W27: A Belated Anniversary

November 21, 2010 in World 027 News, World News

Being the man that I am, I probably glossed over the event of last week that was W27’s anniversary with every ounce of nonchalance that my XY chromosome could muster. Honestly, it just completely slipped my mind, what with the world ending and all. Look, I’ll make it up to you.

Nope, it’s not flowers or chocolate or a seemingly irrelevant cuddly dinosaur (or any combination thereof); it’s none other than the World 27 Blog marking two years of events here.

Last week we saw the surge in performance from Shadow that has expedited the closure of this world significantly. With their laudable cohesion and tempered egos, they have withstood any metaphorical orogenesis and have been careful on the morassic path to victory.

One cannot really believe that it has been two whole years since we began here. The tribe lock is not fondly remembered, though it does make me chuckle somewhat. In the last year we have seen the final manoeuvres in Shadow’s rise. Perhaps in 2009 we could not say for sure whether Shadow would claim victory, but the events of the last 12 months have pushed it that way.

We had the war with GR*FM that made Shadow sit up and take a lesson in humility and warfare. In the end, the size of Shadow proved decisive. With that obstacle out of the way, much of the South was pacified and the next 8 months saw the advance in the North. The North-West fell first and the line crept across to the East. As we moved into October, only the North-East remained to resist Shadow. Enemies coalesced for their last stand, but by then, the battle was already lost.

From a historical perspective, I do like to flirt with the idea of a decisive moment when the battle was won for Shadow. A lot of the more pessimistic opinions centre around the formation of Shadow (as opposed to ATTACK) and the merge with ~AOW~. However, I am not convinced by this.

Whilst it may have provided the largest tribe and endowed it with a diverse and experienced membership, that was by no means the end of the story. Many other strong groups of players remained outside and there were definitely other tribes who could have gone on to win had circumstances worked out differently.

I think it is the last year that has shed real light on the endgame. Just as with chess, a lead in material may not be sufficient. An opponent may have eschewed their pieces for subtle positional and tactical advantages that lurk unseen to their adversary. Whilst Shadow may have risen to a dominant place throughout the summer of 2009, plenty of elements existed capable of challenging it.

In those last two months of 2009, we saw the acquisition of a significant number of *TKP* players, effectively guaranteeing Shadow for the long game and eliminating an opponent, whilst the war with GR*FM/FOME also removed a tough adversary.

I think that this was the time that Shadow came to really set itself up as a world-ending entity. Had other tribes been more aggressive and better coordinated, a more effective repeat of the Coalition might have unsettled Shadow. As it was, tribes came singly and whilst in some cases they acquitted themselves admirably, the asymmetry of the conflict was too great.

For much of the last year then, we have been watching the pieces fall into place. The conflict with SBM has been the main story for months and has charted the slow destruction of resistance. In many ways, things have coasted by on some sort of autopilot. Shadow has, after all, made no wily manoeuvres per se, but merely dismantled enemies calmly and efficiently. With fewer pieces in play, any hope for pulling something dramatic out of the hat has dwindled.

That has been much of the story up to here. Perhaps when I finally compose the history, I shall divide it into acts. With the closure of the world, we have entered the final act, and the inexorable conclusion seems to draw ever closer.

So we come to the week that has gone by. We all remember the surge from Shadow last week, surprising even to this author. Let us see how they have fared this week:

Shadow vs. SBM

Side 1: 154

Side 2: 2

Shadow vs. [OBL]

Side 1: 132

Side 2: 0

Shadow vs. Dawn

Side 1: 87

Side 2: 0

I shall admit that I was yet again surprised by the totals. With such a small number of enemy villages left, it is an impressive feat of coordination to locate and conquer so many enemy villages. Then again, with packet costs down so low, there are probably nobles all over the place. It’s really not good if you are the type of player who hates to leave nobles sitting around.

SBM yet again take the largest fall, but do at least boast some conquers. After the nightmare last week, things have improved, but their points have dropped to an embarrassing new low and continue to fall as the days go by. Going to the top of their rankings seems to advertise you as a target. Yet, such a thing in unavoidable when all above are being crushed.

[OBL] suffer the greatest fall of the three. With their very own Fullcircle the only player standing between Shadow and a complete dominance of the top 44 ranking spots, he was bound to go. Without him, [OBL] will be very meagre indeed.

Dawn yet again manage to lose an exceptional number of villages given their size, dropping now, as they do, into double figures for their village number. It is a sad day indeed for them, and one that leaves little doubt as to their fate.

Shadow yet again race towards the finish with another vast sum of conquers. The number of enemy players dips tantalisingly close to the 100 mark and another fall in the cost of nobles means no shortage of resources. Whilst it might be a little ambitious to hope for a November finish, this author doesn’t seem things lasting far into December. A world won in just over two years – beat that!

In Other News…

  • Packet costs went down again to a mere 15%
  • Shadow has 100% dominance in 29 continents; its lowest is 72.5 (K26)



Ennoble Winner: Shadow (+604)

Ennoble Loser: SBM (-159)


Ennoble Winner: kfoo (+67)

Ennoble Loser: Fullcircle (-55)

Top Ten Tribes:

1          Shadow            219.021.818    222.551.409    44        5.057.987        22846  9.741

2          SBM    1.454.133        1.454.133        22        66.097 204      7.128

3          [OBL]  1.117.127        1.117.127        35        31.918 177      6.311

4          Dawn   577.537           577.537           24        24.064 98        5.893

5          S-R      91.547 91.547 1          91.547 10        9.155

6          Dawn-A           64.358 64.358 13        4.951   15        4.291

7          +KN+  48.689 48.689 52        936      18        2.705

8          LOST  14.131 14.131 5          2.826   7          2.019

9          SAM    6.433   6.433   1          6.433   1          6.433

10        spock   1.475   1.475   1          1.475   1          1.475

Top Ten Players:

1          Zarin    Shadow            11.671.959      1150    10150

2          gerick6 Shadow            11.327.003      1101    10288

3          mikestuntz        Shadow            9.904.118        1014    9767

4          sstarkey            Shadow            9.754.384        981      9943

5          lord trader        Shadow            9.417.534        965      9759

6          SusieJean         Shadow            8.541.200        871      9806

7          kfoo     Shadow            8.205.937        817      10044

8          foghorn66         Shadow            8.199.198        825      9938

9          Deciphered       Shadow            8.172.576        810      10090

10        Mande1992     Shadow            7.995.842        833      9599


Top Tribes:

Top Players:

I think that’s all I’ll be saying for this week. It doesn’t look like I’ll be doing this for much longer.