W25 Weekly Blog, #8

July 14, 2010 in World 025 News, World News

Wow and the War the whole world was expecting and wanting to see has finally arrived!

Now in this issue we will look at the conclusion of the SubV Vs Pack Round 1. We will also look at the maps and break down the front line Continents. We also have an Amazing Interview with DipsyDixie and Gougework1. We also have the return of Moe’s summary of the Week.

Moe’s Summary of the Week!

Soo a month has passed on this world and lots have changed. First of all TDR have been destroyed and the strongest have merged into SubV. Second of all it seems that the PACK and SubV’s Talks did not work out because I came back to a war on our hands. It is a sad day indeed but I guess since we are the only two tribes left on the world that it would make sense that war would be on the table of discussions. Both tribes are strong and both tribes have key players. It can not be said for certain that Subv will win because this will be a very long war. and with long wars comes inactivity. So in all reality it is a battle of activity rather than players. Now third of all lots of you know that I am on vacation, and still am on vacation. Watched the whole world cup and it was all great. The final match was amazing and to tell you the truth it was a shame to see that the Netherlands lost. Also some of you might think that since I am on vacation that i will be an easy target :) well by all means try because I know this will be fun. I want to thank Alex on doing a great job on the previous blogs. I also i want to wish the members of Otori in PACK the best of luck and superwief keep up the good work. As for now may the best side win and god bless you all.


There is no new changes in the map this year, except for B-RAN rejoining Pack, which fills up the huge hole that was in K33

Now to Kick Off this week’s Blog, we start with a look back at End of the First SubV/ Pack War.

As we can see SubV quite clearly dominated first time around. This time the frontline is a lot bigger;

Pack will be facing SubV in; K2,K20,K31,K14,K25,K35,K45,K26,K27,K17,K44,K54,K43K52

And they will face SubV2 in: K15,K51,K40

Now can even Packs awesome stacking skills be able to cover all of these or will SubV rack up another Victory over a Top Tribe.

Next week we will have the return of the war stats, we will have the top 15 noblers, we will have a conquer map and an update on the war. If you have any other suggestions just let me know.


Now onto what was My Favourite interview and certainly the funniest one I have done.

Alex: Introduce yourself to us.

Dixie Normus: Good Evening I am DipsyDixie and…you’re not.

StacyRect: I am gougework1, and I like it:)

Alex: How long have you been playing TW? W25? And what other worlds have you played?

Dixie Normus: I think W25 for about a year and half, We took 2 months off and came back about 8 weeks ago, I started TW about a month or two before gouge.  I had to talk him into playing.  I started on W2.  Gouge started W1

We played W3 in Cult, In W4 we met the very funny Muad Dib. I think we were in a tribe called DBD together. We played various other worlds; it is blur (I am old).

StacyRect: I have been playing w25 for a year and half, same as Dixie, we always play together, so when he plays I play, I started world 25 in the PACK tribe under the name StacyRect, when the gougework1 account became available I took it back in Feb 09, and the fun began.

Alex: Can you give us an idea of your w25 history? (Past tribes, etc).

Dixie: This will be funny to some… we started W25 and decided to tell everyone we were sisters. This worked amazingly well. Other players were very nice to us and the mail we got made us piss our pants with laughter. When we would later have a personal rift with Bishop he told everyone our little secret and our joke was exposed. Some found it funny, some were angry. I started in K38, Gouge was out there, in the sticks, on the other side of the world in some tribe name Pack. Fortunately I ended up close to Muad Dib. He is an old friend from W4. Muad already had many villages so we were able to nourish my new villages and place me in a tribe with him named Spooner. Within a couple of months I was doing well with a small handful of villages. SPQR, a smaller but more aggressive tribe, chose to war us. They quickly caused our Duke to quit which naturally caused problems for Spooner. Two players within SPQR Jim.Lane and XxBishopxX had fought and impressed gouge in another world and gouge counciled me to contact them. I and several of the best members of the soon to be disbanded Spooner joined SPQR. Shortly after we engaged Requiem in a war. I was also promoted to the council as Recruiter at this time.
In the meantime gouge had been growing quite well over in his K. We desperately wanted to get next to each other though, and it was going to be difficult on this world. Then an opportunity presented itself. The gougework1 account became available so a new gougework1 was born. Now we were within 1k of each-other, we were both on the council, and had a hot war we could engage in. It was really a fun time. We started working closely with Jim and Bishop. When requiem lost we took on a handful of their players I thought were worthwhile. I would end up being very right about some and horrifically wrong about others. After that I think we fought WHNC. I remember attacking 44ever back then and taking a lot of his villages but I do not recall the circumstances. Jim, Bishop, Gouge, and I were firing on all cylinders back then I don’t think anyone could have stopped us. But real life can and often does.

Jim, who was the Duke at the time, had an issue that took him away from the game. It appeared as if he would not be coming back at all. For a month I participated in perpetuating a fraud on the members of SubV by allowing them to believe their Duke was still active and in charge when he was not and we did not know if he was ever coming back. At the time we were engaged in a war with an enemy that was shooting back. I thought I was doing the right thing later I would come to doubt that decision.
For reasons, that I think are not fair to get into while bishop isn’t here to tell his side, our relationship soured in a very poisonous way. During this time we decided we needed a real living duke. Due to the relationship breakdown we did not think any of the three of us should run SubV. Instead we elected a promising new council member, The Intimadater , to the position.

