W25 Weekly Blog, #8

July 7, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 025 News, World News

Well it’s a week on from “The Day the World Changed”, the day Morph merged into QCK and 5 players from TDR moved into SubV, effectively ending the two major wars of this world. The World has yet to see a response from PACK on these recent changes, but I am sure we will soon.

We have a great interview with Chende9 from Pack this week.

With not much going on in the world this week and with no wars, this issue will not be as long and as detailed as it usually is, and for that I apologise hopefully next week we will have better things to discuss. This week I have given a statistical Top 5 analysis which I hope comes across fair to everyone, I also have collected the results from the thoughts thread and see who has come out on top in which category.

Moe’s Summary of the Week!

Moe is still being lazy and having a fun time in South Africa so still no word from him


With the deletion of Ricky and Sea it has left a lot of barbs across the map, will the eating of these barbs cause conflicts? also SubV have recruited 2 more TDR members which are Slick and lnlsban, giving SubV 2 more continents.

So with not much to talk about I will be doing a Top 5 Breakdown


SubV have held the rank 1 spot for a long time now (since 05th June 2009), They took top spot during the INH war with the remerge of HCG. SubV has always been a fighting Tribe they took down two number 1 tribes such as WHNC and INH, after the INH war they have continued their fighting aggression and have knocked out NNT, STK, VR and most recently TDR. They also finished the Pack scuffle with Positive stats. They Currently have top domination in 47 of the continents and 17 out of the top 20 players are in SubV.

Avg. Points: 9.796.070

Members: 66

Total Villages: 64828

Tribal ODA: 3.966,75 Mio.


Pack took the rank 2 spot on the  01st February 2010, (Unfortunately I cannot go deep into Packs history as all the Pack members I know are too busy or just don’t want to talk to me) They banded together with Otori and HoG to take out nme and AuskillaD and their friends. From my memory they beat Inc. Who then merged into ADHD who then went to war with Pack, they finished with negative stats but then they still won the war, they also beat ChAos after recruiting half the members. They then stayed out of the INH/ SubV war until the very end once INH was beaten and then they took SubV’s side, after a disagreement over the end of the INH war they then declared on SubV, after several months of war a Nap was agreed but they also ended that war with negative stats.

Avg. Points: 5.176.060

Members: 84

Total Villages: 44685

Tribal ODA: 2.025,75 Mio..


The recently re named ~QCK~, has taken in the Morph members and seems to have secured a number of Continents. QCK was SubV’s Academy and was doing it proud with the take down of 3 tribes, Faith, NWA, -F- (Fam), with its new members it looks certain to play a role in the Upcoming Pack/ SubV war, will it help or hinder SubV the critics are out on both sides, only time will tell, let’s keep an eye on their personal Stats against Pack. They currently control 8 continents.

Avg. Points: 3.740.955

Members: 50

Total Villages: 19089

Tribal ODA: 267, 17 Mio.


SFM are Allies with both SubV and Pack and will most likely stay out of the Upcoming war, with only interacting on a friendly basis. They are the oldest Tribe in World 25 history and have held their continents for over a year now. They currently are the dominating tribe in 5 continents and are the most spread out Top 5 Tribe.

Avg. Points: 2.035.221

Members: 59

Total Villages: 12534

Tribal ODA: 651, 56 Mio.


BoB are described as the dark horses in this world they may still have an important role left to play in this world; they have yet to choose a side in the Upcoming SubV Vs Pack war. So which side they choose could change this world. They are so far untested in combat bar a few scuffles here and there with SubV and Pack and other Tribes. BoB currently control the top right hand corner of the map holding 6 continents.

Avg. Points: 1.076.852

Members: 92

Total Villages: 11197

Tribal ODA: 239, 24 Mio

Thoughts Section!

This is only a joke section on the forum and peoples personal opinions, I have decided to put everybody’s together and seeing who got the most votes for each section.

Most Feared Player: (1)Uk Patriot (2) Nme..nme (3) Princess Di

Your Favourite Player(s): (1) Penthesilia (2) Alexmichie (3)Uk Patriot/Immunesoul

Most Disliked Player(s): (1) ArmandMalta (2) AuskillaD (3) Uk Patriot

Most Promising Non Top 40 player(s): Nobody was mentioned twice and there was far too many to list them all

Your Favourite Tribe: (1) SubV (2) Pack (3) INH/TDR

Least Liked Tribe: (1)SubV/TDR (2) ChAos (3) T.C.

Most Promising Non Top 5 Tribe: (1)=BoB= (2) ~QCK~ (3) Sotd

Best Leader: (1)Uk Patriot (2) The Intimadater (3) Superwief

Worst Leader: (1) Superwief (2) pippek (3) AuskillaD

Most Entertaining P&P poster: (1) Loststryk (2) Uk Patriot (3) Alexmichie

Worst Forum Personality: ArmandMalta/Hannibal/Loststryk

Best Tribe Representation: (1) SubV (2) INH (3) TDR

Best Thread Thus Far (provide links if you can): (1)Updating maps(2) Blog (3) countdown

Most Experierienced/Skilled player: (1)Nme…nme/Ukpatriot (3) Princess Di

Most Strategic player: (1)Penthesilia (2) Uk Patriot (3) Jg4088

Most Underestimated player: Razzds, liquidator, skipper, Lord AJ, secksay

Most Overestimated player: (1) Ricky357 (2) Nme…nme (3) AuskillaD/UK Patriot

Most valuable player (to their tribe): Uk Patriot to INH. Superwief to Pack. Alexmichie to SubV

Most Accomplished in W25: (1)Nme…nme/Jg4088 (2) Uk Patriot

Most Dedicated: (1) Loststryk (2) Uk patriot (3) Princess Di

Most Popular: (1) Alexmichie/Uk Patriot (2) Moe (3) AuskillaD

Most Resilient (can withstand pressure): (1)Princess Di (2) Shawn (3) Penthesilia

Strongest Offensively: (1) Uk Patriot (2) Nme…nme (3) Raging Panda

Strongest Defensively: (1) Princess Di (2) Penthesilia (3) Nme…nme/ JFSmith


Alex: Introduce yourself to us.

