W25 Weekly Blog, #4

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Hello World 25 and welcome to your World Blog, I hope you are all enjoying the Blogs and I am listening to all suggestions and requests. This week we have a brand new feature, it’s not serious and is totally fictional, so I hope you enjoy it and any more additions to the Blog will of course be welcomed.

You all have a few decisions to make, since i made this i have received a number of complaints about the banner i created for the blog, so I have put out the feelers for a new one and I have a few back now, now if you prefer any of these to my one let me know and the picture with the most votes/recommendations then that will be the new Banner, also if you think you can do better than the ones here show me and I will see what people think.

So Pick your favorite or if you prefer mine please tell me!

So things have heated up on the forums this week with Lostryk holding the torch for TDR and he seems to be getting ganged up on by SubV will this continue or will other members of TDR come to the rescue.

Moe’s Summary of the Week!

Sorry for the late issue today, I am still on vacation and trying to play this game in between trips lol. To give you a piece of my life for a bit lol before going back to game talk. Today we left Spain to go to Italy after touring the country for the past week. We went everywhere in that country and people are so nice although the language barrier made it hard to communicate lol it was still a nice trip. Today we dive to Italy and after Italy we tour a few more countries before flying to South Africa to watch the world cup :O my gf got tickets to some great games lol but she is still not telling me what games :(. Anyway back to game talk now lol this week seemed like a great week for SubV as they have turned the tide on the TDR war. Also the twins had a great week so far. They have dominated the stats this week on the SubV side. Will TDR manage to turn the tide a bit? Will they come back from behind? Stay tuned for next week my beloved readers to find out more :). Next we jump to PACK and morph and it seems like PACK is doing better but the war is still young and can be anyone’s game really. This week we have a trio of interviewers and hope that they all answered the questions lol; they are the dukes and barons of SFM. Who will it be next week perhaps we can put to bittersweet enemies in the same room and try to get some drama lol, but my twin might object to this: P. thank you gates for your input and thank you all for making this the best blog on this server! Best regards the elder twin!

This week we have an Interview with the SFM council, we will be discussing the TDR war, SFM history and getting an insight into the players. As always we will be looking at the stats for all the current wars which now include SFM and TDR in depth and since neither side of the BoB Pack exchange want to call it a war the stats will merely be mentioned.


First up is the Recent Wars Section.

Obviously we are going to start with the SubV Vs TDR war, (SubV are first as they declared and alphabetically) now first are the stats. Note all stats are taken from the day before on the Sunday.

Wow and SubV have kept up their pressure and even pilled on even more, the majority of this seems to be on to ricky357, who has lost 247 villages this week. TDR seems to be focusing the main of its attack on hero boom after a war of words on the public’s this week (Which btw I enjoy and was wondering if TDR was still alive, all we need is some more pictures from lost and we will be rolling); they also seem to be still picking up villages from CKA again.

Well as you can clearly see SubV have moved into k36 and are still pushing TDR back in k35 and k46. TDR seem to be focusing on CKA in k27 and Hero in k28 so that may be a key area next week.

Up next is the Top Nobler of the SubV/TDR war, this is done from the start of the war which is 2010,April 9th, 04:08, (Thank You Gate) this cuts out any previous conquers from the Pack war or cross nobles from before, this is also Total so it takes into your total conquers and losses.

  1. slick94153-TDR= 187
  2. Alexmichie-SubV= 94
  3. Penthesilia –TDR= 93
  4. Moe/ hanibalI-SubV= 90
  5. Hero Boom-SubV=  85
  6. DipsyDixie – SubV= 82
  7. gougework1-SubV= 75
  8. naga162 –TDR= 60
  9. loststryk –TDR= 59
  10. Princess Di -SubV= 57
  11. ISMAniatico– SubV= 51
  12. The Intimadater– SubV= 48
  13. Chapyri -SubV= 47
  14. Lord A J Quinn– SubV= 45
  15. Immunesoul– SubV=  40
  16. ISMAniatico-SubV=  38
  17. Realistica-SubV= 38
  18. Muad`Dib -SubV= 37
  19. Uk Patriot – SubV = 31
  20. ddawg1981-SubV=  29

Still Slick leads the way but he has not taken a village in a very long time the only TDR member to have any increase this week is Penthesilia, Where as a number of new SubV members have made the list and a number of big increases on the SubV side.

