W25 Weekly Blog, #14

September 7, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 025 News, World News

2 Blogs in a week! Don’t you feel Lucky?

Yes I realise its only 4 days since the last blog but people have been on at me about keeping them regular, so wish me luck lol.

Coming up in this Issue we have war stats, now including “Storm”, Their Duke Justlooking6 will be in next week’s blog, so any questions you have for him please mail me. We also have an interview Tormos11 in this blog. I have also contacted Killabeast about an interview but no reply just yet from him, if he replies and has time during this week I will include him.


War Stats.

With SubV declaring exactly on the 14th of July 00:00 Server Time all stats will be taking from then. Also since they declared first they will be put first.

SubV have just broken the four thousand mark, which is some impressive nobling, and with fewer than 300 conquers from Pack. Will the recent Split from Pack change things around.

I am not going to include Storm in the SubV war stats just yet, as the score is only 3 – 0 to SubV.

Now on to SubV2 on Pack;

Well Done SubV2 on getting over 1 thousand conquers.

And all together;

Side 1: SubV2 SubV

Side 2: PACK PacK2

Timeframe: 14/07/2010 00:00:00 to 18/08/2010 18:47:54

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 6,060

Side 2: 631

Difference: 5,429

Top Noblers.


1.         naga162           370

2.         Lychaeus         278

3.         ISMAniatico   274

4.         lnlsban 257

5.         DipsyDixie      225

6.         sockit1710       220

7.         gr869   218

8.         slick94153       200

9.         gougework1    185

10.       Realistica         159

11.       alexmichie       158

12.       loststryk          158

13.       greenghost52   153

14.       mother53         148

15.       Penthesilia       147

16.       Muad`Dib       132

17.       saad749           125

18.       sta17mattywagon        121

19.       SilkSword       114

20.       Princess Di      103


1.         secksay            285

2.         supergrande     256

3.         Heavenly hell  217

4.         bobo1563        196

5.         paceface          177

6.         sta17mattywagon        121

7.         alvik20sm        129

8.         GATE TO HELL 666 118

9.         Billsmith          109

10.       CouchyNZ      64

Conquer Map since declaration.

SFM  vs Pack.

SFM declared on Pack on 2010, July 19th, so all stats will be taken from here. With SFM posted as Side 1 as they declared.

SFM have regained their advantage this week but is that due to the split and the members moving to Storm?

Side 1: SFM

Side 2: STORM

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 2

Side 2: 53

Difference: 51

Top Noblers.

  1. atomo90          157
  2. Applecore8      115
  3. SilkSword       84
  4. greenghost52   83
  5. Pax13  83
  6. StyleZ1303     77
  7. hossamelnaggar           66
  8. justlooking6    65
  9. jusme15           65
  10. Krenan            64
  11. Cerizar 58
  12. LiljhUnsZs      57
  13. highway man   56
  14. brawler34727  51
  15. Cobrakon        48

It is fairly even in the Top Noblers competition.

SFM are winning K0 but everywhere else it looks quite close along the frontline. With the formation of Storm I have a feeling that this map will vastly change in the upcoming weeks.

=BoB= Versus Pack

The =BoB=/ Pack war will also be run from the 19/07/2010 as that is when they declared, they will also be put first for this reason.

=BoB= are continuing their domination of Pack will this continue or will Pack turn it around?

Top Nobler

  1. astarte 31         90
  2. angusglover     80
  3. sancus  47
  4. icy125 39
  5. alvik20sm        38
  6. chanlebr           33
  7. crummdog       20
  8. mericr  20
  9. Fireblast111    18
  10. IndySkies        17

The World versus Pack.

This is just going to be a conquer map taken of last week’s conquers involving all sides on Pack and a combined Stat Update of all sides involved, this was requested and I see no reason why it should not be in the Blog.

Side 1: SFM SubV2 SubV =BoB=

Side 2: PACK PacK2

Timeframe: Since Declarations

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 8,738

Side 2: 2,236

Difference: 6,502

WOW Pack have Lost 6,500 villages.


This week we will be having an interview with Tormos, I am hoping to have an Interview with Justlooking and killabeast, so if you have any questions you want to ask mail me them.

