W25 Weekly Blog, #2

May 24, 2010 in World 025 News, World News

Welcome everyone to the 2nd Edition of the W25 Blog, now the first issue seemed to go down with a lot of success and seemed to be liked by all members of this world not just SubV member’s which was our intention and we are glad we remained unbiased and fair. We received a lot of messages which is always nice but we asked for suggestions, and we did get a few we even got suggestions on ways to improve it and little changes which could be done and hopefully we will carry these out, but we were shocked at the fact nobody wanted to get involved in the picture competition we were sure that this would go down a treat, we are giving it one more shot if it fails to catch on we will drop it.

The main request for the next Edition was maps so in this episode we have 3 new types of maps, the first is the general self updating map as I have been informed and even have had the pleasure of talking to other players on other worlds who read the blogs and they would like a weekly map to show the layout of this world, so that when they read the war updates they can associate tribes with location and size, almost names to faces, so that will become a weekly thing and I will write a short paragraph if there is any change such as K dominance changing or Tribes changing names and such, another map which was requested was the Number map (Requested by Uk Patriot), you may have seen them on other worlds you may not have they are fairly self explanatory and will go along with other map as a weekly addition. The final map I will be including is the conquers map and these will be included with all war stats as it shows a different perspective and it also shows where tribes are winning or losing in the war, this was recommended by Gate to Hell.

Moes Weekly summary
Tw has had a lot of problems recently this week, especially with the hacking of accounts that seemed to riddle this world. It has brought many accounts down and hopefully it can be stopped. As for the wars Morph is still doing very well against the titan PACK. Pack will perhaps bring it back up soon, perhaps next week it will look better for them. For now we shall say good job to both tribes, and may the best tribe prevail. The Subv and TDR war is also looking great, Subv came from a bad month to catch up and pass TDR in conquers. Activity must be increasing on the frontlines and hopefully they can keep it up. I think TDR is doing well on the CKA account, but perhaps they can send some attacks at the other and try to noble of them. Sole seems to be the CKA of TDR and hopefully Subv can hit other members as well and noble them. Again may the best tribe win ☺

Last week many tribes thought that SFM was merging into Subv. AS I council of the tribe I would like to say that such a merge never occurred, and Subv is not merging with anyone anymore ever. The members that were recruited are the ones that are willing to fight TDR due to the speculations that SFM has been trying to acquire a NAP with TDR. Also thank you world 25 for the great feedback last week, and hopefully the evil twins can keep up the non biased blogging for World 25.

We Also have an Interview with the Gate Family which I am sure you will all find an interesting read and we have an update on all the wars currently going, so I hope you all enjoy this issue of W25’s Weekly Blog and please the more feedback the better join in the competitions and tell me your ideas.


And from the request of Uk Patriot we have a number map

First up is the Recent Wars Section.

Obviously we are going to start with the SubV Vs TDR war, (SubV are first as they declared and alphabetically) now first are the stats. Note all stats are taken from the day before on the Sunday.

So what a turn around by SubV, this time last week they were behind by 130 and now they are winning, Well done to all members involved, and to TDR what happened after losing from the beginning it looked like you were a slow starter, and given the fact SubV declared this was ok but it looked like you had found your rhythm and now you just lost 157, in a week. But I am sure this war will be a long one and swing in roundabouts so who knows what will happen next!

This is a request from Gate and I think will become a regular feature in the Blog for any ongoing wars, it shows where the teams have been gaining and losing villages over the last week, for example SubV seem to be taking k46 and doing well in k20 and k35 but they do seem to be losing a lot of villages in k27, will this map change anything the tribes do? Who knows but it shows an outsider where the war is been won and lost.

Up next is the Top Nobler of the SubV/TDR war, this is done from the start of the war which is 2010,April 9th, 04:08, (Thank You Gate) this cuts out any previous conquers from the Pack war or cross nobles from before, this is also Total so it takes into your total conquers and losses. I am cutting this from top 15 to top 10 as its less work and doesn’t make that much of a difference

  1. slick94153 –TDR = 187
  2. Penthesilia –TDR = 83
  3. loststryk–TDR = 59
  4. gougework1–SubV =  56
  5. naga162–TDR = 55
  6. Moe/ hanibalII–SubV = 51
  7. Alexmichie–SubV = 49
  8. ISMAniatico-SubV = 37
  9. Princess Di–SubV = 35
  10. DipsyDixie–SubV = 33

So Slick still leads by a long way but we have some big movers on both sides Dipsy and Gouge are powering up the rankings and I know that all in SubV are glad to have these two back with us and hitting hard, naga is a big mover on the TDR side with 40 conquers this week, well done.