Pack Vs Morph

Now onto the Pack Morph war, and let’s see what’s going on with the other major powers of this world. I will be taking the stats from back when the war started unofficially not when it became official as both sides prefer that, the date of that is 11th Apr 2010.

And the comeback which was predicted by both sides seems to have started, but is this just a lucky week for pack or is there something else behind it? They have taken 50 villages of warhunter2009, he does seem to be active but this could just be a successful op on packs side.

Well Morph seem to be dominating in k41 and Pack in k40 and scraps here and there, this war still has not settled down yet so give it some time and this could be a long good war.

Top Noblers

  1. Billsmith –Morph=48
  2. Phillhoskin –Morph = 48
  3. CouchyNZ–Morph= 46
  4. Heavenly hell –Morph=46
  5. mystic2004 – Pack = 32
  6. African A –Morph=24
  7. red.scouser –Pack =21
  8. coopes –Pack =20
  9. glassman6419 –Pack= 20
  10. Mjborch1–Morph= 19
  11. killardan – Pack = 18
  12. xcomputerx –Morph=18
  13. gelime – Morph = 11
  14. 3rrflondon–Pack =8

And mystic seems to have woken up and is now nobling with a furry along with Killardan, good to see my ex otori team mates still doing well.

Let’s wait and see Morph response to this recent op on one of their members.

I also have to make an apology to SFM and TDR as I forgot to include their stats in the last edition! So I apologise to all members.


Last Week—SFM= 18     TDR= 15

Last Month—SFM =28   TDR=80

Since Declaration – SFM = 36      TDR= 92

So as you can see this is just over a month and mainly seems to include, Lychaeus on TDR side and my good friend hossamelnaggar on the SFM side. The declaration I am taking from Lych’s declaration on the Publics if you have any complaints let me know, this is 2010, May 6th. So let’s see how this conflict evolves.

We also have a small war which I don’t think is official at the moment and that is the Pack Vs =BoB= War.

I have taken out the Pack Vs BoB Stats as both sides have said it is not a war but a dropped NAP.


Alex: Introduce yourself to us.

Kyllir: My name is Rachel or KyllirMOM or just MOM as everyone else calls me.

Hoss: Well my name is Hossamelnaggar and I am a Duke of SFM, My friends call me Either Hoss or Noob, but you can call me Hoss or Noob :)

Gina: My name is Gina, and I am the founder of SFM. SFM (Seafight Marauders) was originally founded as Seafight Misfits. More personally, I am 46, the mother of 4, an Information Technology professional by trade, and also own my own small business planning/development company. Recent real life incidents have demanded more of my time, so my best real life friend (Rachel aka kyllirmom) stepped up and took over the majority of tribal issues so I could concentrate on RL. Jim (greenghost52) has also become a very entrenched, trusted member and leader of SFM, and I trust these two explicitly with the care and management of SFM.

Alex: How long have you been playing TW? W25? And what other worlds have you played?

Kyllir: I have been playing for a year this June and thanks to my son who first started playing pestered the daylights out of me for 2 months.  So I figured I would try it to shut him up, and been hooked ever since. Then he pestered Ggerdes to talk to me for about a month and here I am, we are the best of friends on here and in real life.

Hoss: I have been playing TW for about 3 years now and on world 25 I have been playing a total of about a year. I have played on world 16- world 32, at one time I was playing 10 worlds at once (that was a pain), and I also have played High Performance world, I started cutting back on how many worlds I play, and now I just play world 25 and world 50.

Alex: you give us an idea of your w25 history? (Past tribes, etc)

Kyllir: SFM is really the main tribe I ever been in, When I first started and joined the tribe with my son, they were too just learning, until Ggerdes invited me to SFM.

