w19 News and World Update

March 15, 2010 in World 019 News

Hello w19…long time, no update.

First things first, I’d like to say sorry for not updating in so long.  RL has been a little like the TW w19 for a while now—one thing after another and boom you don’t realize how much time has passed =)  There’s been a ton of things going on in w19 recently, and to get the blog up to speed, here’s a shortened version of the recap:

A short war between UNSF and UWA started and ended in about a two week period (there were many rumors suggesting this was a staged war due to the low number of conquers and OD between the involved tribes, but I have no proof either way so I won’t speculate as to the truth of this rumor or the legitimacy of the war).

A few days after this declaration died down, multiple tribes began attacking the rank 1 tribe of w19, Asylum.  The attacking tribes have been lovingly dubbed the BBC (Bonded Bum Chums) as a short name for this coalition.  The attacks were led by the coalition tribes in the south and east, specifically UNSF, Bonded, EP, and UWA.  A number of days later, the Brains family began attacking also.

Not long after that, Pandas began attacking the top 20 tribe Just in the far NE corner of the w19 map.  All* have also declared on Virtus/Origin, and the recently formed EARTH (in the far NW of the map) have declared on ~TA~ and Cc.

Of the former tribes Bonded and UNSF, several players from Bonded joined UNSF and renamed their tribe to OutFit.  The leaders of Bonded and OutFit have described it as consolidating their active members into a single tribe.  Shortly after this move, XLR declared on OutFit/Bonded.

This is just a quick recap of new happenings since the last update.  There are still of course, wars that were going on before, such as Candy vs. Virtus/Origin and NIR vs. Brains F., but I really wanted to touch base on the newest wars.  Now a quick look at the maps:

If you compare that to the maps posted in the last blog update, there have been some real shifts.  Let’s also have a look at the Power Rankings, courtesy of Persempai (thanks!):

Power Rankings (dated 26.2.10):

Major Power (10+%)

ASYLUM 331,895,411 12.75% 1,232,552 0.00%

PANDAS 268,782,132 10.33% 5,387,844 0.17%

Mid-sized Powers (4-9%)

OutFit 242,312,237 9.31% 3,527,891 0.10%

BRAINS 238,549,642 9.17% 2,416,632 0.06%

VIRTUS 229,113,461 8.80% 841,837 0.00%

ORIGIN 169,611,467 6.52% 489,621 -0.01%

CANDY 165,318,098 6.35% -553,843 -0.04%

~EP~ 155,370,529 5.97% 6,477,944 0.23%

XLR 131,841,923 5.07% 2,226,501 0.07%

~TA~ 106,087,626 4.08% -1,955,558 -0.09%

Minor Powers (Less than 4%)

All* 99,961,662 3.84% -507,778 -0.03%

NIR 68,196,456 2.62% 167,547 0.00%

Just 66,166,473 2.54% -1,266,566 -0.06%

WDW 63,655,575 2.45% -7,400,817 -0.29%

BRAINZ 60,610,962 2.33% 95,452 0.00%

Bonded 56,605,209 2.18% 1,850,694 0.06%

Magyar 50,840,964 1.95% -1,155,250 -0.05%

cC 46,072,653 1.77% 1,133,492 0.04%

EARTH 25,769,813 0.99% New

NOMAD 25,405,620 0.98% -3,546,371 -0.14%

Thanks again to Persempai (who has much nicer power rankings than I).  I didn’t receive any answers to the last blog question (which asked for a prediction of where you see w19 in 6 months)…I suppose it was too big of a question, as evidenced by the changes we’ve seen since last update which was nowhere near 6 months ago!  I’ll make this week’s question pretty simple and straightforward: What do you think of the new version 6.0 updates? Love em, hate em? Do you have better ideas? Let me know how you feel (ingame mail or forum mail to Chrisparty)!  I know this blog update is a bit on the short side, but player interviews will be returning soon, and I’ve got a couple other ideas you should be hearing about shortly.  Have fun and happy clicking w19!