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April 6, 2010 in World 019 News

Hello w19! I hope the past week has found you well. Aside from a couple events of interest (that I will get to later), it has been a fairly quiet week on w19. Between the triple whammy of 6.0 updates, premium increases, and an April Fool’s joke, however, the TW forums have been on fire the last few days =D

First, the maps!

So, the obvious big change since last week is in the Northeast!  Pandas as we know it is gone, and there are some new tribes in the area, EPIC and TNT.  Lots of changes are still going on, hopefully we can get some feedback from the players in the northeast as things mellow out and settle down =)

Power Rankings (courtesy of Persempai):**

Major Power (10+%)
ASYLUM 334,145,695 12.93% 3,118,343 0.30%

Mid-sized Powers (4-9%)
OutFit 250,376,996 9.69% 3,826,229 0.28%
BRAINS 244,601,969 9.47% 909,214 0.16%
VIRTUS 216,870,828 8.39% 5,627,551 0.33%
ORIGIN 166,115,575 6.43% 711,195 0.12%
CANDY 164,498,451 6.37% 2,290,984 0.17%
~EP~ 158,519,852 6.14% 202,133 0.09%
All* 156,936,167 6.07% 28,420,301 1.17%
XLR 149,245,053 5.78% 170,001 0.09%
EPIC 117,850,116 4.56% -64,958,734 -2.42%
~TA~ 107,855,977 4.17% -7,233,284 -0.22%

Minor Powers (Less than 4% & More than 30M)
TNT 74,886,118 2.90% NEW NEW
cC 68,816,818 2.66% 386,901 0.05%
NIR 68,450,445 2.65% 130,003 0.04%
WDW 65,136,869 2.52% 672,434 0.06%
BRAINZ 64,091,554 2.48% 102,842 0.04%
Bonded 51,723,652 2.00% -2,818,751 -0.08%
Wolf 46,828,487 1.81% 10,384 0.03%
Magyar 40,712,551 1.58% -2,303,432 -0.07%
HEROES 36,007,664 1.39% -2,438,362 -0.07%
Tribes Out:

So when you take a look at the new maps and the recent power rankings, the breakup of Pandas in the NE is really quite interesting.  It further solidifies Asylum’s powerhouse status, because the only “tribe” even close to them in size is the Brains family–Brains and Brainz added together. With Outfit disassociating themselves from Bonded as much as possible, you can’t really add Bonded to Outfit’s numbers.  It will be interesting to see if this has any practical effect on world politics, because in all honesty, Pandas was formed late in 2009 and had only been around for a few months and one major war (compared to some other major tribes that have been around over a year or more).  There are still a lot of players shifting around as the post-Pandas landscape settles and a couple new tribes have popped up, EPIC and TNT.  I also wonder if Wolf will take advantage of the opportunity while it’s fresh!

**A note on this week’s power rankings: I’m a day late, so Persempai’s rankings are spankin’ new today, but you should check the forum thread and see an intermediary rankings update to see some of the changes since the breakup of Pandas.

Weekly Interview:

This week’s interview is with the one and only Yarnie! Here you go w19, nom nom:

Q:  Introduce yourself to us =)
A: Hello, I am Yarnie. Real name is Andrew, and I will not share my last name..though most know that my ingame name comes from my last name. I am a student, and also just got a part time job at a gas station making pizza at night. Umm…I like airsoft/paintball, playing guitar, riding my three wheeler or any other off road vehicle, and of course playing the game we all love =)
Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?
A: I have been playing TW for about 3-4 years. It is a funny story how I was introduced as well. I was playing PS2 with a group of buddies quite a bit, every Friday and usually on Wednesdays as well. One of them used the name “PFC Sims” for the games. Well, I got an email which was apparently a verification, it had that name and a password for world 2. I checked it out and it seemed alright, I asked him about it and he had no clue how it got there. I then created my own account (it is wierd, because i was still able to use the same email address) and joined W9..not long after I got a lot of my RL buddies to join, and he took his account and joined as well. Well, a few years down the road here I am =) Only one of my buddies still plays seriously, but two others play on newer worlds just to kill time.

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played?
A: Wow, I do not even remember all of them. I have played a few worlds seriously though. I played w17 and 19 seriously, I also played worlds 30, 32, 35, 41 for a short time. I took an account on w9 and world 3, but did not stay long. Currently I play world 47 as Yarnie, W4 as hecat, W17 as Chiefeng, and W19 in a CANDY account.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?
A: I like the strategy, and the people I meet (for the most part). It gives me something to do, and I have always loved strategy games. I dislike the time consuming aspect, I want my life back =(

Q: What do you think of the v6.0 updates?
A: I like them, though I did not like having to fix all my Slowtarget scripts…Hopefully I wont have to fix that again. I am wondering how this new 50ms rule is going to work. It shouldn’t effect me much, as the tribe we are at war with at this time doesn’t seem to be able, or like, to snipe.

Q: What do you think of the rule updates, changes in the premium points, and price increases?
A: I do not mind the rule updates, if anything it helps make sure we dont get banned for making a simple mistake. The premium increase and changes occuring at the same time though is making it difficult to understand. From what I understand it is not going to be that much more, as it is simply adding the no adds mode in with the regular premium, that seems to explain the price raise for me.

