W25 Weekly Blog, #5

June 15, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 025 News, World News

Welcome everyone to your 5th World 25 Blog, There are no major changes in the world this week, SubV and TDR are still at war and Pack and Morph are as well. The smaller wars are also still in progress and we will be analysing all these later in the Blog.

As you can see the New Banner is up and I hope you all like it and I am sorry for everyone who did not get their banner chosen they were all very popular and it was a close call in the end. We also have an Interview with DJ Pyro and he will be talking all things =BoB= and giving his insight into world 25, next’s weeks guest will be the new number one razdds2, so if you have any questions you want him to ask just mail me and ask!

Moe’s Summary of the Week!

Since Moe is still on holiday and is being Lazy we have No summary this week.


Well as you can see there is now hole in K33 with the departure of B-Ran from TDR, also Subv’s Dominance in K35 and K36 is growing daily. TWG in the bottom right corner seems to have disbanded, they seem to be the only main changes on the map this week. My prediction is either B-Ran will rejoin TDR as he has before or Pack will start feeding on him in K33.

First up is the Recent Wars Section.

Obviously we are going to start with the SubV Vs TDR war, (SubV are first as they declared and alphabetically) now first are the stats. Note all stats are taken from the day before on the Sunday.

SubV seem to have continued their current domination, is it too late for TDR or do people see a comeback on the horizon? Let me know your thoughts.

SubV have continued to push deep into k35/36, TDR seem to have been removed from k31 and k46, fighting is still fierce in k37, TDR still seem to be pushing SubV back in k27 but SubV are winning in k28 this could form a very strong and interesting frontline in a month or so.

Now on to the Top Noblers in the SubV Vs TDR War.

  1. slick94153-TDR= 187
  2. Alexmichie-SubV= 146
  3. DipsyDixie – SubV= 114
  4. gougework1-SubV= 106
  5. Hero Boom-SubV=  103
  6. Penthesilia –TDR= 95
  7. Moe/ hanibalI-SubV= 90
  8. Princess Di -SubV= 84
  9. The Intimadater– SubV= 64
  10. naga162 –TDR= 60
  11. loststryk –TDR= 59
  12. ISMAniatico– SubV= 51
  13. Chapyri -SubV= 45
  14. Immunesoul– SubV=  41
  15. Realistica-SubV=  43
  16. Merabgeo- TDR = 39
  17. Lord A J Quinn– SubV= 38
  18. SilkSword- SubV= 35
  19. Uk Patriot – SubV = 32
  20. ddawg1981-SubV=  29

The SubV members seem to be fully rolling now, gouge and Dixie seem to be getting stronger and stronger, but merabgeo seems to be fighting back and is new to the list.

Pack Vs Morph

Now onto the Pack Morph war, and let’s see what’s going on with the other major powers of this world. I will be taking the stats from back when the war started unofficially not when it became official as both sides prefer that, the date of that is 11th Apr 2010.

Well Pack has had a good week, but this war is still close, will Pack’s numbers overwhelm Morph or will Morphs Unity break through.

Well this war is still scattered and no definite frontlines have been drawn up yet, so let’s see how it turns out in a few weeks.

Top 15 Noblers

  1. Billsmith –Morph=51
  2. Heavenly hell –Morph=50
  3. CouchyNZ–Morph= 43
  4. Phillhoskin –Morph = 42
  5. red.scouser –Pack =40
  6. mystic2004 – Pack = 32
  7. coopes –Pack =30
  8. African A –Morph=27
  9. glassman6419 –Pack= 20
  10. Mjborch1–Morph= 19
  11. killardan – Pack = 18
  12. xcomputerx –Morph=18
  13. tormos11- Pack= 16
  14. gelime – Morph = 11
  15. 3rrflondon–Pack =8

So Morph still Dominate the Top Noblers list, but there is a improvement on both sides, Pack seem to be running an op on gelime, which is looking very successful.


Last Week—SFM= 11     TDR= 0

Last Month—SFM =39   TDR=69

Since Declaration (6th of May 2010) – SFM = 46   TDR= 92

A good week for SFM who seem intent on removing TDR from k31/41 and k0 will TDR fight back next week?

