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June 2, 2010 in World 019 News

Hello w19! Sorry I am a couple days late, holiday weekend here in the US =) Regardless, I’ve got a good update for you all today! Some major news I would like to report (for those of you on the moon that didn’t hear), Morthy was able to restore Asylum’s OD and forums after the incident last week where Asylum was hostilely disbanded! Big thanks to Morthy for this, it’s the kind of stuff that keeps people playing TW! =) Other than that, there isn’t much major news to report outside of an explosion of arguing on the Asylum gangbang thread hehe =P Let’s check out the maps:

It’s nice to see that Asylum had some philly cheesesteaks last week and they have refilled the junk in their trunk. The rest looks a bit all the same to me lol.

Power Rankings

Major Power (10+%)
ASYLUM 327,971,995 12.92% 31,592,469 0.93%
BRAINS 315,223,449 12.42% 14,922,344 0.27%
VIRTUS 275,880,144 10.87% 5,962,646 -0.05%
All*² 274,995,653 10.83% 6,938,575 -0.01%

Mid-sized Powers (4-9%)
XLR 198,778,903 7.83% 4,225,768 -0.04%
UNSF 187,732,113 7.39% 6,199,577 0.05%
~EP~ 154,107,077 6.07% 2,771,705 -0.05%
CANDY 131,690,200 5.19% 906,144 -0.10%
~TA~ 115,144,533 4.54% -7,052,569 -0.41%
cC 105,990,846 4.17% 10,830,108 0.32%

Minor Powers (Less than 4% & More than 30M)
~HOME~ 98,593,878 3.88% -1,739,259 -0.18%
BRAINZ 95,255,180 3.75% 1,210,078 -0.05%
Magyar 84,192,446 3.32% 10,699,090 0.34%
WDW 74,220,863 2.92% 2,506,467 0.02%
NIR 50,276,852 1.98% -387,514 -0.07%
HEROES 48,867,098 1.92% 10,406,474 0.37%

Tribes Out:

So we do have a few interesting things to note here…All* have grown to major power size, and Brains have been growing also =o Of course, there has been plenty of easy pickins down in the south with the loss of a couple Asylum accounts. I for one can’t wait to really see some push between these two big beasts =)

Weekly Interview

This week we have an interview with the one and only Nathan Potter! *gasp* Always an active forum poster, Nathan has a knack for drawing attention to himself in w19, and that hasn’t changed at all, even in light of his recent account deletion and leaving UNSF. So here it is folks, read up!

Q: Introduce yourself to us =)

Hai! I’m Nathan, aka DFF in a couple of my worlds.

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?

I have been on w19 for a couple of years now, and playing TW for probably 3 years.

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w19?

I used to play w7, was a nub there and didn’t really have a clue until I quit =D Now I sort of play w4 when I get time, w19, and w26. I coplay on w49 and w50, but my coplayer and I are thinking about jacking those in.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?

Favorite, well theres alot of things. I love timing my nukes and nobles, sniping peoples nobles and the skype side of things. I also love catting the crap out of people who piss me off =P
Least favorite has gotta be the many nights I have decided to stay up and defend/time attacks.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?

In the words of one of my neighbours on w49:
‘First of all I just wanted to say that I like the way you play this game. You are an aggressive player and own everyone you do not like.’

That pretty much sums it up. I also love my cats, and put them to damn good use.

Q: Could you give us an idea of your w19 history? (past tribes, etc)

Okay, this could be boring =D I started in =HK=, was a half decent tribe who shared a border with the early -D-. They wanted to expand in a different direction than I did, so I left and joined 2Angry. Made alot of friends there, and eventually was voted to become leader of AngryQ, another branch of the Angry Mob. I then declared war on QIVA, as that was the only expansion route for us and they were becoming a threat. We did okay being as they were wayyy bigger than us, held our own for a while and then we got raped. I merged into there, and stayed there while we fought XLR the first time. Then I joined BondQ as the duke, and turned them from an inactive tribe into a tribe that was semi decent. After that I rejoined Bonded, was given duke by kest and we co-duked Bonded. That eventually ended in merging with UNSF to create OutFit, in a hope that I wouldn’t have to do everything largely by myself. That didn’t go to plan, so I deleted and took up an anonymous account in XLR, where I am now.

Q: To my knowledge, you are the kingpin behind the Anti-Asylum, better known as the BBC, coalition. Is this correct? What were your reasons for organizing this effort?

Yes, that is correct – me and jrandall75 were the main instigators of the coalition. I was concerned that they would war us now that that their war with XLR and Candy was over, so I spoke to my friends in Brains about a possible coalition alliance to take down Asylum together. From there it went on to include first ~EP~ and then ~UWA~, and we finally got our plans together, set a couple of launch dates and launched.

Q: Why form a coalition? Certainly you couldn’t have been that strongly allied with Brains on the other side of the world. Perhaps EP and UWA, but why not just declare on Asylum alone?

I had friends in Brains, EP and UWA anyway, and really it was a chance remark that I made to jrandall that sparked it off. We realised we both wanted the same thing and decided to work together. We got EP involved almost immediately, and UWA soon after. The reason for the coalition was because we knew Asylum were too good to take on alone. After talking we figured if we all hit at once then we would stand the best chance of winning.

Q: For a long time, Bonded was the large family tribe on the east side of the world. And Bonded was certainly dogged for it. You started leaning away from the label of family tribe and eventually we saw a merger/consolidation of Bonded and UNSF, moving enough accounts over that Bonded was a shadow of its former size and the naysayers were hard-pressed to call Bonded a family anymore. Do you think this change benefited UNSF ultimately?

Well, it depends on which way you look at it =P The merge accelerated XLR’s declaration on us, so that is a negative impact. But, to start off with, it was a huge benefit – there was all those active players in one tribe. I mean, suby and Azzazzel-Ra quit just before the merge, but I had 2 absolute beasts to take over those accounts from w26. Suby never worked out because he didnt transfer his pass to the new guy, and the new Azz guy had his fun for a couple of weeks and then left. In the end, the merge saved Bonded’s active members, but partly to the detriment of the rest.

Q: Nathan! You deleted your account and quit! You were the most fierce defender of Bonded for the longest time! Seriously, you drove me crazy defending Bonded on the forums =D Why the change in heart?

Well, I guess a list would maybe be easier to read:
* I got no tribal support except what kest could spare, even though he had to stack himself from xlr and asylum. There was 75% D players with only a handful of villages on the frontline who had D sitting at home in case they got attacked =|
* the fact that the only time I asked for a sitter nobody would do it
* the fact that none of the players were willing to send off a huge amount off attacks in one go on a whim – except rampton, he used to love it =P
* the number of accounts I was having to sit and actively defend, most of the time I was hovering at 10 or 11 sits, it went up to 13 just before I quit
* Players like mary sending me their sit with no warning, then me logging in to find 3k+ untagged incomings that are 3 days old
* the fact that people expected me to sit everyone and not lose much if anything at all, and still lead the tribe and make ops. I’m not being funny, but thats what the other leaders are for * to share the load. Which rarely happened.
* one of the final straws was when I asked for mary (inactive account) to stack my nuke villages that were being targeted by XLR – the account was inactive and had 700D sitting at home. I made my list, sent it off and the sitter didnt even bother. That pissed me off.
* The main thing though, that made me quit was the pressure xlr put on me. They had me on 4000 incoming attacks for 3 months solid. Sometimes it dipped below and sometimes it rose higher. They sent me huge amounts of cats, they always knocked down the farms and smithies I had just finished building, so that I rarely was able to build troops in those villages. That was the situation with probably 75% of my villages, the farm and smithy was so low that I couldnt build any troops. Later after joining XLR, I found out it was a ‘Keep Nathan Busy’ op, and they now have coined the phrase ‘The NathanPotter Treatment’ =P

Q: There have been many rumors around w19 that you have taken a new account. What is your response to these comments?

Yes, I have taken up residence in XLR, after a brief break from w19. I don’t wish to reveal what account, but it is nice to remain in the same tribe as kest and blow. For those of you who are wondering why I refused to admit this earlier, well it’s simple. I still feel ties to UNSF to this day, and I just couldn’t face telling them I had left and joined the enemy. Sly and Laura though, they are top notch and have been extremely understanding about everything.

Q: OMG! XLR?! No way! =P Why join the enemy? And give up the other enemy (Asylum) you set out after when you formed the coalition?