Chende9: My name is Chris Hendershot … I am 34 years old … I live in Gainesville Georgia USA.

Alex: How long have you been playing TW? W25? And what other worlds have you played?

Chende9:  I have been playing TW for almost 4 years straight … started on world 9 … got rimmed lol and chose this world to make my new home.

Alex: Can you give us an idea of your w25 history? (Past tribes, etc).

Chende9:  I started in k14 and the 1st real tribe I was in was twrt which later changed to inc. under feverpitch’s leadership … we decided to war pack and had very lil success due to their amazing support … so we merged with ADHD who was all but falling apart with lil to no leadership … ADHD disbanded so we went to chaos believing that nme had our best interests at heart … then nme aka grant and fearn played the whole tribe and threw us all under the bus by declaring on pack so he could take a few bases that were in his area … so we in turn betrayed him and joined pack … who was the best tribe I have seen to date at the time as far as sending support … when VR had a mass op on me after I was weak from fighting Grievas I actually had to tell people to please stop sending support lol … that’s when I made my decision to stand by pack and help out in a leadership role which I swore i would never do again after world 9 due to it taking up to much time and I’ve been with them ever since :)

Alex: Where do you think Pack made the decisions which left them in the situation they are now in?

Chende9:  I’d say our 1st mistake was backing SubV instead of INH Uk patriot was right about SubV and I wish I would have listened … but that’s just the 1st of many mistakes made by pack … including agreeing to a nap with SubV and not backing TDR when we should have … but the list goes on and on lol

Alex: What would you have done differently in this world?

Chende9:  I would have sided with INH for one thing and never ever ever have backed SubV … i have regretted that decision since the INH merge … we thought that since we backed SubV that would be taken into consideration in all future actions by SubV but that was the biggest mistake in packs history and a series of others as I explained above have left us in this situation.

Alex: How do you think Pack will cope in the Upcoming SubV- Pack war which has been inevitable for some time?

Chende9: As always pack will do its best but with SubV merging with TDR and Morph merging with QCK the hope for a better world 25 without SubV is fading fast … I think TW is like a chess match and with the recent moves by SubV leadership id sum it up in one word … Checkmate.

Alex: Do you regret not joining TDR as a member or With them as TDR and Pack take on SubV?

Chende9: More than you know lol … I actually stayed in pack to avoid warring pack as I knew that Nikki and super hated each other so much that a war with pack would have been inevitable if I had not stayed to keep the peace between our tribes … and then SubV would have simply stepped in afterwards to clean up what was left … I tried to get super to see my side and back tar when the war started but with so much bad blood between TDR and Pack I was fighting a losing battle … the only reason an alliance was ever formed is because of me but unfortunately with no one in Pack really wanting an alliance with TDR it was not honoured and was there just for show … even though it was the right move to form an alliance with TDR and fight SubV with them this never happened … I am only one person and couldn’t seem to change people’s minds … I should have taken pack when it was offered to me and sent us in a new direction but I didn’t want to betray super like that as she is the same as me with her life invested in pack … however misguided super has been I will say this … no one has more love for pack than superwief.

Alex: Other players- best attacker, Best Defender, Best Politician, funniest player and most annoying?

Chende9:  id say best attacker is hannibal from SubV with a close second going to alexmichie ;) … best defender hands down is Nikki aka Penesthelia … best I’ve seen in my TW history … best politician is probably going to have to be randy aka The Intimidator for his tactics in leading SubV to the tribe they are now … however underhanded they have been he has done very well in leading SubV to the tribe they are today … funniest player is a tossup between ricky357 for thinking he could survive and play both sides and dixie and gouge for their comments in the few times I talked to them on mic … most annoying player in world 25 hands down was nme due to his lack of caring about anyone but himself with a really close second going to Uk patriot for his role in the INH war and for his many actions against pack after he wussed out and joined SubV :P

Alex: Any Predictions for this world? And who do you think will win the World?

Chende9:  I’d say this world is going to make TW history to be sure with being the 1st world to be restarted due to it being too one sided … SubV have most of the good players left in this world due to recruiting mainly and there is lil hope in pack being able to withstand SubV once they attack.

Alex: Favourite things aside from TW.

Chende9:  Texas holdem … I play 3 times a week at the local bars and host a cash game every other weekend

Alex: Moe or Alex?

Chende9:  I like both but if i had to choose … Alex all the way :D:D:D

Milestone Corner.

This is for the recent milestones of the world just a little congratulation’s to certain people in the world for their recent efforts. So far we are thinking about anyone who has just turned 10 million as we feel this is a good standard to get to and worth a bigger than usual acknowledgment and people who just got 100 million ODA and then top nobler of the week plus anything you can think of, I will add if it is relevant.

The first congratulations to people who have reach 10 million recently are;

Nobody made 10 million this week.

And the Hitters of the Week are;

And no knew hitters of the week

Top Tribes- From the last 7 days Conquered Villages

1 SubV 1300

2 PACK 875

3 SubV2 466

4 =BoB= 442

5 SFM 402

Top Players-From the last 7 Days Conquered Villages

1 secksay 118

2 naga162 102

3 loststryk 97

4 DipsyDixie 79

5 bernard 2485 74