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May 4, 2010 in World 019 News

Hello w19. I hope this past week has found you all well. I know I usually open like this, but it really has been quiet around w19 this week, maybe even more so than usual =P All*’s declaration on TNT is the most interesting development, but that’s technically old news since it happened last week lol. Anyway, here are the maps:

The major changes from last week are yet again in the NE. TNT is significantly smaller in size (between players leaving and All* noblings), and a couple small tribes -RK- and BAND have popped up. How many more weeks until the NE gets sorted I wonder?

Power Rankings:

(Courtesy of Persempai)

Major Power (10+%)
ASYLUM 330,188,617 13.04% 1,633,103 0.43%
BRAINS 269,029,897 10.63% 3,458,833 0.43%

Mid-sized Powers (4-9%)
UNSF 235,839,322 9.32% 3,533,414 0.40%
VIRTUS 234,120,017 9.25% 2,065,215 0.34%
All*² 232,160,570 9.17% 4,681,487 0.44%
XLR 181,377,028 7.17% 2,903,402 0.40%
ORIGIN 176,251,422 6.96% 131,382 0.11%
CANDY 143,037,357 5.65% 819,467 0.19%
~EP~ 141,800,726 5.60% -4,933,247 -0.03%
~TA~ 119,430,126 4.72% 925,104 0.17%

Minor Powers (Less than 4% & More than 30M)
~HOME~ 96,133,652 3.80% -4,234,699 0.88%
cC 77,815,091 3.07% 1,808,975 3.07%
WDW 67,835,253 2.68% 1,585,107 -0.39%
NIR 61,144,894 2.42% -5,715,598 -0.15%
BRAINZ 56,370,340 2.23% -616,617 -0.32%
HEROES 47,245,117 1.87% 1,900,041 -0.32%
Magyar 31,284,849 1.24% -899,999 -0.51%
Bonded 30,194,699 1.19% -1,825,747 -0.04%

Tribes Out:

Weekly Interview:

This week’s interview is with JeffDS77, another former Panda. I have to say, after all the hullaballo over the Pandas breakup, the whole thing wasn’t nearly as interesting or scandalous as we all thought it would be =P That being said, it’s nice to have gotten acquainted with some of the ex-Pandas though! Forward march,  troops!

Q: Introduce yourself to us =)

My name is Jeff (obviously), I’m 27, and I reside in the northeast corner of w19

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?

Think it’s been a little over a year and a half now. W19 was my first world. I stumbled across the site from a banner ad in my travels and decided to check it out. I’ve been losing sleep over this game ever since.

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w19?

After a while, I had started on w26 with some other fellow w19ers in a premade but that did not last very long. I’m currently on w41 just to mess around but sometimes it’s difficult to give more than one world your full attention with your schedule in real life.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?

There are alot of good aspects to this game, it’s what makes it fun. Probably being in a good active war would be best so you get a chance to test and show your skills. If that doesn’t sound fun, then this probably isn’t your game. Which would make the least favorite part going after a player that doesn’t fight back. Nothing more boring than going up against an opponent that doesn’t put much effort into stopping you or fighting back. I actually like having incomings.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?

I’d have to say being persistent. I won’t sit back and wait for you and I don’t give up very easily so you may be able to slow me down a bit but eventually I will adapt and get what I want.

Q: You were one of the founders of Pandas, right? What things did you enjoy and not enjoy about being a duke?

Guilty. Stepped up from Baron to Duke of Hard* not long after the -D- war. Due to some inactivity on both sides and a chance to get better, we decided to merge with DYN. Being a duke can be fun, especially seeing the results of a plan or OP you came up with. You can strategize with you own account but you can do it on a much larger scale when planning for a full tribe. But sometimes players tend to cause problems or fight with each other over some pretty insignificant things like a couple villages. Eventually those things take their toll and can suck the fun right out of leading.

Q: Pandas recently broke apart and the former members have gone in multiple different tribes. Nothing was announced on the public forums. Could you give the w19 community an idea of what happened?

The breakup into several tribes just shows the certain clicks had developed in the tribe. Legend and Chucky did a good job after their bump up to Duke to replace me but it didn’t take long for people to question their decisions and imply they could do a better job. Giving your opinion is one thing but when you have players constantly complaining and picking apart every little thing on the forum with a three page novel of a response, it can make things uncomfortable. You really can’t underestimate team chemistry in a tribe and we kept our core group together for the most part in All*.

Q: If you could see any war happen, what would it be and why (in an imaginary w19 =D )?

That’s a tough one. Completely disregarding rematches of good wars like Asylum and XLR that already happened. I bet long time allies Candy and XLR going at it would be fun. But I’d have to say I’d want to go back and see a HARD* versus DYN war. You want to see a war that you would be a part of. Only issue with that war is the outcome would be obvious and quite a few of the DYN players I share a tribe with now would have ended up getting rimmed.

Q: Freebie — anything else you want to say to w19 =)

Thanks to all the friends and people who have kept this game fun. Hopefully the PANDAS that became All Stars will continue to show people what we can do. NOM NOM.

Featured Facepalm:

Gonna give this a go, let me know how you all like it! This week’s facepalm was submitted by ChronoKaiser of Candy ….

[17:31:10] Ieuan (Petn): Is Jirki around Ed?
[17:31:33] Ed (ChronoKaiser): She gave me 3 days the other day .. and told me to talk with Morthy about the full month
[17:31:50] Ieuan (Petn): srsly? mad
[17:31:52] NathanPotter/DFF: jirki is a she?
[17:31:53] NathanPotter/DFF: =O
[17:31:56] Ieuan (Petn): no =D

If that isn’t a permaban waiting to happen I don’t know what is =D Does anyone else have some fantastic facepalm they wish to share? Don’t be shy now!

I’d also like to show off Captain Marryat’s ever-amusing world 19 map interpretation:

And only one last note. Would anyone like to do a guest blog for next week? You shall have free reign! I don’t care what you talk about (within reason =P), and it’s a great open forum for sharing your opinion. Just because I try to stay fair and balanced on the blog doesn’t mean a guest writer has to.  Contact me if you are interested.  Until next time w19!