Alex: Introduce yourself to us.

Tormos: IG name Tormos11…RL – Craig 36yrs old, Married, children, all the usual home life that keeps us busy

Alex: How long have you been playing TW? W25? And what other worlds have you played?

Tormos: W25 was/is the first world on TW, playing for about 2yrs 10mnths. Then played w30 for a good while with some seriously good players where I picked up and was able to practice a lot more skills. Unfortunately had to leave w30 due to the time required on w25 alone.

Alex: Can you give us an idea of your w25 history? (Past tribes, etc).

Tormos: I joined UL back in 98, invited by Superwief just after taking my 1st tiny vill having done very very little in the first couple of months other than trying to learn basic skills, then caught the illustrious bug and started growing from there. Saw a lot of players come and go, a lot of the usual running off to other tribes as soon as things got tough, became a council member with UL a few months later. The original wars with the likes of CLICK and ORDER kept us busy but [ChAoS] was the big one and always our arch enemy, although probably 4 times our size with a lot of reasonable and some very good players, we battled through to eventually see them disappear.

We amalgamated with PACK in March 2009 with Soehl at the head, I joined as a lower council member. The next war was ADHD as a lot of people would remember, could have been a very good tribe with a lot of the good players from all previous tribes. As we have all seen time and time again on this world, a lot of good yet strong headed players unable to perform as a tribe and again they disbanded. That was a good war for quite some time. Grayghost later took over PACK with superwief as 2IC and I was soon elevated to ‘Alpha’ council after a lengthy successful stint as the tribes offensive coordinator.

Alex: So you are the Top Player in Pack and a Council Member, what is your take on the war so far?

Tormos: Good question, when I started thinking of the answers to these questions, it was a clearly different answer. With no intent to cause any offence during the answer to this question, how I see the current situation of this war and subsequently this world, albeit only in very broad terms.

As for me being No.1 in PACKS rankings, this has occurred more from others dropping off, going inactive or leaving more so than me chasing rankings in all honestly. It was always more fun to have more players of the same or higher rankings and bait each other to keep up, although I have never really been one for OD or rankings but simply for growth and progress borne from fighting those decreed as enemies or just mopping up inactives.

Alex: Do you think Pack will pull out of its current slump?

Tormos: For the situation PACK is now in, we have been involved in many wars where we were in the same and/or worse situation when you look in the terms of the points v points factor albeit with those points coming from 5 different tribes. Whether this is the war that ends the world for subv to mop up the rest or whether it changes shape again, only time will tell. One thing is for sure, it has either spiced things up for some and internally defeated others.

Alex: Where do you think Pack made the decisions which left them in their current situation?

Tormos: PACK has always been a good defensive tribe, full of players that have learned to trust and assist each other, with a lot of hugely defensive players that would very quickly support tribe mates without delay. Unfortunately for PACK a lot of good tribal players had/have RL and time issues that took them away from TW which in turn led to the current war being very very bad timing with the age old story of others account sitting inactive accounts or accounts being simply deleted prior to the war even beginning and leading to obviously easy targets and subsequently a massive demise in the tribes morale.

With the one or two other tribes left in this world that have any history or standing worth note, being bob – who have very few known or highly rated players but hold similar qualities to PACK in that those that are active, hold generally good values and work together with the right spirit to the game and as a tribe are generally underrated, unfortunately without any change their existence, they will only last until they face a big war and making the same mistakes that PACK made in not making a stand against this worlds threat but choosing to take the easier option of picking off what they can and just last as long as possible without the big picture of it only being a matter of time.

SFM – Have 4 or 5 reasonable players but are still in the position to be able to make a difference in this world. Unfortunately again at the moment, making exactly the same mistakes as above, but with the existence of SUBV2 around them and soon to be looking for more targets, they will become Pray and may have to stand alone.

For a long long time now subv has been the greater force and until very recently a generally respected albeit feared and elite tribe that could work together and do pretty much anything they wanted and no other tribe would want to get on their bad side. Now, that paragraph has almost turned on its head, with the elite invitation to subv and or their diplomatic relations is now non existent. Recruitment of a lot of defeated players from their enemy tribes and anyone else in any other tribe being dragged into the temporary ‘family’ has turned this world into something very few of us recognise.