Sadly blood was bad in the council and I am responsible for a portion of it. Several of us made the decision to remove Bishop from the game. At the last moment gougework pulled the plug on the entire thing. He felt it would hurt SubV and that many of the issues were between him and Bishop so perhaps there was a way other than removal. Jim made a sudden return back and we were very happy about that. It was not enough to heal the wounds though. Bad feelings and betrayal were occurring in the council while trying to fight a magnificent tribe named INH. We thought we’d try another Duke because we felt the previous Duke we installed had betrayed us and he thought we had lied to him. That is when Satinzz became Duke of SubV. She held that title for less than 2 minutes before she resigned. :) I guess she cracked under the pressure. Gouge, Muad and I were removed from the council. Understandably so, there was so much acrimony at that point the council simply could not exist as it was and be effective in any way. The anger levels were high between us and the leadership at that point so we ended up needing to form our own tribe, HCG to get away from the situation. We did not know how it would turn out or if SubV would attack us immediately. They did not so we went on to a war of our own. I got to pick many of the players that came into that tribe. I really enjoyed HCG and was sad when it was over.

Alex: How did HCG end and what caused the Re-merge into SubV?

Dixie Normus: Bishop attacked Muad, who was our Duke while we had a Nap with SubV. It was at the point we decided we had no choice but to take out SubV and most specifically Bishop. We prepared to do exactly that and made contact with INH, at the same time we opened negotiations with SubV for a possible merge, this was intended to be a ruse but then two of our best hitters, including the Duke of the tribe were banned from the game. Our Duke for the first few days was telling us he would not return and I needed those two hitters if I was going to take on the experienced players of SubV. Gouge and I could handle Jim and Bishop but beyond that we weren’t sure, our next two hitters in line were Ricky and Seaward I was not confident Ricky would be stable under pressure and there was no doubt we would receive it. This is the only time in the game where things got a little heated between gouge and I. I still wanted to fight SubV; Gouge thought it was best to merge, gouge was right but I was passionate, the best thing at that point for the tribe was to merge into SubV so DI and later Muad could get their villages back. Jim and bishop made the condition that we work with them again against INH and we made the condition that the entire tribe be invited in, we both agreed and it was done. We went on to fight INH and end that war with a merge. I was done, just burned out on the game, bothered by the way some relationships had gone. Gouge and I told our closest people we needed two weeks off and set the sitters. 2 weeks turned into 4 weeks which turned into 2 or 3 months. Gouge needed to come back. I think maybe I wanted to but I kept saying I didn’t. We came back to a different world. I had lost a few million points, TDR and SubV were nobling both of us, Bishop and Jim were gone. We did not know what to expect upon our were return. We did know we had always had a policy of returning the favor to anyone that nobled a village off of us. SubV leadership ended up being very nice to us and seemed genuinely grateful that we had returned. They were so good to us that our feelings about the tribe were dramatically turned around. I realized I have a soft spot for the tribe and want to see them here at the end of it all. We decided to take on TDR in K46 first and I guess that leads us on up to present day.

Alex: How do you think Pack will cope in the Upcoming SubV- Pack war which has been inevitable for some time?

StacyRect: SubV will win, and yes I am looking forward to the war

Dixie Normus: I look forward to all wars.  I know fighting Pack is personal for some in my tribe but for me it is just another piece that must be taken on the map.  I do not know how the war will go.  Before a big fight I always put myself in the enemy’s shoes and figure out how I would play it if I were them.  Pack definitely has some opportunities.  They are going to have to fight with zero errors.  I believe SubV has the most opportunities and can afford to make mistakes.  I just hope it’s not a fight and then merge situation though.

Gouge wants his old Pack villages back, if you are the person who holds them it would be nice if you just return them.  Please do not make us unilaterally engage in a repossesion effort against you because there will be penalties attached

Alex: Do you think you will stay to the end of the world?

StacyRect says: Why did someone say we couldn’t finish the game? I want names!

Dixie Normus: I think we may.  I did not want to come back at all.  I told gouge if I ever did then I wanted to try and win.

Alex: Other players- best attacker, Best Defender, Best Politician, funniest player and most annoying?

StacyRect: Attacker dispydixie and gougework1, Defender Princess Di, Politician. Whoever in TDR that got SubV to stop attacking them, Funny person,, Dixie makes me laugh Annoying..Anyone that does not do what I want them to do.

Dixie Normus: Best Attacker: Gougework1, Best Defender The lovely and gracious Princess Di, Best Politician: U.K.  Funniest Player: you can’t read half of what he writes but it’s got to be funny, Muad Dib Most Annoying: ISMAniatico

Alex: Favourite things aside from TW.

Dixie Normus says: My family, marijuana, and porn

StacyRect says: smoking cannabis

Alex: last words for World 25

Dixie Normus: I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather.. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car

StacyRect:  Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

Alex: Moe or Alex?

Dixie Normus says: Alex, because you sure do have a purty mouth

StacyRect says: Moe never talks to me; I don’t like that, So you are the man Alex

Milestone Corner.

This is for the recent milestones of the world just a little congratulation’s to certain people in the world for their recent efforts. So far we are thinking about anyone who has just turned 10 million as we feel this is a good standard to get to and worth a bigger than usual acknowledgment and people who just got 100 million ODA and then top nobler of the week plus anything you can think of, I will add if it is relevant.

The first congratulations to people who have reach 10 million recently are;






A Really Big well done!

And the Hitters of the Week are;


Well Done!

Top Tribes- From the last 7 days Conquered Villages

1          SubV               1451

2          PACK             809

3          SFM                572

4          =BoB=                        498

5          SubV2             447

Top Players-From the last 7 Days Conquered Villages

1          Dysterious       78

2          jessieb666        67

3          alexmichie       62

4          gougework1    62

5          mallythomo     60