largely irrelevant, since they could do nothing and they would still claim the victory at the end of January.

What about the dissolution of the tribe and an epic civil war? Whilst this has been suggested many times in the past, it has never come to pass. There is no doubt that it would be brutal, but the early warning signs like inflated egos, anarchy, unrest et al have simply not been present. The membership has remained consistent for many months and there have been no obvious internal conflicts.

That leaves the counter of their opponents. I think that it would not be unfair of me to largely discount that as a possibility on the evidence of both the stats and my experience of playing the world. The hurdles may be tougher than Shadow expects, but this author does not conceive of losing militarily.

What then of the future of W27? One way or another, the world will be closed by the end of January. Whether that comes before 2011, or whether we have to wait until the final days, none can say. With recent totals as they are, the decrease in noble price, and the obvious psychological incentive of the endgame, an even greater momentum is entirely plausible and a finish well before the end of December is on the cards. I did hope that we’d all be home by Christmas.

In Other News…

  • I hold the greatest number of villages in the world, bypassing gerick6 (place your bets for the eventual winner).
  • Shadow takes control of K15.



Ennoble Winner: Shadow (+413)

Ennoble Loser: SBM (-168)


Ennoble Winner: kfoo (+48)

Ennoble Loser: WorldTraveler (-35)

Top Ten Tribes:

1          Shadow            209.857.777    213.259.062    44        4.846.797        21657  9.847

2          SBM    4.905.379        4.905.379        30        163.513           637      7.701

3          [OBL]  2.849.540        2.859.301        50        57.186 394      7.257

4          Dawn   1.627.555        1.627.555        28        58.127 234      6.955

5          +KN+  316.524           318.450           63        5.055   97        3.283

6          Dawn-A           207.058           207.058           32        6.471   72        2.876

7          SAM    167.401           167.401           4          41.850 22        7.609

8          S-R      32.964 32.964 1          32.964 4          8.241

9          [OBLA]           20.595 20.595 11        1.872   12        1.716

10        D.C.     16.127 16.127 7          2.304   7          2.304

Top Ten Players:

1          gerick6 Shadow            11.012.399      1067    10321

2          Zarin    Shadow            10.875.387      1072    10145

3          sstarkey            Shadow            9.196.035        922      9974

4          mikestuntz        Shadow            9.141.846        935      9777

5          lord trader        Shadow            8.545.669        859      9948

6          SusieJean         Shadow            8.163.101        827      9871

7          foghorn66         Shadow            7.976.118        793      10058

8          Mande1992     Shadow            7.515.608        762      9863

9          Deciphered       Shadow            7.507.222        728      10312

10        bloatedcherub   Shadow            7.173.901        748      9591

I think that about wraps things up here on a most auspicious of days. I think a Shadow is deserving of a congratulations. I also think that all involved in W27 deserve praise for making the world what is was, is and will be.

Tune in next week for a little bit about W27 two years on. Plus, we’ll see how the endgame is taking shape and whether the momentum of Shadow can be maintained.