Q: You formed the tribe MAGI, correct? What happened to Magi? Was Magyar affiliated with Magi?
A: I helped form MAGI. Gargoyle was the one who created it, under the name Alburz. My part was inviting them to TWE@, which became MAGI. I was the third person to be in charge of TWE@, Gargoyle and diamondman were the two before me. They both quit, as well as many of the other solid members. I think there are only six who remain from TWE@. thebigbull100, Maillot, lukes03, sanendmum, hybrid69, and myself. After they left, Xyza Kryztal was placed in charge of the family, and it became what is commonly known as a “huggle fest”. Somehow, I am not sure the exact story, Haploid ended up in TWE from the *NS* family to the north, and along with Gargoyle, the two were the only ones to give Signos any real fight. They both, to my understanding, had other opportunities (I will not state them out of respect), but they chose to return to TWE@ with the solid players, and break away from the family. Signos chose to give us a ceasefire, and shortly after TWE split up. Magyar, O F A, and Fsoul all were parts of the split. I will end it there for now, though if you wish to know more feel free to skype me. And no, magyar was seprate..they were simply an alliance due to the friendship between Whynot42 and the three dukes in MAGI (Gargoyle, Haploid, and myself).

Q: Following the OFA/AFO split, you moved to the Origin side of things. You subsequently received attacks from Virtus. Were other members of Origin being attacked by Virtus, or was it just you?
A: I joined CB after there was a ceasefire, and shortly after I explained to SilentJorge why I had left, and he returned full time to try and rebuild the O F A family (he was trying to subtract tribes not add, as the new leaders were doing). He was stripped of privies, and founded ORIGIN. After CB fell, I was offered a spot in ORIGIN, and accepted it, as I had friends there (marv, Haploid’s new owner, thebigbull100, and a few others). As far as I know I was the only one to be attacked by Virtus. I was being pounded pretty hard at the time I joined, but that shortly ended. I then received incoming when I tried to do my part in the war against CANDY, and was forced to void claims and move on to another area, where I also had problems with VIRTUS. After this a few of them were giving me regular incomings. I stopped telling SJ as I quickly realized that little would be done.

Q: Why did you leave Origin to join Candy?
A: I was tired of not being able to fight back, the game was starting to bore me, and most of my friends are in XLR or CANDY. Not to mention that sly had been giving me a hard time for not doing so sooner, lol. Many in CANDY were pushing me to join, and Atlantia informed me, while we were chatting about graand’s issue, that I could take an account. I told her I would think about it, and it did not take me long to decide exactly what I wanted to do. I informed a few of my friends in ORIGIN, made sure it was ok with them, and left.

Q: How is the war different for you personally now that you’re on the other side?
A: I actually have motivation to do something, I am enjoying myself for the most part, and being in a tribe of people who appreciate me. It is also fun to kill the nobles of the people who constantly bragged about how awesome they were at this game. It is nice knowing that people will not scatter at the first sign of a little squabble, and I do not receive flak for making my suggestions, no matter how much the leadership does not agree with it.

Q: Freebie — anything else you want to say to w19, suggestions/questions, etc.
A: Sorry for the long posts, hope you enjoyed the read. I do not intend any of that to be insulting, or to flame anyone, I am simply stating the facts that I know. I think the blog is going well, especially since the PnP is a bit slow right now. On a final note, anyone who wants to know more feel free to message me on skype, my name there is yarnie4.

Blog Question:

Last week’s question: What do you think makes a good tribe leader?

There are a lot of things that making a good tribe leader. Every tribe is different and has their own personality, a tribe leader must know the personality of their tribe and members and be able to shape their leadership style to reflect this. Doing this creates, gains, and keeps the respect of their members which one of the most important things that goes into making a tribe leader; Gaining and keeping the respect of their members.

Gaining respect of members, this sounds like a easy thing to do, in principle it is, what is more difficult is keeping respect of members. Over time leadership can drain someone, after all they are people too and have lives outside the game (something that is often forgotten) Someone who initially was a great leader, had the respect of their members can lose it over time. For myself, some things I’ve seen from leaders in the past (and present) that gain my respect are: Leader who is around and available to the all members of the tribe. Leader who is active. Leader who openly participates in tribe ops. Leader who checks in with the tribe about things periodically. Leader who keeps the tribe updated on events (even if there is no “new” information). Leader who recognizes, and acknowledges contributions of individual members, and lets that member know.

Contrast this to some qualities, that in my experience lost my respect. Leaders who constantly are off on their own, and never seem to be around to the majority of the tribe, and are generally not approachable; Leaders who play favourites within the tribe, not because that player may of put more effort into the tribe, but simply because the leader knows the player in real-life, and/or “likes” them vs another player who puts in same or more effort into the tribe. (Eg. gifting inactive villages and/or barbs to their “friends” because they have the packets and they are friends but failing to take into consideration that said person may have not done that much in the current war operations); Leader who fails to tell useful, and needed information to the tribe, and/or lies to tribe members. (Eg. Omitting information when cease-fire between their tribe and another is given. Saying one version of things, then saying the complete opposite not even a day later); Leader failing to follow through with tribe plans, after they have been announced (e.g. Saying that there will be an op on x player in near future, yet never actually performing the op at all, or saying war will be declared and started at x time then gets delayed over a week); Leader only being around to announce, a new change then going off and hiding again (e.g. Inviting a bunch of new members, then disappearing into hiding again).
There are also several other qualities that make a good leader than just gaining respect for their members, but for myself that is one of the most important things that makes a good leader.
- Answer submitted by Bex

This Week’s Question: If you got hired on TW’s creative team and were assigned to create a new unit for the game, what would it be and why? (answer with some thought…how would your new unit be incorporated into the game as we know it?)

Comon guys, I know there are a lot of you reading, so send in some answers to this week or past weeks’ questions!! Until next time w19!