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March 29, 2010 in World 019 News

Hi w19! Hope you are all well this week.  I have no major news to report aside from the usual flame games going on in the public forums =) But let’s still have us a look at the maps and power rankings for good measure:

I included the nobling map for a change of pace…If you look at where the popup dots are, it essentially follows the current wars…but I would like to point out the bright aqua of Wolf nobling in the NE rim! I got excited too, but it is just a misleading product of a 24-hour nobling map…Pandas are still nibbling away at Wolf at a decent rate =p I think it’s also interesting to note that there’s not really any nobling going on in the core-core…you have to move out a few k’s in any direction from the center of the map to see any action occurring.  This is a big change from the action 6-9 months ago! On we go then.

Power Rankings (thank you Persempai):

Major Powers (10+%)
ASYLUM 307,224,493   11.93%   -34,793,959 -1.35%
PANDAS 257,668,385   10.00%   3,554,579 0.14%

Mid-sized Powers (4-9%)
OutFit 244,861,177   9.51%   902,685 0.04%
BRAINS 240,621,023   9.34%   16,345,795 0.64%
VIRTUS 211,929,003   8.23% -132,870 0.00%
~EP~ 167,230,574   6.49%   5,648,452 0.22%
CANDY 162,081,027   6.29%   1,712,522 0.07%
ORIGIN 159,767,701   6.20% -4,929,575 -0.19%
XLR 147,560,834   5.73%   14,622,948 0.57%
All* 126,603,863   4.91%   1,091,320 0.04%
~TA~ 115,479,727   4.48%   6,003,182 0.23%

Minor Powers (Less than 4% & Less than 20M)
NIR 67,822,381   2.63% 354,805 0.01%
WDW 63,781,891   2.48%   1,335,229 0.05%
BRAINZ 62,981,986   2.44%   -4,324,963 -0.17%
Bonded 59,374,158   2.30%   -286,597 -0.01%
cC 53,990,348   2.10%   1,655,142 0.06%
Wolf 47,678,236   1.85% 1,342,326 0.05%
Magyar 40,309,013   1.56%   -2,129,422 -0.08%
HEROES 38,996,049   1.51% 10,184,702 0.40%

Pandas has officially moved into Major Power Status! Not much of a surprise there, but it’s nice to see that ranking officially hit.  Also, OutFit is not that far off from making this distinction as well, but it would take a big push against XLR in the the north and/or against Asylum in the south.  I also think it’s interesting to note that Asylum’s loss for the week is mostly composed of individual players that left (that would be a hell of a lot of conquers lol).

This week’s interview!

Yes, we are back on track for weekly interviews!  (If you would like an interview, contact me ingame or via forum mail and we’ll get one set up)  This week’s interview is with seven.dj, the duke of NIR.

Q:  Introduce yourself to us =)

My name is Sergio. I am a 18 years old. I enjoy playing paintball, video gaming, and hanging out with friends when I’m not on triblawars (which isn’t that much time..) I love final fantasy and all that stuff. I also enjoy hot food (spicy). I am the duke of NIR.

Q: How long have you been playing TW? How long have you been playing w19?

I’ve been playing tribal wars for around three years now. I’ve been playing world 19 for about a year and a half or so.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?
My favorite aspect of tribal wars are the wars.. I enjoy what the wars involve. They involve coordination, team work, strategy, tactics, and other such actions. The wars really separate the ‘men from the boys‘ in this game, so to speak.My least favorite aspect of tribal wars would be the drama. I wish people would just drop all the bull and play the game in a respectable manner. There are a very limited number of players on tribal wars who don’t cause drama and play the game respectably. I wish there were more.

Q: Describe your leadership style.

I am a bit of a dictator.. I don’t have councils and I typically hold a very small aristocracy. I can get very hands-on when I choose to, but for the most part I let people do what they want unless I see something that’s not being done right or if I can’t do anything about it. I try and involve myself in all op planning’s and I strive to make them perfect, as I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to strategy and executing that strategy in this game. I learned a lot from my world 5 leader, Nyxx, who leads PKs there. He has been my leader for years.

I try not to express anger at my members and I help make them feel comfortable, unless they really do something stupid or irk me.

Q: What is your opinion of the updates in v6.0?

I don’t like the trophy system. I feel that it’s just another inaccurate way to represent one’s skill. However, I do like the fact that you can toggle it off.I think the mobile version is flawed. It’s designed specifically for the iPhone.. Try using it on a blackberry, it doesn’t allow you to access the settings or anything like that.The noble planner is GREAT. Best thing to happen to tribal wars in a while.Those are the only things I really cared about.

Q: What is a war that you would like to see happen in w19 (tell us why too)?

There are some great wars in w19 happening right now. If I was to pick two sides and pretend they’re right next to each other, I’d say Panda vs. EP (1v1). It would be an interesting war. The reason is quite selfish.. I know people from both tribes and I would want to see how well they do against each other. My prediction would be a victory for Pandas.

Q: NIR has been fighting with Brains F. as long as I can remember. How is that going for NIR?

Well, it hasn’t been going well, that’s for sure. It’s definitely not as bad as it should be, though. We had a lot of inactive accounts in our tribe that bordered BRAINS during the beginning and recent times of the war, which made it very easy for BRAINS to noble. This was one major drawback in the war for us. We’ve made small gains here and there over the past weeks, but nothing significant. I’ll have to give BRAINS credit for taking advantage of that situation though.

Q: There has been some talk about NIR in the public forums on the BBC war thread…The common phrase “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” comes to mind =D Has the BBC vs. Asylum war changed things for NIR? In what way?

We’ve had less incomings and have been able to make more gains over the past few weeks because of the wars, where as before it was disappointing losses after disappointing losses. We’re able to put together and execute strategy more efficiently than before the war.ASYLUM and NIR have always had a descent relationship from what I can recall.

Thank you Sergio =) I am always looking for new interviewees, so drop me a line anytime.

Blog Question

Last week’s question: Who do you think is an unforgettable or irreplaceable w19 personality and why? (( and still accepting comments on the v6.0 updates too =P))

I think the new version of TW is excellent. Have not experienced any problems with it and the internal Noble Planner was better than I expected. As for “unforgettable personalities” I think this is pretty easy although he has not posted in a while but that award goes to pam nam (drattuts) in my eyes. Do I really need to cite a reason?

-Answer submitted by Vilja, one of w19’s unforgettable personalities herself ;D

I’d have to say this new update is pretty crappy, I’ve had to update all my scripts which is a complete pain in the ass. That noble planner is ok but the SOS support request is crap, it’s way too messy.

-Answer submitted by Mark-CFC

This week’s question: What do you think makes a good tribe leader? (answer with details!)

Until next week w19!