W26 News Christmas Special

December 24, 2010 in World 026 News

Christmas Special

Hello audience of World 26 .

This is just a short blog issue . This blog features a few maps and an interview with Biccy leader Mikebiscuit.

Mike interview

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World map

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Overall, here is the world map of w26. At the moment, there are 79 continents with over 1million tribal dominance. Clear own 46 of these, however, have only recorded one with 100% tribal dominance. This is K66. This records at just under 60% (58%) of these continents currently have the majority as Clear.

Nomad Family are the next big tribe with 26 of the remaining continents mostly being the rim continents. This records at just over 30% (33%) of the world is owned by Nomad Family.

Risen are the next biggest tribe with 5 altogether mostly where the old T4h was. They own just over 5% (6%).

The final two , Dune and T.O.G (a tribe that split from Clear!) own 1 continent each. They both hold just over 1% each.

Note: Figures have been rounded up and down to keep light reading hence why it does not add upto 100%.

Conquer map Last 90 days


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This shows that Clear have nobled alot more than their enemies even with Nomad etc having more players. It does show though , Nomad Family are still nobling and havent given up. K31 deserves a significant mention since alot of Clear noblings have gone on here.

We also see Risen just nobling to solidify clusters against Clear it seems with both Nomad and Clear! nobling against eachother in the rim continents.

Will the turn of the new year bring up new challenges for Clear just like T4h faced.

Only time will tell.

That is all from me.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .