W25 Weekly Blog, #1

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Hello ALL and Welcome to the first W25 Official Blog, now hopefully this will be a weekly issue, Now a lot of that depends on YOU World 25, I need you to keep being interesting and to get in contact with me to add into this Blog and let’s make this the best Blog in all the Worlds.

I will try and be fair and equal, yes I know I am a SubV members but I am welcoming all input and anyone who would like to add something or any suggestions will be welcome, so mail all suggestions you have or any complaints, but don’t just mail me saying its rubbish or you suck.

I will be doing this with the Help of my good friend Moe as it’s a lot of work and this job requires a lot of information to be gathered,we will also be using Gate From Hell or the W25 historian as i like to call him, any stat you need ask him, we also need your help if you have anything you think I should put in here or some information which could be funny or interesting then let me know all help will be credited. Also if you have any suggestions who should be next to be interviewed then let me know I will obviously be trying to get the well known people first such as the Dukes of all the main tribes and then anyone who has done well or interesting things that week.

World 25 is by far the best world in the eyes of many on the TW server. This world has been around for almost 2 years now, but never once have this world had the privilege of holding its own Blog. Many of you know me as Moe, Ex leader of Otori, and the proud baron of Subv. The “Evil Twins”, made up of Alex Michie and I, will hold the honor of creating this blog every week. Many people might think that 2 Subvers holding this job is an abomination ☺, but we will not be biased and rather neutral in our blogs. Fellow warriors of this world may our blogs be prosperous as our farms ;), and god bless you all. if you have any ideas of what to include in the blog please feel free to message the evil twins in game ☺.

Now this will mainly include Recent News and Fair updates in the current wars that are going on, in these I will try and stay impartial and try and only post stats, if you have any complaints to how I do this let me know and I will take these into mind. I will also have interviews with certain members who have either stood out this week or we just thought they would be an interesting interview; we will then also have fun competitions which we would like members to join in with. Then we will have an Acknowledgement section where we say well done to certain people of the week, we were thinking maybe people who reach 10million as we feel that’s a good achievement and 100 million ODA as basics then there will be top nobler of the week and top war nobler of the week. If you think we should have more just let us know.

    First up is the Recent Wars Section.

Obviously we are going to start with the SubV Vs TDR war, (SubV are first as they declared and alphabetically) now first are the stats. Note all stats are taken from the day before on the Sunday.

    Side 1:

    Tribes: SubV

    Side 2:

    Tribes: TDR

Week                                             Month                                   Forever

So as a fair analysis TDR are winning, it does seem to be getting closer with SubV winning for the last 48hrs, so let’s see if it’s all change next week. Overall, there is 130 villages total difference between the two tribes but by current stats this could be a lot closer next week.

Up next is the Top Nobler of the SubV/TDR war, this is done from the start of the war which is 2010,April 9th, 04:08, (Thank You Gate) this cuts out any previous conquers from the Pack war or cross nobles from before, this is also Total so it takes into your total conquers and losses.

  1. slick94153 - TDR = 158
  2. loststryk - TDR = 54
  3. Penthesilia - TDR = 47
  4. Alexmichie - SubV = 46
  5. Secksay - TDR = 46
  6. Chapyri - SubV = 31
  7. Moe/ hanibalII- SubV = 30
  8. Princess Di - SubV = 29
  9. Hero Boom- SubV = 22
  10. Muad`Dib - SubV = 20
  11. ISMAniatico - SubV = 19
  12. ddawg1981 - SubV= 15
  13. gamble65 - TDR = 15
  14. Realistica - SubV = 15
  15. naga162 - TDR = 15

Wow so a huge lead for Slick, which is lucky as I had already lined up an interview with him LOL, seriously I did not know he was Top Nobler when I set up the Interview. This table also shows that 4 out of the Top 5 Noblers are from TDR which could be an indication as to their lead.

Then we have Morph Vs Pack, Neither of these sides has officially declared yet but I would like to see a good declaration sometime soon, I did have big hopes for a good declaration as both these sides has good and exciting posters so come on Armand or Gate one of you get posting and make it funny!!

    Side 1:

    Tribes: Morph

    Side 2:

    Tribes: PACK

    Last Week                           Last Month                            Forever








Morph seem to be well on top, I refuse to include Pack Junior until Morph officially declare on them or Pack Junior Declares on them, Also it is clear your two sides seem to be at war so how come no declaration?

Top 15 Noblers

  1. Heavenly hell- Morph = 36
  2. Billsmith- Morph = 32
  3. CouchyNZ- Morph = 27
  4. xcomputerx- Morph = 12
  5. coopes- PACK = 11
  6. red.scouser- PACK = 11
  7. 3rrflondon- PACK = 8
  8. GATE TO HELL 666- Morph = 7
  9. African A- Morph = 6
  10. Lucky seven- PACK = 6
  11. psychomathsmann- PACK =6
  12. colemach- Morph = 5
  13. warhunter2009 – Morph = 4
  14. Mjborch1- Morph = 3
  15. razdds2- Morph = 3 He was in Morph when he took these

Now Obviously this war has just started but its good to see Morph to get out of the blocks early can they keep it up or will Packs sheer size overwhelm them in the end?

Then we have two small wars which I will not throw the graphs in as one is basically a clean-up operation like SubV and SOE and NNT, this is TDR Vs KBZ, the stats are, Week= TDR 132, KBZ 4  Month=  TDR 488, KBZ 21 Forever= TDR 759, KBZ 55. So as you can clearly see TDR are almost completing the Clean up operation of the unwanted STK members.

