w19 Weekly News and World Update

April 12, 2010 in World 019 News

Hello w19! I hope you all are well.  It’s been a quiet week here on w19.  The biggest news to report is the breakup of Pandas, the powerhouse of the NE rim. I’m trying to get the dish on that story, but in the meantime the maps themselves are pretty interesting so have a look-look:

As you can see, the northeast is still looking messy post-Pandas.  Several former Pandas have now joined All*, growing the size of All* nicely.  Most of the rest of the Pandas players have gone into one of the two new tribes up in the northeast, TNT and ~HOME~.

Let’s have a look at the power rankings too, to see what else is going on:

Major Power (10+%)
CABANA 338,072,154 12.89% New New

Mid-sized Powers (4-9%)
BRAINS 260,867,126 9.94% 1,222,434 0.05%
OutFit 249,954,305 9.53% -5,260,152 -0.20%
All* 226,107,866 8.62% 53,291,428 2.03%
VIRTUS 219,506,414 8.37% 2,108,936 0.08%
ORIGIN 168,046,933 6.41% 1,740,160 0.07%
CANDY 163,637,739 6.24% -815,603 -0.03%
XLR 155,138,454 5.91% 790,715 0.03%
~EP~ 147,118,094 5.61% -11,326,522 -0.43%
~TA~ 109,737,881 4.18% 1,601,405 0.06%

Minor Powers (Less than 4% & More than 30M)
TNT 102,749,289 3.92% 27,506,467 1.05%
cC 69,000,868 2.63% 78,450 0.00%
WDW 66,786,057 2.55% 1,361,079 0.05%
NIR 66,440,233 2.53% -2,014,364 -0.08%
BRAINZ 64,450,486 2.46% 238,642 0.01%
Bonded 46,690,886 1.78% -354,668 -0.01%
Wolf 46,006,588 1.75% -926,349 -0.04%
~HOME~ 44,613,887 1.70% NEW NEW
Magyar 40,872,060 1.56% 228,558 0.01%
HEROES 37,533,786 1.43% 1,834,262 0.07%

Tribes Out:

If you look at the numbers above, the biggest gain has gone to All* from picking up stray Pandas =p  The other significant gains/losses appear to be from player movement also. Asylum has given themselves a makeover to the nice and summery CABANA =)

Weekly Interview

Since it is kinda slow this week, I’ve got two interviews for everyone to read =) The first is with LOVERLOVER:

Q: Introduce yourself to us =)

LOVERLOVER, all caps. Some know me as Chrissy.

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?

World 19 was my first world. I started off as a complete noob, still am. My first legitimate tribe was AoD. I learned not to mix my troops when the AoD duke sent off all troops off to die after he sat me =( Later on I was invited to Venom, then CSDS and Asylum. I now reside with the seXually Liberated and Rambunctious and I am totally enjoying it!

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w19?

At this time I am playing in world 19/43. World 47 had me for a bit- co played with ChuckyPig. We were doing quite well until our neighbors got sick of us attacking them all. World 19 is the most interesting and drama filled world I have experienced yet and there is absolutely nothing I would change about it.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?

I am a very organized person and love maintaining my villages. Downgrading, upgrading, correcting techs whatever. Defending is another thing I enjoy and I am good at it! My least favorite thing is the cost of nobles and premium cost going up. It is ridiculous!

Q: What do you think of the v6.0 updates?

For the most part quite enjoyable. The noble planner is brilliant and with the exception of 1 oops has worked out well.

Q: You have a massively huge account and have stayed at the top in the world ranks for a long time. What’s the secret to your success?

My 300 nukes. I work them like a machine. Honestly, I am very selective on who I choose to attack. I study and watch my victim for a long time prior to making my move. I think through the months it has paid off.

Q: You were in Asylum a long time, but tell us about what tribe(s) you were in before joining Asylum?

AoD, Venom, CSDS, Asylum.

Q: Why did you take up a leadership role in Asylum? What was your experience of being a tribe leader?

I was a Baron of Asylum for ages prior to taking on the Duke role. I will try to keep this short and sweet. My role came to play due to a possible threat to Asylum’s existence. I was sanctioned Duke to ensure that would not happen.

Q: Why did you leave Asylum? Was your parting a friendly one?

I love the guys at Asylum. They are completely insane!!!!!! I believe my departing was friendly, at least that is my take on it. I am still in touch on a daily basis with many of the guys there. Drats and I were always close and I consider him a good friend. He is a great duke when he puts his mind to it.

Q: You’ve left Asylum for your former enemy, XLR! It’s quite scandalous, really. Your response? =P

It could be quite scandalous but at this time and place it is rather placid. We are both striving for the same goal, NOM NOM OutFit. Who knows what the future may hold. This world is full of surprises, right?

