W27 Bloggery!: A Distinct Lack Of News.

September 1, 2009 in Random Thoughts, World 027 News

Hello all you TWites.

I do hope that you are well, and haven’t been too disappointed in my late blog. Unfortunately it seems that as time ticks by slowly, this week there has been a distinct lack of news in w27, so much so that I can sum up the world in 3 bullet points!

– The ‘world war’ between Shadow and Most other tribes in the top 10 continues, with Shadow continuing to extend their impressive gain over the rest of the world.

– The Coalition remains leaderless, and seem to be adrift. Unless someone steps up to lead this fight they may be crushed sooner than later.

– REF have remained fairly silent, only having skirmishes with Shadow, with no real commitment being put in by either side (although REF still seem to have better stats against Shadow than some of the tribes that are at war with shadow).

Because there has been a lack of reportable news instead I decided to pen down my thoughts on the state of Tribal Wars. Recently I wrote an article on the state of faking within TW which was intended for this blog (despite getting an early publish in the TW27 weekly), so I hope you enjoy; any comments, criticisms or gripes will be happily taken on board (and mocked!)

The Death of the Fake

Over a couple of conversations over a number of worlds it’s come to my attention that many players no longer really understand what faking really is. A couple of recent attacks against my accounts and some that I sit have shown that faking seems to be almost a lost art.

I was recently asked when setting up a recent attack, why I didn’t just rely on fake scripts to send fakes. This question perplexed me for a while, as I’d never really thought about it seriously, however after a conversation with the player I was able to show him why scripts aren’t particularly great at the job that they are meant to do; it was my realisation with the advent of scripts that have the ability to save us allot of time, many players (especially the newer ones who have grown up exclusively using scripts) don’t really understand what faking players is really meant to do, and that just running a script a couple hundred times doesn’t really provide adequate cover if you are planning on attacking targets with a large amount of nobles and nukes.

The whole idea behind a fake attack is that they are meant to mask attacks that are being sent at a player in an attempt to significantly deter a player from supporting the villages that are the real targets of the planned attack, they do this by confusing a player and hopefully drawing support to other targets, which makes the real target more vulnerable than if the fakes had not been sent. Unfortunately fake scripts do not realistically have this effect. Fake scripts (or at least the ones that I have seen knocking around) choose a random village from a pre-selected set of villages and send a single ram (or whatever troop input that you’ve chosen), while this does up a players attack counter, there is very little else that the attack does; because the attack is an isolated attack and not part of a series, anybody with any amount of experience and nouce will recognise it and either move troops (in case it’s a random nuke) or worse ignore it. Now I’m not saying that fake scripts don’t have their uses, used in conjunction with effective faking, they can add pressure to players and significantly improve the chance of attacks being successful, however their use as the exclusive mode of faking is severely ineffective when it comes to fighting anyone of experience.

Now not all players will do this, newer players who haven’t had the dubious pleasure of being attacked often may panic purely at a swarm of attacks and scream for support to all of their villages purely by seeing a mass of attacks. However if there are experienced heads in the tribe they are often able to calm the player down and show them how to navigate these attacks, analyse what the attacks are, and diagnose what is actually getting attacked by nobles and what actually needs support and what can be ignored. While some players are impervious to this brand of common sense it does help many players see what is there and subsequently navigate the attacks and any subsequent attacks with minimum losses to their village count.

The crooks of the problem is that many players on offense do not really see the need to change the way they attack, often finding that in the early/mid game, that players are that inexperienced that fake scripts are successful, and it isn’t until they come up against someone with a bit of skill (or someone who’s being tutored by someone with a bit of experience) that this ceases to work. This leads to a situation which we have today, where many players no longer understand what faking really should be, because they simply haven’t had to rely on anything more than a fake script and will enough to press it a couple hundred times.

So the question is where does this leave us now? Will there be a situation where real faking slowly fades out as the older worlds wind down, or will this skill slowly permeate the newer worlds as players become more experienced after finding that fake scripts are inadequate? I guess only time will tell.