I have also been informed of a smaller Rim battle going on between OTL and –TIF-;

Last Week—OTL= 94      -TIF- = 13

Last Month—OTL= 177  -TIF-= 31

This has only been going less than a month, so I will keep an eye on it, if it turns into OTL just eating –TIF- then it will be dropped as that is not a proper war.


Alex: Introduce yourself to us.

DJ: Hi I am Kevin (Dj Pyro) 28 Leader of =BoB=

Alex: How long have you been playing TW? W25? And what other worlds have you played?

DJ: I came across tribal wars by chance one night and I have now been playing tribal wars since 2008-11-25 17:21:04, I have tried other worlds but none match up to W25 am on 50 at the mo and hp but not really got time for it

Alex: Can you give us an idea of your w25 history? (Past tribes, etc)

DJ: My first village back in the day I lived in the SW area of k77 is where I found my home and my tribe =Bob= (originally formed by Mathasbazai) was quick to learn from being rimmed early in the game hence why we are now a NE tribe and have meet some wonderful people! Have only ever really been a =BoB= member bar a day here and a day there to sort stuff out.

Alex: So you helped create =BoB=? What was the Original idea and what is the Idea now?

DJ: =BoB= was formed by Mathasbazai i was I think the 15th member to join the tribe, when BW split and formed -FA- that was the downfall of =BoB= in the SW of W25 after our war with Reqium by the time this happened I had moved many =BoB= members to k28 Mathasbazai finished his time on W25 there in the SW and I took over as the new chief of =BoB= since then we have taken a new direction and in my view have gone from strength to strength with a few of our original core players. We run our tribe on honesty and loyalty and have got where we are today by helping each other out with everything we can yes we have never recruited big players but we find they come and go so we opted for the other option of working with smaller player help them become bigger player while teaching them how to play to and we have had many success stories in our tribe and are proud of it. Our aim now is to take the next step in this world and start to make our own impact on this world at the mo we are working on getting into the top 5 so watch out

Alex: You have recently fallen out with Pack, do you see anything progressing from this?

DJ: Pack dropped their NAP with =BoB= and a few members have taken it upon them self’s to send attacks at our tribe for whatever reasons they have at the moment we are retaliating on those that go against us we are not at war with them but we won’t sit back and be attacked one day we will have to be sort it out when I don’t know but NE is =BoB= territory

Alex: Any Predictions for this world? And who do you think will win the current wars?

DJ: My prediction is a world of =BoB= (or at least that’s what I hope) I think it’s in the balance at the moment there is still a lot to go on in this world and I think there are a few twists left in this world yet SubV look happy on top but what goes up must come down.

Alex: Other players- best attacker, Best Defender, Best Politician, funniest player and most annoying?

DJ: best attacker = mattnichols only had one villa but had the balls to nearly take a village off me when I went to rim him best defender = CKA NL if he is still about had a little thing with him killed a lot of troops in one night best politician = pass funniest player Padanew most annoying player = Armandmalta he is in my K

Alex: Favourite things aside from TW.

DJ: my favourite thing outside TW is being a DJ

Alex: Moe or Alex?


Interesting Findings

Now do you ever get bored of looking at the same old Tribalwars graphics, the same old boring villages and the same old map graphics. Now personally I do so once a month I change mine around depending on the season’s or what mood I feel. Here are just some of the types of villages I have. If you want details on how to do this yourself just ask me.

Milestone Corner.

This is for the recent milestones of the world just a little congratulation’s to certain people in the world for their recent efforts. So far we are thinking about anyone who has just turned 10 million as we feel this is a good standard to get to and worth a bigger than usual acknowledgment and people who just got 100 million ODA and then top nobler of the week plus anything you can think of, I will add if it is relevant.

The first congratulations to people who have reach 10 million recently are;


Just me this week so a Really Big well done to me lol

And the Hitters of the Week are;

No New Hitters this week

Top Tribes- From the last 7 days Conquered Villages

1             SubV     1231

2              PACK     573

3              SFM       465

4              =BoB=   314

5              TDR        271

Top Players-From the last 7 Days Conquered Villages

1              Muad`Dib            106

2              DipsyDixie           66

3              alexmichie          64

4              lnlsban                  59

5              david loker 17    56