Now onto the other main war of this world the Morph Vs Pack, war which neither side has officially declared but that might be explained later on in this issue, so don’t skim read!

Morph seem to be well on top, I refuse to include Pack Junior or the other tribe because I don’t know the facts behind the new Pack 2 tribe and unless Morph officially declare on them or Pack Junior Declares on them.

This shows that Morph are dominating in k40 and that is where the majority of the nobling is taking place.

Top 10 Noblers

  1. Billsmith-Morph = 47
  2. Heavenly hell-Morph = 40
  3. Phillhoskin-Morph = 40
  4. CouchyNZ-Morph = 37
  5. African A-Morph =24
  6. xcomputerx-Morph = 19
  7. coopes-Pack = 12
  8. red.scouser -Pack = 11
  9. 3rrflondon-Pack = 8
  10. GATE TO HELL 666-Morph = 7

So overall another good week for Morph, Will it be the same again next week or can Pack Turn it around?


(Alex) Introduce yourself to us =)

[CouchyNZ] Hi all, Im John.   Duke of Morph.  Support worker in RL

[Heavenly hell]  Call me whatever suits, manager

[Gate to hell 666] Hi all, Hi im shanan everyoone calls me gate though, job LMAO Tribal wars = life

(Alex) How long have you been playing TW? W25? And what other worlds have you played?

[CouchyNZ] I started in November of 2008 after seeing Gate to hell 666 playing.

I  played in W38 just for a little wile, but then W25 started to get too big for me to play other worlds.

[Hevenly hell] About 15 months, played another world for a short time

[Gate to hell 666] I started on w25 2 years ago.

(Moe) How do you regard your members as, and why are you guys really close to each other. What is the history?

[CouchyNZ] This tribe was picked in the beginning from loyal players that we felt comfortable working with, some come all the way back from Victory days.

[Hevenly hell] Love them all and we are all equal

[Gate to hell 666] They like a second famliy we have been there for each other since we all joined *V*

(Alex) Could you give us an idea of your w25 history? (past tribes, etc)

[CouchyNZ] Well as said before, I started in November 2008 in K15 and joined Ruthless 3 tribe, just as a starter. After a couple of attemps with other tribes (Alley and T.E.A.)
I got into a tribe called Victory (*V*), which is where my history with this game is.

Alot happened for this tribe that many of you will know, and over time the tribe was renamed a few times and now stands in the stats as RAM. We merged from Victory into Bloodlines of Otori, then to Otori. Then I formed Morph as a precurser to INH which proved fruitfull.

After the INH Merge to SubV there was a time where we had our group that needed a home so I reformed Morph as it stands today

[Hevenly hell] INH, Otori,Blood lines of Otori,Victory,Black Wings
[Gate to hell 666] at war most of the time one war to another from 2ndlaw to HoG to INH to subv to Hog again,

Most fav was when we over came 2NDLAW a tribe 2 times our size where our biggest player was the size of there smallest player.

(Alex) Other players- best attacker, Best Defender, Best Politcian, funniest player and most annoying

[CouchyNZ] I have to say best Attacker to uk patriot, best defender – Stanonian , and Best Politician – again uk patriot, when in INH times. Funniest player – Those that believe that a simple mail will stop attacks (noobs) and most annoying player has to be all those that think that a couple of days a week  on tribal wars is enough, Just give up.

[Hevenly hell] Gate to Hell,Me,Sac,Matt aka raddz2,Honk aka Jeff12345678

[Gate to hell 666] Attacker would be Kyle, Defender would have to be my mummy

Politcian would have to be sac funniest would have to be matt <3 you and most annoying is spaz he wont leave me and matt alone to have our quality time.

(Alex)How is the Morph v Pack war going and how did it start.

[CouchyNZ] Well, This all started with attacks on just 1 player at the Forming of Morph.
we wanted to get rid of this player . This bought us to war with =HoG= and eventually PJ war, and now onto attacks on PACK

[Hevenly hell] We are at war with Pack?

