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August 24, 2009 in World 027 News

Gudday Peeps and Peepettes

I hope all you guys out in TW land have been having a good time whilst you’ve been waiting for your weekly does of w27 news, gossip and my random ramblings which will keep everyone (or no one) amused.

To be honest in a world like ours real news is few and far between, partly because it’s the smallest known world in TW, as well as us all being really quite dull people when it comes down to it!

W27 Speeds Up!

That’s right folks, one of possibly the slowest nobling tribes of the world has finally bit the big one… Our internet space is now free of LA-G (sorry couldn’t help myself). Despite being the butt of many jokes the tribe has been one of the institutions of W27 as it gradually taken form. The former number 2 tribe however was continually blighted by a lack of stable leadership, and a player base which in all honesty lacked any kind of skill or talent save for a few players who were quickly adopted into other tribes.

Although my memory may be sketchy, I will try to give a brief timeline of notable events.

– Formed as soon as the tribe lock was lifted

– Recruited heavily getting a solid base in K44/43 area, as well as a small base in the K75 region.

– Merge with the tribe BAN after BAN were mocked out of existence by prominent forum members.

– Attack (predecessor to Shadow) declare war on LA-G and take out many of their ‘core’ players leaving a sporadic bunch in K34.

– Merge with the predominant K24 tribe (sorry I’ve forgotten their name)

– They win a ‘nobling competition’ against the author of the blog in K34.

– They join the coalition and subsequently re-declare on Shadow (despite technically still being at war).

– LA-G disbands citing a need to consolidate members in other coalition tribes.

World War Snore?!?

As the world war continues to “rage” on the coalition still seems to lack any kind of momentum, only taking 15 Shadow villages in a single week, leaving them with a deficit of 186! However members of the coalition remain defiant suggesting that the coalition will win through. There is two predominant theories how this will happen circulating the boards at the moment.

1)      The prediction that [IRON] will become a force and fulfil the ‘prophecy’ and turn the tide against Shadow.

2)      The coalition will fight on until REF joins them in which REF will be able to fight Shadow on an even footing.

Although these predictions have been made evidence of either coming about at the moment seems unlikely with [IRON] only managing 4 conquers against Shadow, and REF remaining uncommitted to any side (despite taking villages from both sides).

The *TKP* Dilemma:

A question on a number of players lips is what is *TKP* doing. Much has been made of REF not committing to the war however there has been little in the way of communication from the worlds 6th rank tribe of their intentions. As far as I know they have yet to enter any wars in this world (I will stand corrected if they have and its escaped my notice), and as yet are doing fairly little in the way of expanding into other tribes in the area.

Within the last week they have taken 6 coalition villages, is that a sign of things to come or is that just a coincidence and cases of cross nobling? I will leave that for you to decide.

So there you have it, that was the news of the week, you’ve been a great audience and I hope that you remain as enthralled as ever with my blogging…. I’d like to give credit to stampcoin and Yahiko Myojin who have created the banners for the W27 news. Any comments, issues or general gossip you may wish to discuss will always be welcome, until next time.