Hoss: Well when I first started world 25 was back in January 09 I believe, I used to play under the account pottsy39, I ended up starting in K51, that was when a tribe called requiem was dominate in that area, shoot I can’t remember the first tribe I was in on this world, but one of them was called Black wing or black Dragon, their base was in K61 just below me, well things happened and we ended up fighting requiem, after a while I ended up Quitting world 25.

In late summer of 09. I had talked some friends into playing TW and they both ended up playing on world 25, they begged me to come back so I did, created my own tribe and they both joined (funny thing is I ended starting next to one of my friends when I came back), well we grew, merged into other tribes, made some friends out of those merges, and got to know some people from Otori, well they liked my style of play and offered me the account I now play(which my profile stats when I took it over), some issues came up in Otori and I ended up leaving and going to WHAT , but was unhappy there and Joined SFM, and I have been here ever since.

Gina: I was a die-hard Seafight gamer about two years ago (in fact, I still have my “fully-loaded” Pearl Ships) and Seafight’s server decided to take an 8-hour sabbatical one day. With the majority of the council in our guild sitting around twiddling our thumbs and wondering what to do, I logged onto Tribal Wars after being told by my son (mike tim) that it was a fun game. I’d been playing for a couple of hours when the rest of our Seafight council decided that it sounded like fun and jumped onto tribal wars. Since nobody really wanted to start the tribe and/or take responsibility for it, I stepped up to the plate and Seafight Misfits was born (i.e., misfits because we were the sea dogs on Tribal Wars land). About a year later, when I negotiated SFM as an extension of the Otori family (i.e., Rhannock is a very good real life friend of mine) I changed the name to be more representative of the fact that SFM had survived W25 against stacked odds for so long. Although I work behind the shadows, I am an instrumental part of SFM’s leadership and our council.

Alex: Sfm is the longest running tribe, what is your secret and what is the tribe’s goal?

Kyllir: Yes SFM is the longest tribe around, and I do hope we continue to be so.  I like to be consistent, be like family, and know my members in the tribe. I pretty much know all the members and what they are like. If I do not hear from them then I am in contact with them to find out what is going on. So my secret is that I am here constantly for them and always in touch with them in one form or another

Hoss: well the secret I would have to say is that SFM has always had a strong council to guide it, Gina does a great Job in recruiting the right the person for the job, and she knows how to flow with the changes and bases her decisions on those changes. Well goals, isn’t it obvious like any other tribe rule the world :P and be the last man standing :P!!!

Gina: The reason SFM is the longest running tribe is because it has always been run according to the original rules/laws/principles upon which I originally founded SFM. We are loyal to one another, to our tribe, and to our members. We play fair, fight fair, and are respectful of others, and yet follow a simple motto: “You attack one of us, you attack us all.”
Every member is valued for their input and the individualism they bring to the tribe. I have established a long-running reputation for being fair and diplomatic, not impulsive. That is the reputation of SFM.

Alex: What are your opinions on the two big wars going on at the moment?

Kyllir: My opinions? Lol well I have no opinion other than I think that TDR just ought to hit disband, well looking at the map, I will say that I feel that SubV will be first. However I can only hope that we and will be around up there somewhere.

Hoss: SubV/TDR- Well my opinion of it is, GO SubV :P!!!!, Pack/Morph- well my opinion of it is, GO Morph :P!!!!

Gina: As for the wars, I tend to take a pick sides conservatively. I am noted for sitting back and watching things as they develop, rather than jumping into the middle long before I should. I’ve always said that it is better to be silent and deadly, monitoring and observing your enemy to gather intelligence on how they operate, and then striking the enemy with that intelligence such that they don’t know what hit them.

Alex: Hoss you seem to be doing very well in the TDR war how are you finding it personally?

Hoss: We are holding our own against them, which is good, because I know they thought we would be pushovers, we have had our ups and downs so far, but we are starting to focus and Hold our own and push them out of our K’s (which can be a slow process sometimes).

I am finding this war personally to be fun, I play with honour, but when dirty tactics are used, and then I find it free to use those same tactics against my enemy. :).

