W25 Weekly Blog, #11

August 3, 2010 in World 025 News, World News

Well I have been gone a week and to start off with I apologise there was no blog last week, this is due to ArmandMalta, he ranted and raved about wanting an interview, Moe decided to give him one while I was away and then Armand took a week getting back to him. And then the interview he finally did give was so biased, rude and basically ravings of a lunatic that we were not able to put it into the blog as it broke so many of the rules. So therefore I have had to go to a reliable friend, for an interview, he has been requested earlier on, it is Shawn ex player of Hannibal and Hero Boom and now in a new account.

This week’s blog will go back two weeks in all the stat updates to cover what we missed, we will be covering the SubV Vs Pack war with a side note to the input of SubV2, we will then follow with the Sfm Vs Pack war and then the =BoB= Vs Pack war, finishing with a combined total of the World Versus Pack to see how pack are fairing in this World war.

I would also like suggestions on who to interview next week, I would prefer somebody not in SubV or Pack as we have just had players from both sides. I am thinking sancus the new duke of =BoB= if you have questions for him or suggestions for future interviews get in touch.

We also have a bucket load of maps this week so let me know which ones are your favourites and which ones you would want weekly.

Moe’s Summary of the Week!

Moe is still traveling so has not got back to me with his summary of the week, if he gets back to me soon i will add it later.

World 25 Maps

First Up we have my favourite, the rotating round map made by Applecore of SFM, thank you very much it is awesome.

Next we have the K dominance number map, which has been used on several worlds this shows the change in the world and the growth of SubV and the fall of other tribes.

This is someone else’s interpretation of the breakdown of the SubV/Pack war, if you like it, it can become a regular appearance.

With this update we can see that SubV and SubV2 have been made as a family tribe and this shows that they now control 61 continents.

War Stats.

With SubV declaring exactly on the 14th of July 00:00 Server Time all stats will be taking from then. Also since they declared first they will be put first.

Now that is domination, if SubV keep up at this pace will Pack fold quickly or as they claim stay till the last village? Or can the un expected happen and Pack Turn it around?

Also if we add in SubV2 to the mix;

Side 1: SubV2 = 371

Side 2: PACK = 175

Difference: 196

Timeframe: 14/07/2010 00:00:00 to 02/08/2010 14:11:31

Top Noblers.

  1. ISMAniatico; SubV= 153
  2. naga162; SubV= 151
  3. DipsyDixie; SubV= 141
  4. mother53; SubV= 125
  5. gougework1; SubV= 112
  6. loststryk; SubV= 107
  7. Penthesilia; SubV= 107
  8. Lychaeus; SubV= 85
  9. sockit1710; SubV= 82
  10. lnlsban; SubV= 74
  11. uk patriot; SubV= 62
  12. Alexmichie; SubV= 55
  13. sta17mattywagon; SubV= 55
  14. chapyri; SubV= 53
  15. slick94153; SubV= 51
  16. h46ac; SubV= 40
  17. greenghost52; SubV= 37
  18. CouchyNZ; SubV= 36
  19. Realistica; SubV= 35
  20. K9Me; SubV= 32

The Top 20 is dominated completely by SubV and with the war under a month old, we have 7 players already over 100 conquers.

Well the Conquer Map points out some interesting points; it extinguishes the pack claims that SubV are only taking isolated villages, as you can clearly see this is worldwide domination.

The only Continent in which Pack is winning is K12.

SFM  vs Pack.

SFM declared on Pack on 2010, July 19th, so all stats will be taken from here. With SFM posted as Side 1 as they declared.

Side 1: SFM

Side 2: PACK

Timeframe: 19/07/2010 00:00:00 to 02/08/2010 15:58:54

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 255

Side 2: 132

Difference: 123

So Pack are losing this war as well but it is still in the early stages, as its only been going 2 weeks and Pack were not expecting this declaration so we should get a clearer view of how this war will turn out in a couple of weeks.

Top Noblers.

  1. Applecore8, SFM = 67
  2. jusme15, PACK = 31
  3. LiljhUnsZs, PACK = 30
  4. Krenan, SFM = 27
  5. Gerald Carswell, SFM = 21
  6. Hossamelnaggar, SFM = 20
  7. brawler34727, SFM = 19
  8. justlooking6, PACK = 18
  9. sowerby dog, SFM = 16
  10. Sir ryan himself, SFM = 9

It’s still quite open with hitters on both sides so we shall see what happens next week.

SFM seem to be winning K0 and K10, but Pack are winning K11 with K31 looking like a fairly even Fight.