I do not say these things as a member of the enemy tribe or with any bitterness but as 1 of very few people left outside of subv that can describe it and from a non biased point of view of seeing a very good tribe that I had a lot of respect for, with the potential of a few elite players taking on and defeating anyone they chose to, make the very strange decisions of free for all recruitment and having to suddenly go against there tradition of not having allies to almost every other tribe being part of the ‘family’ (albeit transparently temporary).

In summary, PACK has clearly not given a great impression during this war so far, whether it be due to some hugely influential players that left or to the volume of attacks taken on all sides suppressing any time to retaliate or the simple yet effective drop in morale as a result of all of the above but there are still a good few players that remain and will continue to fight and always believe in the possibility of triumph against the greatest odds ever seen on this world.

The decisions leaving us in this situation, although maybe more complex, were simple. The simple Human error of trust in those that we interact with, especially when relying on an apparent relationship or bond with members of another tribe and dare I say, especially when dealing with Subv. I believe the line of events began during the INH-Subv war and having to decide whether to take sides. Our decision was to let them fight it out and although it was clearly a good opportunity to assist INH and take it to subv there and then, we had even less trust in INH, especially the leadership than we had with subv. I’m still not sure whether it was the correct decision or not due to the outcome of INH giving up to save themselves and be recruited by subv, an eventual betrayal by both tribes as far as PACK were concerned. Next was the first war against subv and PACK was more than holding their own. After the unforeseen change to subv leadership, we decided to retain the nap with subv, mainly due to the above explanation of a trust in the new leadership…..This for me is a decision that I would reverse and the beginning of our current situation, fuelling the future events that occurred.

The very same mistakes being made by Bob and sfm even now.

Alex: Which has been your favourite war in world 25?

Tormos: The best wars for me without a doubt were those against Chaos and ADHD, whereby PACK found itself, firstly in having to work together just to survive and then being able to take the fight back to a much larger enemy. I have had the pleasure of mixing it up with a lot of the well known players that have been around on this world, a lot of which are no longer here…having some very up close and personal battles/encounters with the likes of Auskillad(Alex), 1TB1(Vee) and nMe(grant) beginning back in the UL days while still well under 1 Mil. Having hit the top 5 ODD very early and learnt the game very quickly gaining a lot of defensive skills just to hold on, those are the battles that I remember and enjoyed the most.

Alex: Biggest Regrets of this world and best Highs?

Tormos: As for highs and lows in this world, I have been very lucky to have played with some very good honest and loyal players with both UL and PACK and hold a lot of pride and thanks for a lot of those players who may not all have the time or perhaps the skill of others in this world but have the qualities that matter far beyond the world of TW with the loyalty and dedication they show (as my profile states). As for the highs of battles, I have mentioned those big battles that could have been bad for me personally but came out triumphant, an obvious high for any player.

The lows for me have always when tribe mates run off to the tribe that is attacking us just in order to save themselves, the feeling of betrayal that go’s far beyond the feeling of losing vills or wars. But the lowest point for me (and I do not particularly put it in the same bracket as the first example) was coming back (from being away for a couple of weeks) to find some of the players that had been fighting alongside me had decided to move off and form TDR and throw themselves into a mission of certain failure and weaken us all by doing so. Even though most of those players done so for good reasons, they then done the very thing I mentioned above and joined the tribe their sworn enemies. That very situation also coincides with what could be the biggest regret so far on this world and to the question of where we now find ourselves with those very players attacking their ex-tribe mates. That always astounds me!

Alex: Other players- best attacker, Best Defender, Best Politician, funniest player and most annoying?

Tormos: As far as other players go in this game, I have had the pleasure to experience a lot of the good attackers that have been around on this world along with some of those that already remain, whether from my own account or sitting others. From outside of my own tribe, names such Auskillad/nMe and dare I swell his head more than necessary Ukpatriot as among the (searching for the right words) most solid attackers in terms of timings/trains/commitment and selection of targets (I am also fully aware of a good few others out there that I have had reports of, but not yet had the pleasure).

But just to throw into that, their obvious downfall has generally come once they have had to experience the very attacks they liked to rain upon others!!

