W19 News and World Update — Guest Blogger!

May 17, 2010 in World 019 News

Hello w19 and welcome to the blog. This week I have taken over from Lauren as she is away having some kind of fun with a cat….and cheese apparently. I’ll start with introducing myself. I am Ducky from XLR, let’s get down to it.


I live in my XLR bubble so I don’t pay to much attention to the rest of the world, but from what I can tell Asylum is still Number 1 but they’re getting eaten by those Nooby Brains folk from the SouthWest corner. The duke of Asylum seems to have had his private conversations spread all over the forums, I know from previous conversations that he is very crude and rude so I was expecting something decent but instead all we got was some kind of deal been made with that lot from the Southwest.

So news from the west is that Candy are still with us and far from dead. In spite of massive odds against them, their mounds of Candy continue to be safe from the Candy Loving Hordes of Virtus.

The north of the world seems to be Owned by TA who don’t seem to do much. Also up there is the Mighty All* who rock my socks everyday.

To the east we have UNSF, I had to put them into the Urban Dictionary because I don’t know much about them and it came back with this:
“a secret organization and if you say “o I’ve never heard of them” well thats because there secret dumb ass!”
Maybe they noble secret invisible xlr villages that none of us can see on the maps?

The south east has some kind of orange blob in it….I have no idea what it is and it doesn’t move much when I poke it with a stick so I”ll just leave it alone.

Anyway I’m going to put a map here but really you could just go look at the map thread in the forums. Lazy sods.

As you can see XLR has taken 2ks from UNSF and asylum have been eaten more on by brains. Not much movement elsewhere just lots of barb whores.

Power Rankings.

Yeah I’m really not doing these. Go work them out yourself. I’m too busy trying to find those invisible UNSF villages.


I was going to interview myself because none of you asked to be interviewed but I thought I’d find someone more interesting to talk to. So this week we have Dekzy. Nah I’m only joking. This week I have ChronoKaiser from the Candy Factory AND Drattus from Asylum.

Q. Hello Mr Chrono Sir. For everyone that doesnt know you please introduce yourself.

My name is Chrono to those who do not know me, but Ed to those who do. I’ve been around since nearly the beginning of the world, hopping around a few times til finally finding my cozy spot on the Candy van

Q.Give us a quick background of your TW career so far.

I started on world 10 with a few friends from Runescape and moved here to w19 when things went sour with other tribemates. We restarted here, but eventually, they all left for real life matters; I, however, am still here.

Q. Give us a quick idea of what life is like inside the Candy Factory

It’s full of sugary goodness. Tribes are always trying to sate their sweet tooth on us, but we’ve managed to hold off as best we can. We’ve got the best duke ever, Atlantia, and she does her best to keep us motivated to open up new factories across enemy lines.

Q. I have heard rumours that Abi uses Bondage and liquorice all sorts to keep you all in line. Any truth in this? Bondage?

No more than what LauraDestroya uses on those in XLR. At least, not any more than I’ve experienced thus far. =x As for the sweets … I’ve heard whispers of such things from other tribemates, but I’ve seen none of it myself. I suppose this means they were told to keep quiet? lol

Q. Now lets be serious for a minute. Those tribes in the West have been trying to steal all your candy bears for awhile now. Do you plan in sharing?

If the sharing involves them giving their villages to us, then yes, I’m all for that sharing

Q. It was unfortunate for candy to lose Craig but you seem to be managing fine at the moment, especially with the return of the almost legendary Jorska. Has he been welcomed back with open arms and a chocolate fountain?

Ah, jorska. In all honesty, I was concerned we’d not see him again. However, I’m glad he did return. He was welcomed back into the factory by a gummi bear avalanche. Once he got out of that, he set out to get back what he lost. The chocolate fountain you mentioned, I believe, is due to him any time now, if I’m not mistaken.

Q. Candy have always been close to XLR. When candy and XLR had sex it spawned All*. Do you see Candy and XLR having more relations and if so what do you think will be spawned from it this time?

Do I see us having more relations? I think we have relations every day. lol I can’t say that I see anything “spawning from it,” but I would be interested to see what will happen with the two tribes in the future. Maybe a more efficient war machine than what currently exists in both tribes? The only ones that could even begin to surmise that would be the leaders of both tribes.

Q. Any final messages or shout outs you would like to do?

Candy is for Life, not just Christmas (or other holidays). That and I hope everyone enjoys the World Cup next month.

Because I’m greedy I also managed to tie drattus down to give us a quick word.

Q. Hello drattus, please introduce yourself to us.

Ducky I am your father

Q. Your the boss man in asylum. How do you keep the inmates in line?

I shout at them all the time, especially Cabana and Chris.But It’s not very effective.If things get really crazy I have to get the Tranquilizer pea shoot

Q. Asylum have been around along time. It appears you are having a shake up at the moment and trying to get back to core members. Any specific reasons for this?

The old school members are at the heart of Asylum, after all we have played the game together for over 2 years and talked everyday. However Asylum is an ever evolving tribe, and new members are just as important because they have to continue the Asylum legacy. It’s always sad when members leave, but thats part of the game (sometimes they return later for round . Anyway enough of my rambling, we have gotten rid of lots of accounts recently that’s true, but we are not going back to just ‘core members’ because there would only be about 5 of us

Q. I hear rumours you are planning to merge with half the world, this can only mean the end for everyone else. Do you have a message for all the unfortunate people who will inevitably be rimmed?

*Drattus didn’t want to answer this question and decided he would prefer to go poke children with sticks. I told you it would be a quick word from him, Hard to tie this loony Duke down.


Again None of you sent anything. So instead I decided to put this up from our Usual blog writer

[16/05/2010 18:08:19] Liviu Giuran: (wave) hello
[16/05/2010 18:12:23] Lauren: Lauren wants to stick lauren in her suitcase
[16/05/2010 18:14:58] numbers135792468: :^)
[16/05/2010 18:15:57] BitterSweet: BitterSweet lauren is lauren
[16/05/2010 18:16:01] BitterSweet: (chuckle)
[16/05/2010 18:16:05] numbers135792468: :^)
[16/05/2010 18:16:25] Lauren: Lauren runs off
[16/05/2010 18:16:32] NathanPotter/DFF: lol

Final Word

Okay so I know this blog was a bit poor and one sided, but what did you all expect?

I would just like to Add this

How quickly the BBC alliance fell…things change so quick around here everyone needs to be on there toe’s for the next twist in W19’s History.

Lauren should be back next week if not then you got me again (hahahahahaha)

Bye for now w19.