w19 News and World Update!

June 16, 2010 in World 019 News

Okie Dokie w19 here’s what we’ve got on the agenda today:

  • World Maps
  • Power Rankings
  • Conquer Maps
  • An Interview with vanislelady
  • Blog Question & Answer

Ok, so first things first w19. Since the pace of our world has slowed a fair bit (let’s be honest now, things just don’t progress as quickly as they did a year ago), I’m now going to be updating the w19 blog every two weeks. Before you cry and ask my why, it’s going to give me more time to give you all a better blog, so suck it up, you’ll live =P So let’s peek at the maps:

So when you look at these maps, they haven’t changed a whole lot in terms of major movement, but you can see that Brains has moved into some of the southern 90’s Ks that used to be NIR territory…opening up another front for Asylum. Should be interesting to see how that pans out!

Power Rankings

Persempai has updated the Power Rankings format! They look awesome! Thank you Persempai =)

Very cool format! Between their recent gains and Asylum’s recent losses, Brains has solidified their spot as the rank 1 tribe, though they have been facing a lot of criticism from not only the dethroned Asylum, but other players also.

Conquer Maps

This week I want to take a closer look at the BBC vs. Asylum wars–all maps on one month timeframe:

First, Asylum VS Brains (Asylum on Brains – Green, Asylum on Brainz – Light Green, Brains on Asylum – Blue, Brainz on Asylum – Light Blue)

So this is definitely interesting. Asylum is hitting Brainz hard in the east and south, while Brains is hitting Asylum hard in the west around the area of the Miva account. Looks like both sides are mopping up the muck =P

Next, Asylum vs. EP (Asylum on EP – green, EP on Asylum – Orange)

Asylum looks to be making a net positive gain on Asylum, particularly in the southern Ks, while the northern area of the front is seeing more traded conquers along the frontlines.

And last but not least, Asylum vs. UNSF: (Asylum on UNSF – green, UNSF on Asylum – yellow)

While this is the least active battle for Asylum, UNSF is making decent caps on Asylum in k77 (I zoomed the map in to avoid empty space). But I’d like to point out also that there are certainly some caps being made by Asylum on the dumped ex-UNSF accounts that aren’t showing up on this map (I’ll try to get an answer on how exactly that works).

So when you look at all these maps individually, you get an idea of the challenge that this war has put Asylum into. Love them or hate them, I still say this war has been the most interesting thing to happen on w19 in recent months, and not many tribes would have lasted this long.

Weekly Interview

This week’s interview is with vanislelady of Brainz. Thank you for the interview!

Q: Introduce yourself to us =)
Well I don’t think I can fudge my age as a lot of players know my daughter plays here as well. I will just say that I am a mature female and I claim to be as old as dirt. I used to work as an administrator but now work in the health field.

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?
Been playing TW since January 2008. Started on W14, was doing really good and then joined W19 sometime in the spring. I quickly caught up to the level that I was playing on W14. Made a decision and informed my W14 tribe that I was going to play W19 exclusively.

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played?
As previously mentioned, W14. I tried W41 & W49, but did not have the patience to grow there. I am currently co-playing a large account on W25.

How would you compare those worlds to w19?
Each world is different and requires a different style of play. I really like W19 but since I have played it the longest I feel really comfortable. Sort of like an old pair of jeans. Always reach for them first.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of Tribal Wars?
That’s really hard to nail down. There are so many things that are great. I would have to say the friends I have made here, the teamwork, the sense of working together towards a common goal.
Least favorite?
The constant whining. The lack of honor and below the belt tactics. The breaking of rules and the constant justification that it is OK. Some would say that I whine. I do not believe I do. I merely point out what I feel to be obvious discrepancies or contradictions. It is all a matter of perception.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?
That would be giving it away wouldn’t it? It actually has taken me 2 years to develop a playing style. I started out really passive, just meandering along. And then Areyaen took me under his wing when I was in Brains the first time around and gave me little projects to do. Gave me a little taste of power. Now I am getting stronger and stronger and have gotten more aggressive. I have certain tactics I use that some players can attest to. Most likely a lot of them are just annoying but then that’s all part of it.

Q: Could you give us an idea of your w19 history? (past tribes, etc)
When I started out in W19 I was in a couple of tribes that no longer exist. I knew enough by then that I was looking for a group of like minded players. I found DEV. But although the core group of us got along really well there were problems and we merged with Brains It’s public knowledge that there was a direct miscommunication problem between myself and the leadership of Brains at one time and Brains decided that I needed another lesson in humility and tactics. I joined Saints where I quickly discovered that although they were a sanctuary for a short time that the leadership there was controlled by NIR and in particular one player who was a master at manipulation and who ultimately was also part of my learning curve. During that time I was put in charge of Saints academy tribe NSA. Soon after I was approached by wsocrates to leave Saints and start a new tribe PX. Once again playing styles failed to mix well and we had a major defection to NIR’s new academy tribe NTS. PX did not last long after that and we were set adrift once more. From there I floated to Growl & ROAR before getting the invite to Brainz.

Q: Do you have a leadership role in the Brains F.?
I am Duke of Brainz.

Q: How is your war against Asylum progressing?
IMO we are progressing well with the war on Asylum.

How would you compare it to other wars you’ve fought?
For the most part the caliber of play is excellent. Not a walkover and that is what makes it more interesting. Brainz itself has mostly concentrated on the war with NIR. There are only a few of us that have taken up the call with Brains to go against Asylum. We are mopping NIR up right now.

Q: There has been a lot of arguing between Brains members and Asylum members on the forums. What do you think is fueling this?
There are always some individual that will say something that agitates someone else and the temptation to get on the forums and blast someone else is huge. I think a lot of comments made on the forums are not well thought out. The rivalry that exists between the two tribes is very intense and it is reflected in the forums.

Q: Brains is the oldest family tribe still hanging around w19. Family or not, Brains have been around a long time, longer than many other tribes that have split up and fallen apart. Have Brains done anything special to maintain their unity as a tribe?
We respect each other. We communicate. We make a decision and stand behind it.

Q: What happened with the MIvanoski account? Asylum has claimed that Mishe had an individual NAP with Brains, allowing him to move his defense to players on other fronts, leaving his account open for Brains to pillage heavily. What is Brains’ side of this story?
jrandall75 answered that on Page 82 of the Gangbang of Asylum thread in the forums (**link inserted by Lauren for easy reference**)
I can tell you that I had a personal NAP with Mishe. We came to an understanding shortly after I joined Brainz. I never attacked him while he was playing his Mivanoski account. Mishe and I continue to talk in RL.

Q: What updates or improvements would you like to see come to TW? I have never really thought about it. I like the new features, noble planner etc.

Q: Freebie – anything else you want to say?
Contrary to popular belief, I do not live and breathe TW. I do have a life outside of this game. To me it is a game and although I believe in the commitment of it and the camaraderie that is involved, I have no problem putting it down to just spend time with my family and friends doing RL stuff that I enjoy. The blog is great and I enjoy reading it and seeing a different side of the players involved. Keep up the good work!

Blog Question

So here’s a big shocker, I didn’t get any answers for the last blog question. As much as I love you all w19, you suck =P So here is your question for next time: What sort of question do I have to ask to get you all to answer? Also, what would you like to see for next time?

Until then, take care w19 =)