W25 Weekly Blog, #3

June 2, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 025 News, World News

Welcome everyone to the 3rd W25 Blog, now there is not much change in the world this week, SubV are still at war with TDR, Pack and Morph are now officially at war, with no offence intended to my friend chende but the worst declaration in history.

“As for a declaration from pack … I really see no use in that since we have already been fighting for some time now but for the sake of argument … this is an official declaration of war on morph … man that was hard lol”

Well that was a disappointment to all, and with such posters as Gate and Armand it could have been funny.  We had very little suggestions or feedback on the last issue so we will continue on with what we had planned and in the same theme as before, so if you have any suggestions on who we could interview or any requests on changes to the blog let us know!

Moes Summary of the week

Well it seems that the moment that I left the country for vacation i left my heart back home, now you might think that i would not have been playing the game atm lol, but this week never the less seems to have a lot of progress. The TDR war with subv is going along very well for subv. TDR has dismissed two players sadly and seems to have a new player getting hit very hard. Subv still has the CKA account in bad shape but overall the war is looking very good for Subv. PACK seems to be battling more effectively with morph but accoring to stats Morph is still ahead by over 100 villages. i have a feeling that this war will become just as much fun as the tdr war. we are sorry for the late publication. i will take the blame for this completely as it took too long for me to send the questions to superwief who we interviewed later on in this blog. welcome everyone to the most interesting world on this server, and fasten your seat belts because the fun is just starting to begin

Thank you alex and gates for your help and thank you everyone for making this blog the best blog ever

We have all the regular articles in this week’s blog and an interview with Superwief the Duke of Pack and her take on the world at the moment. So ladies and Gents I would like you r opinion on who to interview next week, did you like the triple threat interview with the Morph family or do you prefer 1 on 1, also an idea we had was to get two people from different tribes and maybe quiz them and pitch them up against each other maybe even have a weekly competition and see who is the top of the leader board.


First up is the Recent Wars Section.


Obviously we are going to start with the SubV Vs TDR war, (SubV are first as they declared and alphabetically) now first are the stats. Note all stats are taken from the day before on the Sunday.

Wow and SubV have stormed into a commanding lead, with 2 TDR members having left the tribe and TDR conquers slowing down to only 48 this week. Also with Sole Collector leaving SubV members have not stopped nobling him but he is now not fighting back but he has lots 71 villages, also as I said yesterday Gamble is active as I even spoke to him last night so he will be added in next week.

Well SubV seem to be dominating in k28/29 and pushing TDR back in k35/36 while removing them from k46, TDR still seem to be holding K36 and pushing SubV back in k27. But who knows what will happen in this war next week, each week some new has happened will SubV continue with their current pressure or will TDR turn it around once again and find a new target and do what they did to CKA.

Up next is the Top Nobler of the SubV/TDR war, this is done from the start of the war which is 2010,April 9th, 04:08, (Thank You Gate) this cuts out any previous conquers from the Pack war or cross nobles from before, this is also Total so it takes into your total conquers and losses.

  1. slick94153-TDR= 187
  2. Penthesilia –TDR= 85
  3. Alexmichie-SubV= 68
  4. Moe/ hanibalI-SubV= 68
  5. gougework1-SubV= 60
  6. naga162 –TDR= 60
  7. loststryk –TDR= 59
  8. Hero Boom-SubV=  56
  9. Princess Di -SubV= 48
  10. DipsyDixie – SubV= 45
  11. ISMAniatico-SubV=  38
  12. Muad`Dib -SubV= 37
  13. Chapyri -SubV= 32
  14. ddawg1981-SubV=  29
  15. Realistica-SubV=  17

The top noblers is dominated by SubV but you cannot over look the top nobler slick who still leads the way with a commanding lead is he carrying the torch for TDR or are the others planning something big. But the Evil Twins seem to be leading for SubV, A BIG WELL DONE TO US haha


Next we have the Pack Vs Morph war, which is now official I would still like to know is Pack Junior is involved and I think we can all agree that raylenuk is a failure who has quit and is now attempting to be funny, so he will not be included in all the stats.

Morph are still on top but this week is a bit closer, is this the start of a comeback or just a little blip on the Morph domination. I think we all expect pack to hit back soon, but who do you think will be the most influential person on the pack side?

Well Morph seem to be dominating in k30 and Pack in k51, give these sides a month set out their borders and this war could really hot up.