The other small war is the TDR Vs SFM war which has only just started hence why I am not doing them properly give it a few more weeks and I will do them with graphs, the stats for the week are.

TDR= 9

SFM = 5

So it’s still close at the beginning of this war will TDR be able to cope with 2 war fronts or will SFM become the next KBZ?


Alex: Hello slick94153 welcome to the first issue of W25 Blog, and congratulations on being the first guest, now you are the TDR diplomat and a TDR original and founding member, can you tell me the reason behind the formation of TDR?

Slick: TDR was created for players who were more active than average and enjoyed fighting. Several of us came from PACK with a few founding members from SUBV. PACK is a good tribe with some really good people just had an overall less aggressive approach to the game. Our current situation of warring 3 tribes with attacks coming from a 4th as well is a bit more aggressive than we planned but it does make for a great challenge. We are a council run tribe with all council members having equal say and decisions are made by way of a vote. We try very hard to keep the entire tribe informed of decision and the reasons behind that decision. We have a great group of people in our tribe and I am happy to be on the team.

Alex: It sounds like a perfect situation if it works, you mentioned 4 tribes by my count its SFM,KBZ and of course SubV, who is the fourth?

Slick: SUBV, SFM, KBZ, QCK is also attacking, but on a limited basis.

Alex: Ah ok of course.  You recently merged with STK, can you tell me how that came about and did you think SubV would attack after it?

Slick: The merger with STK came about because of us getting to know some of their members. Often times you have communication with someone you are attacking or being attacked by, sometimes that communication is not so good and sometimes, it leads to a friendship. That is what happened with STK, there were several members that had great attitudes, the kind of players you want in your tribe. This lead to talks, which lead to a merger..  We knew at the time we were taking a risk with SUBV but felt the attitude of some of the players was worth the risk. Well, you can see that risk turned into a war.

Alex: Now with the benefit of hindsight would you have taken the merge with STK or would you have played it differently?

Slick: We pick up some good players so I think we still would do it.

Alex:  So are you excited by the current war and what’s your prediction?

Slick: Well, you can fight with anyone that you want, but until you tangle with the big dog in the world, you really don’t know your place. SUBV, by all accounts, is the big dog in this world. We are excited to test our skills against a tribe that has been number one for some time and heir apparent to ruling this world.  We have seen the tides of this war cycle in both directions and know that a snapshot of the stats means little in the long run. We are in this war for the long haul and know it will be a tough one. Both tribes have some really great players and only time will tell who will come out on top.

Alex: You are currently destroying CKA and are the top nobler from both sides in this entire war by over 100 villages what is this down to?

Slick: well, I deserve very little credit, my team does all the hard work, I just got the benefit of taking some villages.

Alex: Very Humble I like it. What is your opinion on the other war going on in this world?

Slick: (MORPH vs PACK) Both tribes have some good players, we know several players on each of the teams. We wish both sides good luck.

Alex: So do you have any other interests aside from TW?

Slick: Are there things you can do outside of TW? Seriously, I enjoy spending time with my family.

Alex: I agree Tw does seem to absorb your life, So you are quite a quiet person and I don’t think I have ever seen you post on the Publics do you read them?

Slick:  I thoroughly enjoy reading the external forums, it gives you a good sense of what people think. It gets a little heated and a little too personal sometimes but the externals are entertaining.

Alex: Thank you for your time and good luck in this war do you have a statement to leave this world with?

Slick: Play hard, play fair, but most of all, remember it is just a game so have fun with it.

Alex: Thank You very much Slick and finally the most important question which will be asked of all future guests is, Alex or Moe pick your favorite!

Slick: okay, I have never talked with him so I will say you!

Alex: Woo, One Nil Alex sorry Moe.

    Milestone Corner.

This is for the recent milestones of the world just a little congratulations to certain people in the world for their recent efforts. So far we are thinking about anyone who has just turned 10 million as we feel this is a good standard to get to and worth a bigger than usual acknowledgment and people who just got 100 million ODA and then top nobler of the week plus anything you can think of, I will add if it is relevant.

The first congratulations to people who have reach 10 million recently are;

Lord A J Quinn


Well done and keep it up!

And the hitters of the week are;

Heavenly hell



Saint Pauli

Well done and Keep Nuking!

    From the last 7 days Conquered Villages

1              SubV     1173

2              PACK     821

3              SFM       473

4              TDR        372

5              =BoB=   305

    From the last 7 Days Conquered Villages

1              shadow.empire     79

2              h46ac    71

3              Hammarliden     67

4              Saint Pauli           66

5              Lord A J Quinn   66

Next the Picture/ Competition Board.

This will be a regular thing in this we will post a picture with some guidelines we want you to see if you can find a better or funnier picture.

    First up Drunken Pictures!

We want you to send us your pictures and we will post the winning picture and give the winner a small interview.

I was also thinking about having a joke of the week, and our favourite forum post of the week and maybe a caption contest we post a funny picture and people send us there captions and we post our favourite. What are your opinions on these?

Also I was thinking about having an Advert Section, this is for anyone who wants to send in adverts looking for Love, a basher or a friend, or anything else make them as funny or serious as you want.

Also with my current promotion if you want to call it that or new title I would like a new tag, normally I do them myself but any new help would be welcome so any budding graphic designs who want some publicity get in touch about it.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to read the Blog if you have any questions, queries, suggestions or you want to submit a picture to me for the contest just mail me.

Alex and Moe.