=BoB= Versus Pack

The =BoB=/ Pack war will also be run from the 19/07/2010 as that is when they declared, they will also be put first for this reason.

Side 1: =BoB=

Side 2: PACK

Timeframe: 19/07/2010 00:00:00 to 02/08/2010

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 152

Side 2: 18

Difference: 134

So Pack are losing on all 3 fronts at the moment, and =BoB= are putting in a very decent showing against Pack.

As we can see almost all of =BoB=’S conquers are in K9, as this is still quite early on in the war I am sure it will not all be as smooth running as this for =BoB=.

The World versus Pack.

This is just going to be a conquer map taken of last week’s conquers involving all sides on Pack and a combined Stat Update of all sides involved, this was requested and I see no reason why it should not be in the Blog. It was also requested by a lot of players that we have a weekly Biggest Loser award; unfortunately I cannot put this in the Blog as it would be a personal attack on someone, but you can make one in the publics.

Side 1: SFM SubV2 SubV SFM

Side 2: PACK PacK2

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 792

Side 2: 96

Difference: 696

Next on to the interview, it was meant to be Armand but his interview is unusable therefore on such short notice I have had to go to my good friend Shawn, he is a big character in this world and I am sure you will all enjoy his interview. For future note interviews cannot be the rantings of a lunatic, with no facts or points to back them up, they cannot contain swearing and they cannot involve personal attacks on people, Armand broke all these rules hence why his interview cannot be posted in this Blog.


Alex: Introduce yourself to us.

1aybaybay: My name is Shawn and people either love me or hate me, I don’t really care what it is LOL

Alex: How long have you been playing TW? W25? And what other worlds have you played?

1aybaybay: Ive been playing w25 off and on (personal life issue breaks) since the start of w25

Alex: Can you give us an idea of your w25 history? (Past tribes, etc).

1aybaybay: I played w20/w24/w25 and I love speed rounds. W25 Wow where do I start I started off in Fog/ootd/sotd then I left the game due to health issues and I came back to w25 as hanibalII with a mad revenge for a good fight. I then merged with SubV as both my dukes and council all left me to hold TPR on my own, (that’s when I met rotten and we had a go at each other off and on, on the battle grounds and he notice that I was warring INH/WHNC/SubV all at once and still holding my ground. So that’s when he introduced me to randy and from there are friendship and respect for each other has grown. I haven’t been the best tribes mate for SubV lately as RL has dealt me some big blows and the respect I earned from certain people I lost but as we all know you can’t help what happens in RL. But w25 I am back and here to stay so watch out coz I am looking for a good fight.

If you feel Like you can handle me Give me a TRY

Alex: So which accounts have you been in on this world?

1aybaybay:cktamoore/hanibalII/Hero Boom and now 1aybaybay Yes I know poeple shut it

Alex: Which was your favourite?

1aybaybay: HanibalII was my baby I played the account liek the name says it

Alex: Which has been your favourite war in world 25?

1aybaybay: TPR Vs INH/subv/whnc It was action and kept you on your game

Alex: Biggest Regrets of this world and best Highs?

1aybaybay: My biggest regret was having to leave the hanibalII account

Alex: Other players- best attacker, Best Defender, Best Politician, funniest player and most annoying?


Best attacker Emperor Ron

Best defender Marc Nolan

Best Politician radzz

most annoying  armand

Alex: Favourite things aside from TW.

1aybaybay: spending time with my 8month old boy

Alex: last words for World 25

1aybaybay: Now is the Time to make things interesting Bring it ON, W25 isn’t Dead, Maybe it’s just you let’s make it interesting

Alex: Moe or Alex?

1aybaybay: LOL ain’t gonna split the twins love them both

Spam Section

This week we have the return of Mothers Little Helpers funny take on the self updating map, remember this is just a joke!

Milestone Corner.

This is for the recent milestones of the world just a little congratulation’s to certain people in the world for their recent efforts. So far we are thinking about anyone who has just turned 10 million as we feel this is a good standard to get to and worth a bigger than usual acknowledgment and people who just got 100 million ODA and then top nobler of the week plus anything you can think of, I will add if it is relevant.

The first congratulations to people who have reach 10 million recently are;




A Really Big well done!

And the Hitters of the Week are;


Well Done! To Me LOL

Top Tribes- From the last 7 days Conquered Villages

1          SubV   1147

2          SubV2 553

3          SFM    426

4          PACK 394

5          =BoB=            353

Top Players-From the last 7 Days Conquered Villages

1          sister angel    81

2          1aybaybay     67

3          CouchyNZ      67

4          gr869  63

5          K9Me  62