Well, it’s simple really. We saw how well XLR work as a team, something we always craved back in Bonded/Outfit. We saw that when you attacked one of them, within minutes you had 3 or 4 others sending you a ton of attacks back, and that is what we wanted to be a part of. For kest though there was some extra, slightly different reasons – his job meant that he may have had to go to Afghanistan, and naturally he wanted the best people looking after his account should he have to go. With his usual sitter and defender (me) now in XLR, and sly and Laura there too, he knew it would be the best place to be. As for Asylum, well I was confident in the capability of the rest of the coalition, and remain confident in their ability. Admittedly, I did let them down by moving, but I did inform my two most trusted friends that I was moving, and they understood and gave it their blessing.

Q: In light of this development, would you like to pass on any messages to w19 as a whole or your former tribemates at UNSF?

Well, to the guys back at UNSF – you know how it is. I loved your tribe more than anything, and to leave you was exceptionally hard. But you all know the amount of work I was doing, and the amount of stuff I was doing alone, and I just couldn’t hack it anymore. I’m sorry for leaving you all, even more sorry for not being able to tell you until now, but I felt that I really didnt have any other choice.
To the rest of w19, well, they didn’t think that they could get rid of me that easily did they?! =D

Q: Freebie – anything else you want to say?

I just want to mention one more thing about TW and some of the players here. Some of the people here are absolutely amazing – a guy in my w26 tribe has been jobless for a long time now and unable to find work because of the recession, and recently he put up a thread saying he could no longer play TW because he couldn’t find a job in his trade, and was struggling to pay his internet and so on. Well, a few of my other tribemates there have friends and contacts in the industry he works in, and are now ringing around and asking all their contacts if they can get him a job as close to home for him as possible. Now not many people would do something like that for a person they met playing an internet game, and even fewer would go as far out of their way as these guys have done to try and get this man a job. I think that is fantastic, and big respect to those helping him out. Those people are absolutely amazing, and I think they deserve a mention somewhere, even if its not by name.

Thanks for the interview!!

Blog question

Last week I asked:  What is your opinion of coplaying? There are obvious advantages and drawbacks. Do you support it, or are you against it? Tell us why! And omg y’all actually gave me answers!! Here they are:

“Before the maximum limit on sitting I wasn’t bothered about co-playing however now its very different. Obviously there are massive advantages such as; your account being taken care of around the clock without racking up any days sat and the ability to grow and attack any player in their offline time (assuming they don’t have a 12 hours time difference with a co-player if they have). But what about for everyone else? The fact is we’re at a disadvantage, technically they could snipe any train, tag any attack and operate far better than a normal player.To be honest it’s easy to pick a side if you have a co-player or are fighting one, but what if your not? Then what would you say? In the end I would rather not have co-playing allowed but an extended sit duration before attacking became impossible or just a longer max sit.”

Answer submitted by dragon727272

“I’m against it! (For reasons contact Cabana cigara lol)”

Answer submitted by Jasongreen  (… =P at jason)

“Having a co-player increases the risks of a tribe’s internal safety drastically, and also leaves a fairly large space in someone’s armor if they give their password to a more… “corrupt”… type of person. However, it does leave a lot more time for beers…”

Answer submitted by caleb1705

“A good tool, especially on beginning stage of the game, where it is required to be active as much as possible to grow as fast as possible. However it ruins the purpose to play fairly against all other players that don’t have coplayers. So its some kind of cheating, but it isn’t. But nevertheless, who wants to coplay, please be my guest and do that ;D There are obvious advantages and drawbacks. As mentioned up, covering all time of the day and night of one person. Drawback, I think it ruins the purpose of fair play against other players. But as they say, everything is allowed in war. So is coplaying.No, I don’t support it and I am against it. I never had coplayer, I wanted one some time ago, but I was out of luck to get one. So, I stayed to obtain account alone. But to be perfectly honest, I never needed one, I handled my accounts perfectly fine. And if I really need a help, I can simply ask tribe mate for an account sitting.”

Answer submitted by DrSneider

Good answers guys! It’s not an easy one to answer, because it does give an account a double-player advantage, and also possibly open the account to security weaknesses. Wherever you stand on the issue, though, you should get used to coplayers since there is no effective way for TW to stop them from playing! =o

Next week’s question: What factors do you think make up a winning tribe in TW? DETAILS! =D

Until next week w19!