Q: Freebie — anything else you want to say to w19?

I would like to thank certain people for teaching me this game. It has been such fun learning the ropes, working as a team and meeting so many new folks. Special shout outs to CoachGD, Drattuts, Maljada, LauraDestroya, Slytown and the mighty but annoying Nathan PotterPants. I would like to give the most thanks for my co player. Olso is the best!!!

Our second interview is with Dekzy, here it is:

Q: Introduce yourself to us =)

Hello I’m Dekzy or on new worlds, I’m JailBait my first name is Declan last name is secrets.

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?

I’ve being playing Tribalwars for about 2 and half years now. First started on W11 with my friend didn’t stay long, then moved to W16 where I have to say has been my favourite world so far then I joined W19 and started in K23 then moved to K6 for a friend who has since quit.

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w19?

I play W4, W19, W21, W49 and I must admit W49 seems to look like a good world.

Q: What is your favourite aspect of Tribalwars? Least favourite?

My favourite aspect is getting to see all the great graphic designs in tribe’s Coat of arms and wacky yet wonderful names.

Q: What was your involvement in DYN (I can’t recall if you were duke, baron, etc, just give us a rundown)?

Well just after I moved down to K6 there was a family tribe there by the name of ~TH~ and after my previous tribe Rtd-R warred them I failed my tribe because no-one was nobling anything so I got a deal with the then duke of ~TH~ and he accepted a ceasefire if they merged so the tribe merged. Well anyway I later on joined the main tribe and got to know a lot of the members unjustified who was baron going to become duke and Huw Solo who was baron I got on really well with those two and still do they are real life brothers anyway we all agreed a family wasn’t the way forward and one of the suggested a brand new start and only taking in the good players from the family so I left and made DYN which stood for Dynasty which some of you may know and like the game Dynasty Warriors and the 3 kingdoms well there was 3 dukes in DYN and the dukes kind of resembled the Kingdoms and hence why DYN was born. I was then revoked as duke for being immature which I highly regret because it was the one thing I was truly good at.

Q: Refresh our memories about what happened to DYN?

DYN was a part of a triple alliance in the North East which included DYN, AD! HARD* before HARD* was formed from the –D- breakaways DYN/AD! Alliance was so strong it was about as strong as the CANDY/XLR alliance (not exaggerated) well anyway HARD* were formed and immediately and by this time we lost one of the 3 dukes Huw Solo had to go because his Wife became pregnant so it was two dukes the other duke who replaced me was bl16ues and the tribe was starting to hit the inactive side, we also had threats from Signos but by the time PANDAS was formed Signos was gone and merged with AD! To form ARSE but they were far too inactive to hold their own against OFA F. But DYN merged with HARD* to created PANDAS the rest were nobled off and we made a record on w19 (I Think) nobling 100 villages a day for a week and was soon to become a major power in the world under the leadership of JeffDS77 (HARD* Duke) & unjustified (DYN Duke) which was a amazing experience to be guided under them.
Q: You’ve recently left Pandas to join Candy. That’s quite a journey! Why join a tribe several k’s away?

Erm tricky question, well you know when you see a tribe on a world you join and they’re one of the most skilled and publicly loved tribes and you want in but you’re not showing the skill to become one well I thought this was the last chance I had to save my Tribalwars career so I asked Abi one last time if I could join and she accepted much to my delight.

Q: Was your departure from Pandas a friendly one?

Well it wasn’t friendly I automatically had a hit on my head and claims on me were already up and attacks were promised but fortunately for me Ieuan (Petn) is the best diplomat ever and sorted it out so I only lost a proportion of my villages so it wasn’t that friendly but it turned out ok.

Q: How is life now that you’re rolling in the Candy Van?

Hard work. It’s better to face off against a worthier opponent than Wolf also a great atmosphere on Skype when everyone’s on =)

Q: Freebie — anything else you want to say to w19?

Nothing more to say, But hope you enjoy the read.

Blog Question

Last Week’s Question: If you got hired on TW’s creative team and were assigned to create a new unit for the game, what would it be and why?

Not a unit per se but an interesting twist and totally suitable for this game. I am sure you have seen the movie Braveheart, 1 of my all-time favorites. The scene where they attack the castle and hot oil is spilled on them from the top of the Walls. Perhaps some sort of feature like that would be fun. Call it silly but you did say “creative”

-Answer submitted by Vilja

This week’s Question: The opening of w49 has generated a lot of hype on the public forums, and I was pretty excited to see the settings myself. What are the settings you can’t play without? What settings do you dislike? What are the settings for your ideal world?

Please submit some answers guys, you can answer any or all of the questions!

Until next week =)