[Gate to hell 666] no-comment

(Moe) I see that according to the stats that Morph is doing a nice job, what is your secret?

[CouchyNZ] I guess it has to be activity of players, communication and no fear.

[Hevenly hell]  Must be your support Moe

[Gate to hell 666]  We are very close group of players we have been playing togeather for almost 2 years

(Alex) How come no declaration?

[CouchyNZ] We only wanted the Members of = HoG= as targets,when PACK recruited =HoG= refugees we maintained our attacks and this is reflected in the stats.
Once PACK players started to attack Morph we started to attack back, there was no intent on warring PACK at that time. You may see a declaration in the future watch this space

[Hevenly hell] No need, we just want x Hog

[Gate to hell 666] no-comment

(Moe) Do you think that PACK will pull itself together, and try to catch up to Morph in conquers?

[CouchyNZ] I do expect this, I mean, you dont just sit and take it

[Hevenly hell] of course why wouldn’t they?

[Gate to hell 666] Yes

(Moe) Helen, how does it feel to be the top nobler in the tribe against Pack, anyone specific you would like to thank?

[Hevenly hell] No one told me so answer is “no difference”,everyone has had a part to play, Go Morph

(Alex) Predicitions ie outcomes to the wars- SubV v Tdr and predictions to the rest of this world

[CouchyNZ] Its no secret that we are friends with both side, Both sides are very capable, I honestly wouldnt like to call this but can only look at the stats
SubV are looking good to secure the world, Keep it up. However, INH looked like they were going to rule the world and things changed pretty fast.

[Hevenly hell] Go SubV

[Gate to hell 666] GO TDR! Howvever i think the sheer size of subv will in the end give the the upper hand in the end

(Moe) I know that the gates family is really close, how are your weekends together?

[CouchyNZ] Yes, we are known as the trinity by some, we love this game and work well together with the game. there is alot of cursing, and mainly by me.

[Hevenly hell] swearing and cursing at each other

[Gate to hell 666] in front of PC yelling at each other.

(Alex) Favourite things aside from TW

[CouchyNZ] I enjoy computer gaming (Call of duty, crysis, Farcry and Farcry 2 to name a few) and in summer time I enjoy spearfishing and 4×4 driving in the hills.

[Hevenly hell] nuking the mailman

[Gate to hell 666] drinking with mates, and chating with my tw mates all over the world

(Moe)  Does Helen punish gates by revoking his TW time?

[CouchyNZ] Hell no, we need Gate to be in game

[Hevenly hell] hell no, just nuke him when he gets out of control

[Gate to hell 666]   No i get Nukes; RAWR

(Alex) Final words to w25

[CouchyNZ] This is getting exciting, no room for noobs anymore, get your game faces on

[Hevenly hell] Love you all, now give me your villages

[Gate to hell 666] Read the RULES, play fair and most of all remmber its a game *Much love

(Alex) Moe OR Alex

[CouchyNZ] This is a hard one as I have been in Otori with the both of you, I Feel I must vote for Moe and we have a longer history. But for the rocord, you are both great guys.

[Hevenly hell] Always yours moe

[Gate to hell 666]  <3 moebut if you dont get your ass on MW2 its going to be alex

(Alex) So the scores for Alex and Moe are currently 3-1 to Moe.

Milestone Corner.

This is for the recent milestones of the world just a little congratulation’s to certain people in the world for their recent efforts. So far we are thinking about anyone who has just turned 10 million as we feel this is a good standard to get to and worth a bigger than usual acknowledgment and people who just got 100 million ODA and then top nobler of the week plus anything you can think of, I will add if it is relevant.

The first congratulations to people who have reach 10 million recently are;



Well done and keep it up!

And the Hitters of the Week are;

The Intimadater

hero boom

Well done and Keep Nuking!

From the last 7 days Conquered Villages

1              SubV     1178

2              PACK     622

3              TDR        604

4              SFM       524

From the last 7 Days Conquered Villages

1              Sangsters Gangsters       107

2              DipsyDixie           72

3              gougework1       69

4              jay9521                 63

5              Penthesilia          59

Next the Picture/ Competition Board.

Now this did not have the success we were hoping for so please if you enjoy seing funny pictures weekly or want this to stay voice your opinions and join in the competition, the winner will be given a small interview so its a chance to voice your opinions to the world.

This week dog pictures, your funniest dog picture please!