Top 15 Noblers

  1. CouchyNZ–Morph= 46
  2. Billsmith –Morph=45
  3. Heavenly hell –Morph=40
  4. African A –Morph=24
  5. glassman6419 –Pack= 20
  6. Mjborch1–Morph= 19
  7. xcomputerx –Morph=18
  8. coopes –Pack =14
  9. red.scouser –Pack =13
  10. 3rrflondon–Pack =8

Well these stats just say it all Morph seem to be dominating completely, Where are the Pack Hitters? Are they still moving down?

Let’s see if pack can turn it around next week or will morph continue to push back a tribe nearly 4 times their size back.

We also have a small war which I don’t think is official at the moment and that is the Pack Vs =BoB= War.


Last month= Pack 109 VS =BoB= 171

Last Week= Pack 2 Vs =BoB= 37

So it looks like Pack have two wars on their hands at the moment and losing them both, I think packs council need to turn things around very quickly otherwise this could be a major upset.


Alex: Introduce yourself to us .

Super: Superwief -Alfa of the Pack – aka Annemarie: work, simple said: a variabledata-merger in a direct mail company:    I make a database and graphics and program to combine that for personalized printing, email, phone etc.

Alex: How long have you been playing TW? W25? And what other worlds have you played?

Super: I started 2 years ago in w22. When w25 opened i started there on the second day. As for other worlds i’ve only played there for a very short time except for w25 and w22 where I started. Had to stop playing other worlds because w25 takes so much of my time and it would not be fair to the members in w25 if i spend the time in other worlds

Alex: Could you give us an idea of your w25 history? (past tribes, etc)

Super: =/UL/= “The UnDeaD Legion” started in early w25 with Dragonhuntear and Artifact as dukes only they walked away and I was left behind with a tribe and only played Tw for a few months so tried the best to keep the tribe alive, had some good guys helping me and several of them are still with me, am thankful for that. In the early days of UL after little wars with smaller tribes trouble started with Chaos because of a refuse to merge. After the (?) merge in to Order and later Order into Chaos. we decided to merge into Pack. In Pack i continued what i was doing in UL. Not all are happy with that but that is there vision.

Alex: Other players- best attacker, Best Defender, Best Politician, funniest player and most annoying

Super: Talking about other players is not my thing in external. So leave this one open, the likes and dislikes are known.

Moe: I know that PACK has great planning tech as was shown to us in its past wars, does pack still have that talent.

Super: yes, different but we still have that talent

Moe: PACK has been here for a long time, what is the secret behind its success

Super: We are one and help each other, the stronger helps the weaker and each has his own talent. And members are not just usernames and points. Of course there are some times issues but we try to find a comprise to solve the problems

Alex: how did you feel about the members leaving pack for TDR?

Super: not happy of course, but if they think they can find there what they couldn’t find in pack. So be it.

Alex: How is the Morph v Pack war going and how did it start.

Super: Can’t call it a war yet, they are still hitting the same as we are also eating. Can’t call that a real War.

Alex: What about the =BoB= war what is the history behind that?

Super: =BoB= is only the Nap dropped not any war is declared or marked as enemy. The ones who gets hit attack back and vice versa.

Alex: Predictions ie outcomes to the wars- SubV v Tdr and predictions to the rest of this world

Super: I still think that we will meet SubV in the end, the little war a while ago was much too early for both sides.

Alex: Favourite things aside from TW

Super: Life music, friends, my bf and cats

Alex: Moe OR Alex

Super: Moe:) for good old times reasons we go way way back, from enemy to very close allies

Alex: Final words to w25

Super: An Old world with a lot of drama history and there drama queens hahaha. But have to say i like all the different kind of people here, some say it is boring but i didn’t had one boring day. I know not all share my opinion on different matters and have a different view that is logic but what i have answered here is my personal view. The answers here are very short it would be to long to go into details. any other questions are welcome and can answer in person, no problem most have my   skype or can find me in game. I short love ya all

Milestone Corner.

This is for the recent milestones of the world just a little congratulation’s to certain people in the world for their recent efforts. So far we are thinking about anyone who has just turned 10 million as we feel this is a good standard to get to and worth a bigger than usual acknowledgment and people who just got 100 million ODA and then top nobler of the week plus anything you can think of, I will add if it is relevant.

The first congratulations to people who have reach 10 million recently are;


Well done and keep it up!

And the Hitters of the Week are;

Unfortunately Nobody recently reached 100mil ODA this week

From the last 7 days Conquered Villages

1              SubV     804

2              PACK     802

3              SFM       476

4              =BoB=   294

5              TDR        283

From the last 7 Days Conquered Villages

1              immunesoul       63

2              DipsyDixie           57

3              chende9              53

4              hero boom         53

5              Taelos                   52