SFM for the WIN :P

Alex: Any Predictions for this world?

Hoss: it’s hard to predict things on world 25, it is constantly changing :)

Gina: Predictions? None at all…W25 is by and far the strangest world I’ve seen on TribalWars. It changes as frequently as the wind changes directions. To attempt to make predictions is folly…it is better to always expect the unexpected.

Alex: Other players- best attacker, Best Defender, Best Politician, funniest player and most annoying?

Kyllir: Funniest player= djbenn/scabs, Best Politician ME! Best Attacker Hoss, Best defender I honestly do not know, sorry and Nobody in SFM is annoying, I love everyone.

Hoss: Well I really haven’t had a major challenge yet, I have been up against players, that pose some bit of a challenge, put it always seem to peter out. Defender, well my philosophy is- “if two nukes don’t clear them, nukem until I do :) “.

Well the best politician I have met so far is CKTAMOORE of SubV. Most annoying and funny is the players that mail you asking, “Why are you attacking me”.

Gina: Most annoying player on W25 was by and far Rug Bug. There have been others, but she is most memorable. Best Politician…definitely Rhannock. The original founder and Duke of Otori. Although no longer part of the TW community except for ocassional monitoring of the main forum, he was an inspiration.

Alex: Favourite things aside from TW.

Kyllir: My favourite things in life is life, but if you want me to be more specific then camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, outdoor cooking, playing with my dogs, Reading, racing, playing horseshoes, playing in my flower garden  and of course hanging with all my friends on TW.

Hoss: Well I have a few things I like, church, cookouts, working in my yard, have bonfires, and camping.

Gina: Favorite things aside from TW…camping, carpentry, old cars (restoring), gardening, ceramics and arts & crafts, home improvement, animals/birds of all kinds (definitely an animal lover), and spending time with my son Christian.

Alex: Moe or Alex?

Kyllir: Are you asking me to choose between the two of you? Neither and both, but if I really have to pick one, I have known Moe a lot longer so therefore him and because he lives in Michigan same as me, Sorry Hun, nothing against you.

Hoss: Well, I have to say Alex :), sorry MOE

Gina: Well, I have known Moe for..what…two years now? *LOL*, I respect Moe immensely…for somebody so young, he has accomplished amazing things. He has always been there when I needed him and has always demonstrated the dedication and trustworthiness that are qualities of a true friend

Thank you and that makes it 6-2 in the popularity contest between myself and Moe, next week I am hoping to interview dj pyro Duke of =BoB=, do you have any suggestions of questions for him or any suggestions who the guest after him should be?

Controversial Wall

This week we have a brand new item to add to the weekly blog and I hope it will become a regular feature, it is from an outsider who does not play this world called Mothers little helper he is a very funny guy and knows a number of people who do play this world and thinks this will make a funny addition to the Blog, it is not meant to offend or to upset anyone it is purely fiction and humours.

Now first up we have their take on the world map!

Then next we have their opinion on the SubV Vs TDR war.

If you have any opinions on these recent editions, which I hope you like and do not take too seriously. And a great big thanks to Mothers little helper

Milestone Corner.

This is for the recent milestones of the world just a little congratulation’s to certain people in the world for their recent efforts. So far we are thinking about anyone who has just turned 10 million as we feel this is a good standard to get to and worth a bigger than usual acknowledgment and people who just got 100 million ODA and then top nobler of the week plus anything you can think of, I will add if it is relevant.

The first congratulations to people who have reach 10 million recently are;


Well done and keep it up!

And the Hitters of the Week are;


Well done showing the top player can also hit.

From the last 7 days Conquered Villages

1              SubV     1183

2              PACK     746

3              =BoB=   383

4              SFM       376

5              ~QCK~  251

From the last 7 Days Conquered Villages

1              Muad`Dib            83

2              The Intimadater               56

3              david loker 17    54

4              sta17mattywagon            54

5              Lord A J Quinn   51

A special Thank You to “I have to say NO”. Who has Kindly made me a new sig!