Looking for defensive players, I immediately see some exceptional PACK members both Old and new and although not mentioning all their names I would take this opportunity to throw in the name Glassman6419 who as most would have read suffered a sudden and tragic loss of a loved one in RL, although I don’t want to write him off as out of the game too soon as I hope to hear from him again, only he can know how to deal with his grief and for now it doesn’t include TW.

I feel I should pass comment over those that I have experienced defensive skills from! I have to admit that I struggle to think of any impressive defending as most of those that I have battled have been the good offensive players but very few with the defensive skills to match, although it was a lengthy process to break down Grant (nme….nMe), I can’t say with any certainty whether that was due to the defence or the distance but give him the benefit of the doubt. Auskillad had very similar skills whilst actually having to defend vills that he had taken straight through the middle of the tribe and he was difficult to remove in the beginning.

The best politician for me in respect of someone that I had a lot of dealings with, was/is Moe. A player that I first ‘met’ whilst we were very close allies and now find at the forefront of our greatest adversaries. He is always a pleasure to converse with and always promptly deals with whatever issues with have had to discuss whether good or bad. I generally completed any diplomatic discussion feeling like it was resolved and I had done ok from it, whilst it was never particularly a case of it had to go all his way, he knew exactly what issues he could concede to in order to then gain the desired response, whether it be the compromise or prompt resolution to an issue he had or simple matter of gaining trust. Just to throw in a smaller mention for another diplomat that showed similar skills to Moe (albeit not yet on his level) was/is slick who found himself in that position during the short spell of TDR

Which brings me nicely onto the most frustrating player I have had dealings with, another ‘diplomat’. Although I generally find most frustrating players to be those that feel the need to bombard the externals with all nonchalant unfounded arguments they seem to like having and the majority of which are not only unfounded but venture into the realms of complete fabrication, just for the sake of having their name seen on the forum or just for an argument. I don’t tend to have to deal with them too much but deliberately distance myself from the externals for that very reason. The ‘most frustrating player go’s too……Realistica. I mention Mike ‘Realistica’ with no malice or ill intent as he has a job to do and does it as he see’s fit, but to try and discuss any issue is as frustrating as hell.

As for players that I find amusing, I make another mention to Glassman who always had a witty comment during any situation or conversation. I probably have to put another small mention in for uk who I could no doubt throw into every one of the above topics but some of his random mailing spams and forum comments do give rise to a small smile. I’m not entirely sure most of the time, whether its due to the hypocrisy of badgering the enemy to a fight (knowing exactly what happened last time he actually got a fight) or the witty acronyms he uses whilst making his point, such as his spam mail of a late declaration on PACK in declaring his needs, very amusing!

Alex: Last words for World 25

Tormos: I’m not sure last words for W25 is entirely appropriate for, at least not yet. I see the current war as being the biggest opportunity to make any difference to the outcome of this world, especially for anyone not connected to subv. Although I have absolutely no doubt that structure of subv will change before the end of this world, not to mention the certainty of the subv ‘family’ (Subv2) and their smaller siblings will be cast off before they know what’s happened, simply to satisfy the needs of those that have to have something to attack.

Alex: Moe or Alex?

Tormos: Although not to cast any aspersions over Alex as the dealings that I have had with him have been more the civilised, I have known Moe for a long time now as highlighted in the paragraph above, so this vote has to go to Moe.

Milestone Corner.

This is for the recent milestones of the world just a little congratulation’s to certain people in the world for their recent efforts. So far we are thinking about anyone who has just turned 10 million as we feel this is a good standard to get to and worth a bigger than usual acknowledgment and people who just got 100 million ODA and then top nobler of the week plus anything you can think of, I will add if it is relevant.

The first congratulations to people who have reach 10 million recently are;

Nobody this week

And the Hitters of the Week are;


Well Done!

Top Tribes- From the last 7 days Conquered Villages

1          SubV               1086

2          SubV2             869

3          SFM                695

4          PACK             468

5          =BoB=                        405

Top Players-From the last 7 Days Conquered Villages

1          The Intimadater        105

2          david loker 17           83

3          hossamelnaggar        80

4          Lychaeus                     72

5          sancus                        70

6          alexmichie      69